UK-Israeli Trade Twofold Under Resigning Ambassador Taub

According to United Kingdom Embassy, trade between U.K. and Israel multiplied amid the four-year residency of Israeli envoy Daniel Taub, who left office a few years ago. “Four years after the Ambassador Daniel Taub took office have witnessed a twofold of trade between the two countries and a deep lengthening of business, cultural and academic links between Israel and U.K,” indicated the Israel embassy gave the statement.

The British Secretary of State for Skills, Innovation, and Business Sajid Javid told a crowd of people at the British Israeli Business Awards during the starting of this month that trade between the two nations had experienced a golden era.

Over 300 firms in Israel have invested in U.K. with the year to year bilateral trade being more than $5.5 billion. Javid had estimated the figure to $7 billion.

Taub, who was conceived in the U.K., was appointed the Israeli ambassador in the year 2011. Once, as the peace arbitrator, he set out to Northern Ireland together with his Palestinian partner to get more details of the condition there. Read more: Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

Numerous years prior to Britain’s biggest student union voted for the blacklist of Israel in 2012, according to Taub during a Jewish Chronicle interview. According to Daniel Taub, had also expressed fear in the school environment in guaranteeing that those in support of Israel could do that without fear or intimidation.

After the visiting of Bradford by Daniel Taub in 2014, luckily Daniel Taub was exceptionally well-positioned to thrive during amid his tenure while operating as the Ambassador of the State of Israel to the United Kingdom. Taub was conceived in the United Kingdom amid the 1960s and later moved to Israel where finally in the early 1990s, he served the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

Daniel Taub would, in the long run, work his things up the positions of the foreign ministry and at last, would be selected the position of the chief envoy between the country government he was born in and the foreign country he came to call his home.

Daniel knew about British culture which assisted him to do well in his prominent position as the representative of Israel to the European country.

The way to doing great in any profession has a solid educational foundation to fill in as one’s establishment. That enabled Taub to establish a crucial professional.

He attended some of the recommended institutions in the United States and the United Kingdom to prepare him for success as the global affairs professional.

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Betsy DeVos: A Businesswoman with an Exemplary Mindset

In the US, so many people have contributed to the economy in one way or another. There are those individuals who have done so much to America and continuing to do so. Betsy DeVos is such an individual, born on January 8th, 1958, now at only 59, she has done so much that anyone would expect.

She is a business lady, a politician and both the 11th and current Secretary Education for the United States. Behind this great woman are very many great people right from her father, Edgar, who was the patron of Prince Corporation. Also, his husband, Dick DeVos, who is a billionaire successor of Amway.

Therefore, schooling in Calvin College and being surrounded by loved ones who are succeeding in life, they tend to inspire her making her work even harder. Betsy has a passion for Education. Her love for learning oversaw her nomination as the secretary for education by the current president of the United States whereby she later won and took up the office. Betsy is the woman behind school choice, which is a program that gives avenues to students and who go to public schools a chance to learn in areas that their families are located. Also, she has spearheaded school vouchers. The coupons are meant to give financial aid to learners irrespective of where parents choose to take their children. The most significant bit of this program is that doesn’t segregate considering there are two types of voucher; the universal voucher and means-tested, which is specifically for families that are not well off.

Also, another contribution DeVos has made in the education sector is charter schools. Charter schools are those public institutions that are exempted from the numerous state and local rules. In return, their accountability on expenses and academic performance is paramount.

Being a Republican, she has also contributed a lot to politics. She managed for 16 consecutive years to be chosen as a delegate of Michigan Republican party. For an individual to be elected for that long by people shows the exemplary works of such an individual. Aside from that, she has been part of funding some of the presidential aspirants she felt would make a change in the US. For instance, she gave out $150,000 towards the campaign of George Bush in 2004 to oversee his re-election.

Alongside his husband, they created Windquest group. What this group does is that they bankroll in technology, clean energy, and manufacturing. Betsy is the chairwoman. As if that is not all, she is among the primary investors of Neurocore, which is a chain of centers that are aimed towards therapy to patients with disorders like autism. Without forgetting the Dick and Betsy foundation, a room has been provided in arts, justice, administration, education, and community. I think Betsy is just an amazing woman. She has a heart of gold.


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End Citizens United Continues With Their Mission Of Seeing Pro-Reform Candidates Elected

According to the recent article in the Alabama Political Reporter, on Sep. 27, End Citizens United (ECU) announced they had endorsed Doug Jones, a Democratic nominee, for United States Senate. Jones, a former attorney of the United States, is running in the state of Alabama special election against the politician Roy Moore in the December 12 special election.

