Malini Saba Did Not Close the Door Behind Her

Success in the investment world is often something that is linked to men. It is a rare to find a woman that is leading any type of investment firm. Malini Saba is an exception to the rule. She has become the unique individual that has made a promising name for herself as a financial investment guru. There is no doubt that she is among the best because her financial decisions have made her millions of dollars. The reality is that she did not start out as someone that knew everything that there was to know about investing. In the beginning her knowledge was limited, but I believe that her desire to learn more propelled her to a point where she was able to go out and gain more knowledge.


Saba is an interesting person to me because she took a chance on companies like PayPal and eBay long before any of us knew that these companies would be successful. That says a lot about her intuitive spirit. She had enough knowledge to see the potential in these companies early on. This would be the thing that would allow her to start her own company. Her success in the world is investing would allow her to start a non-profit organization called the Stree Foundation. This is a non-profit organization that helps women that are in need of help with healthcare, financial matters and general better living. Malini Saba found a way to help herself become wealthy, and she found a way to help other people build wealth after that. I believe that this is very commendable.


Many people get to the top in their field and they don’t even give any thought to giving back. It is like they have forgotten the path that they had to make to get to where they wanted to be. With her non-profit organization Malini Saba was making sure that she would be the one that would change the fate of others that were in need of help. She didn’t want to become successful and simply shut the door behind her. To the contrary, she was going to make improvements in the lives of others and help women build a better life for themselves. This is why women in many different countries know who she is. Saba has shown that she cares, and women have been appreciative of her kind and caring spirit.


You Can Love Your Skin Again with Makari’s Lightening Creams

Whether you’re looking to have fairer skin, minimize age spots, or remove acne scars, skin lightening creams may end up being a practical alternative you may need to take. Skin brighteners or bleaching lotions, reduce melanin pigments in your skin. You can use skin lightening creams for addressing a broad variety of skin problems including discoloration due to hormones, acne scars, and lighten your naturally dark skin. Many people often use skin brightening products incorrectly, which causes blisters and additional skin damages. These can be avoided, provided you understand the best way to use lightening creams correctly. Initially, you must select the best lotion that works for your skin type. Make sure the skin lightening cream you plan to use is free of lead or bleach. Normally, skin whiteners have all-natural ingredients which are safe and gentle for your skin.

Additionally, it is crucial that you go for bleaching lotions which can be perfect for your unique skin tone and type. Bear in mind that some products may contain substances which may not be safe for the skin type and may cause serious side effects. Before using the products, it may help to conduct a patch test to check for allergies. You can do a simple patch test by using a dime size amount under your chin or behind your ear. Wait for 48 hours, then assess for signs of aggravation like inflammation and redness. Only discontinue use if you believe these effects are because of the skin lightening cream.

Makari de Suisse is a multicultural high-end skincare brand that celebrates varied attractiveness and highlights the finest in you. For the last ten years, Makari continues to transform individuals worldwide by helping them get glowing skin. With products made in Switzerland, Makari continues to hold its reputation as an excellent brand focused on helping its customer love the skin they have. Your degree of self-confidence is directly influenced by how you feel and look. If your skin is flawless, you are going to have higher self-esteem. Makari’s aim is to unlock your attractiveness and help you raise your self-confidence through smooth luxuriously skin.

Staying Ahead of Bad Reviews with

Getting a business up and running for an entrepreneur is just the beginning. You pride yourself on your service and the products you offer, always looking to exceed customer expectations. In general, this is the target for most business owners and is a rule of thumb for good business. Unfortunately, we can’t please everyone and in the digital age opinions are being shared more than friendships and it only takes one bad comment for the word to spread like wildfire. This type of mass sharing will hurt business sales, weaken your client base, and deter future customers from purchasing your products or services.

Luckily, there are online reputation management companies like, that can help combat negative reviews and ill-conceived comments. However, if you are the type of business owner who prides themselves on doing everything yourself, there are a few things to keep in mind when handling your online reputation.

Let’s say you just noticed a horrible comment when you perform a search for your company. This comment has your fired up and ready to spit nails right back at the publisher of the review. This is a major NO-NO! The last thing you need to let your consumers see that you can stoop to the same level as the reviewer. This will damage your reputation, the way your clients view you and harm future customer’s opinion about your company. Addressing the situation by offering solutions to the problems will let your audience see that you can handle some trash-talk and stay focused on improving your services.

Another great way to stay in tuned with your audience and to keep their attention focused on your highlights could be to offer new sales and promotions that genuinely bring value to the customer. Having blowout sales and discounts are great ways to keep your clientele content and happy. You can certainly do other things to improve your ratings and keep your customer base loyal, but in the grand scheme of things, don’t you think you should maintain focus on your company as a whole. This is the main reason for letting the professionals at clean up your online reputation and take care of everything for you.

Securus Is Changing The Face Of A Typical Inmate Visitation

I had a family member that was in jail for many years, and we used to have to drive several hours to visit him. I wish that Securus existed then because it would’ve made all the difference in the world to me and my family. After watching the short video about how Securus works, I’m more than impressed with the technology that they’ve come up with that allows inmates to talk with family members via video. Not only does it make it more personal to see an inmate on video but also makes it more heartwarming and is something that I would do if I ever had another family member in jail.

I like knowing that a lady who has a child with an inmate can allow the father to watch his child be put to bed, so he doesn’t completely miss out on all those precious moments. It’s also amazing to me that inmates are allowed to see a personalized concert through video or even talk to other family members during holidays through this technology. I love how the world is changing for the better where technology is concerned, and I would hope that all inmates are allowed to take advantage of this technology for the greater good.

Securus is different than any other company that is out there because they are bringing inmates closer to their family members like never before. Those who have a long stint in jail, whether it’s a few years or decades, can still reach out to friends and family members through Securus technologies because the visitation is not in person but through video. The live video chats that Securus offers gives the inmate a seemingly real life conversation with their friends or family members, and it doesn’t have to stop at simply talking with loved ones.

When Christmas time comes around, and inmate can watch their family open gifts. When the family gathers around for a holiday dinner, the inmate can have video visitation to speak with the different family members in the home before they have dinner. Children that feel they can’t go to sleep without seeing their loved one that’s in jail can do so through the video visitation, which is amazing for the child as well as for the inmate who feels lonely without their loved one. Securus has truly brought some amazing technology that has changed the face of inmate visitations forever.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.