ECU said that Moore is a zealot with a bigoted, racist agenda, who is going to defend a rigged system that’s corrupt in Washington that is favoring the special interests’ priorities over every day Alabamians. The president of the ECU, Tiffany Muller, said that the radical agenda of Roy Moore doesn’t have a place in the United States Senate. His radical ideology is against the American values and Alabama values. And in Washington, he is going to give special interests to people with big money and more influence over their politics.

While Moore has regularly embarrassed Alabamian; he paid himself and his spouse over 1 million dollars from a charity he was controlling, Jones is a man of integrity and character. He has been a sturdy prosecutor who is not afraid of doing what is right and he is going to take same dedication to Congress; he’ll unrig the system so that it works for every single American.

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Jones said that the families in Alabama are tired of watching the State of Washington leave them behind. Reform empowering voters is going to invert the broken system that is prioritizing deep-pocketed interests over ordinary Alabamians. Jones continued saying that he was looking forward to working with ECU to curb the Big Money corrosive, corrupting influence in politics.

ECU added that Moore is firmly aligned a dubious special interest mega-donor like the Mercer family as well as Steve Bannon, their right-hand man. The Senate Leadership Fund, PAC (political action committee) which supported his main opponent, United Senate Luther Strange, R-Ala.; had announced that it would honor the Alabama Republicans wishes and would support Moore.

The special general election, which is to fill the seat that Jeff Sessions vacated after the Senate approved him as a United States attorney general, is going to be on December 12, 2017.

About End Citizen United

ECU is a grassroots donor-funded PAC focusing on ending Citizen’s United, keeping the problem of using money, particularly in politics in the vanguard, seeing pro-reform candidates elected, and more. On the wall of the End Citizen’s Facebook page, you will find updates on their latest news on the progress of their political mission. One post states that End Citizen has endorsed a total of four challengers for Congress: Jason Crow, Dean Philips, Andy Kim, and Anthony Brindisi. All four candidates pledged they are not going to accept any corporate PAC money.

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Fabletics: The Site For Options And More Options

Fabletics is one of the most popular activewear and loungewear brands on the market today. The brand first started putting out its lines of clothing in 2013 and since then has gathered an impressive fan following of fitness and gym lovers. The primary purpose of the brand is to provide their customers with clothing that is comfortable and also extremely fashionable. The brand takes great care to ensure that they are far ahead of the competition regarding their clothing lines, and prefer to be trendsetters rather than trend followers. The brand is known for the outstanding quality of clothing that they put out, which is one of the many things that have attracted customers on such a large base.



The brand was formed as a result of a collaborative effort between Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg and also Don Ressler. The three worked extremely hard to give life to the activewear brand and combined their skills and talents to be able to set the foundation of a company that would one day earn millions of dollars. Fabletics is a subsidiary of JustFab, which is another company that the business team formed. Fabletics works to supplement the clothing that the brand puts out, which is also why they have got a lot of their audiences transferring over to them. The brand has also collaborated with singer Demi Lovato to come out with a line designed by her. The clothing that Fabletics came out with was inspired by Demi’s latest album and also has the lyrics of her songs on the patterns of the leggings that the brand sells.



Fabletics has always tried to be cut above the rest when it comes to various facets of the business. One of the primary things that Fabletics had to focus on was attracting customers. In addition to their exciting offers, Fabletics decided to make their clothing only purchasable through their online membership system. According to this system, customers who want to buy from the brand would have to register with one of their types of plans so that they can receive one activewear set per month. When customers enter the site, they are given a popup that asks them a few questions on the kind of fitness regime they partake in and also the kind of clothes that they like to wear. The site automatically filters out these options and shows the customer only those that would suit them and their needs. This happens every time a customer logs into the site. If the customer is returning for their next month of purchase, the site will show them options that they like, except this time, the clothing lines would be different. Since customers are buying clothes from this brand on a regular basis, they have to try their best to incorporate new styles and designs so that the customer never feels like they are out of options. Getting the clothes at the end of your shopping experience is incredibly easy since all one needs to do is give the site your shipping information, and the item will reach you sooner than you would expect.

Vijay Eswaran and His QI Group – Helping Thousands Realize Success

Anyone who can reach a network of $550 million after having driven a cab knows a little about what it takes to realize success. Vijay Eswaran accomplished this through the powerful leverage of network marketing.

The result is having changed his life and thousands of other people whose lives he has touched. He offers a number of insights into how a person can persevere when times get tough.

He teaches that common sense and wisdom that can shorten a person’s path to success.

First, he had to overcome conditioning. His family drilled into his head that he could only make a living in a nine-to-five job. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

He soon realized that his part-time network marketing business was earning more than his full-time job. Even then it was still difficult for a time to change his mindset about traditional employment.

Education served him well as he earned a master’s degree and eventually his Ph.D. His second belief is that success is a result of finding ways to help others. Read more: Vijay Eswaran | Professional Profile – LinkedIn

Vijay Eswaran third revelation is that we get back what we give away.

Giving to others can bring about a wonderful feeling and create positive effects in a person’s life. Giving creates a mentality that draws even more prosperity into a person’s life.

Eswaran also takes time each day to reflect on his life and look within. He is currently the executive chairman of the QI Group. The QI Group of companies is a multinational conglomerate of businesses.

Regional offices are located in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines

A New World, a New Entrepreneur: Andrew Rocklage, Making Life Enjoyable

Life is full of surprises. Today you wish, tomorrow you have. Today you dare dream, tomorrow you are. As far as you can date back to history, you always find someone doing the impossible, beating the odds even when the conditioning is right.

In the course of history, there is a lot of good done by both men and women, actions that have come as a benefit to communities around the world in one form or the other.

America too has had a fair share of its citizen’s goodwill. An individual like Andrew Rocklage now ranks among the top entrepreneurs due to his greatest invention, the Sky Zone Trampoline Park.

The Trampoline Park is a facility like no other, offering people in Daytona Beach with a full range of indoor activities. For years, the Trampoline Park has attracted the attention of individuals across the globe, including Andrew Rocklage’s business rivals, primarily because of its unique design and function.

From the preceding, it is apparent that Rocklage’s Trampoline Park is a product of a titanic idea that could only have come from the mind of one man, Mr. Andrew Rocklage.

To a large scale, Andrew has usually derived his insight from his numerous travels in different destinations coupled by his love for technology and innovation.

A combination of the above two factors has made it possible for Andrew to give back to the community, and receive in return. Working closely with his team of employees, Rocklage has happily helped his team of workers reach a place fulfillment all because of his excellent managerial capabilities.

As a Juris Doctor from the Suffolk University Law School and the Isenberg School of Management, Rocklage has made good with the little opportunities and resources at his disposal.

The former employee of the Cubist Pharmaceuticals, the Major League Lacrosse, EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals, the Avery, Dooley & no one, LLP, Boston Red Sox, and Doherty, Wallace, Pillsbury & Murphy P.C. has done all that has eluded individuals for decades with just but a single move.

As a quick learner, Andrew has been able to learn new things from different cultures across the globe, hence his numerous ideas. Unlike any other entrepreneur in Boston, Massachusetts, Andrew Rocklage has not been shy of failing.

By diversifying into the market with a product that has never been tested before in the region, Mr. Rocklage has taken the world by surprise. Thanks to his courage, hard work, and devotion, Rocklage’s efforts have paid off. To this end, Rocklage has sold himself to the rest of the world as a man willing to take risks to succeed, a man who has helped shape the new world with new technologies.

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Bro Bio: Andrew Rocklage’s Fascinating Life

Roberto Santiago, Being a Step Ahead of Everyone

Roberto Santiago happens to be one of the most prominent men in Brazil, mainly because he has outshone his competitors for decades. At only 59 years of age, Roberto Santiago is the proud owner of Manaira Shopping Mall, a development that is one of a kind. For more than twenty years, the mall continues to cause a stir among the Brazilian populace primarily due to its enormous size. With 94 stores, Roberto’s Manaira Shopping Mall is a haven for businesses of all kinds. Since the mall is located in Brazil and along a busy road corridor, it has been able to attract customers of all genres hence its success. For entertainment, catering, and product provision, Manaira Shopping Mall is the place to be. The site is not only ideal for adults but also has activities meant for children. To this end, the Manaira Shopping Mall is a destination of choice for most Brazilians wishing to have a real time.


The mall is incredibly spacious with the building resting on some 7,200 hectares. Vendors at the facility strive to provide shoppers with quality products and services, selling the most updated wares in the market. At Manaira Shopping Mall, everyone is welcome. The complex has goods and services tailor-made to accommodate every customer irrespective of financial power. Thus, shoppers can have a quick meal at eatery joints like the Capital Steakhouse, Espaco Gourmet, Waynes, and the Espaco Capital Steakhouse. For entertainment services, there are a couple of modern cinemas fitted with the latest technology to give movie lovers the best watching experience. Apart from eateries and entertainment joints, the Manaira Shopping Mall also harbors a gym facility, the Domus Hall, market stalls, banking facilities, food court, a rooftop concert hall, as well as a gaming space.


In the mall’s compound is a state of the art college facility, an education complex of epic proportions. The College Higher Education of Paraiba accommodates thousands of students from across the globe making the adjacent Manaira Shopping Mall a focal point for students and visitors alike. With bookstores every distributed in the mall, students can access learning material with the most ease. Mr. Roberto Santiago is also renowned for being the owner of yet another large shopping mall, the Mangeira Shopping Mall. Although Roberto started out small, the Manaira and Mangeira Shopping Malls have brought the self-made billionaire a lot of profit over the years thus making it possible for Santiago to venture into real estate. By using knowledge in Business Administration, Roberto Santiago has strived to create an economic dynasty for his family lineage. If it were not for Roberto’s futuristic thinking, no one in Brazil would ever envision that an institution like the Manaira Shopping Mall can still be a center of attraction 27 years down the line.

Julia Jackson Is Excelling In The Wine Industry

Julia Jackson is one of the few women who’ve chosen to excel in a male dominated industry. For quite some time, the wine industry has been a preserve for the male. Contrary to this popular belief, Julia Jackson has sharpened her business acumen to become one of the few women making it big in a once male-dominated sector.

Julia Jackson is a descendant of the Jackson family, a family that is renowned for its contribution to the American Wine Industry. Julia together with her mother Barbara has had to face head-on the stereotypes that come with their choice of venturing into a male-dominated field.

Julia Jackson has succeeded in advancing her family business. Over the years, under Julia’s stewardship, the Jackson Family Wines has given wine enthusiasts in the United States, a chance to savor some of the most quality wines. Barbara and Julia took over the leadership of the business; the enterprise has increased its production significantly.

Under the direction of Barbara, Jackson Family Wines has been able to produce brands that can compete effectively with Screaming Eagle, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. One of the reasons why Jackson Family Wines has been able to take over the Wine Industry lies in the innate understanding of the land on which the Jackson Family Vinery is located.

Julia Jackson draws a lot of business inspiration from her mother. Barbara’s business acumen has enabled her to grow Jackson Family Wines into one of the most acclaimed brands in the US.

Julia holds the position of spokesperson for Jackson Family Wines. She is an alumnus of the Stanford Graduate School of Business and the Scripps College. In the year 2014, Julia began her career in philanthropy by founding Cambria Seeds of Empowerment. CSE is a charity that encourages and celebrates women who have excelled in various spheres of life regardless the adversities they face.

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The Traveling Vineyard Diary

One thing that Napa Valley is known for is its sweet wine. The area contains some of the most fertile lands which help in the growth of the grape crop and people around the world know it for that feature! Other than their impressive wine, there are still lots of better offers by Napa.

The Traveling Vineyard has had some excellent experiences other than the typical winery business. Napa has an art walk where one can stroll on to experience. This wall contains 3-D features which have been created by some of the creative minds all over the country. Some of the items are eye catching, so one is advised to have some money to at least purchase a small portion of the sculptures.

To the people who are always interested to know the history of a place, Napa is a place you can’t afford to miss in your lifetime. One will get answers to how the valley looked like ten decades ago and will learn the culture of the people who used to live there years ago. Napa harbors some of the best olive growing rounds around the world apart from the conventional grape farms.

There is also the Auberge spa where one can sit back and relax. It has with it some hot springs, and guests undergo some therapy kind of treatment using the fresh spring and mineral rich waters. Other activities in the Valley include hiking and biking, hot air balloons ride, yoga classes, and some painting classes.

The Robert Louis Stevenson state park around Mount Helena offers some scenic beauty that is awe-inspiring. When there are no wine tasting activities around Napa, always remember there is the other side of the coin.

About Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard is a company that offers training to people who want to take in-home wine guide as a business. It was founded in 2001 under the leadership of Rick Libby. It provides a chance for one of the most successful careers with their 9-to-5 business model. Employees get to go to events and entertain guests with some of their delicious wines.

Wine guides have their schedule of working to bolster more income and control regarding their job environment. One does not have to be a wine expert since Traveling Vineyard offers all the extensive training required.


Clearabee-Making Spring Cleaning a Breeze

Clearabee was founded in 2012 and has been providing its rubbish removal services since 2013 with just one vehicle out of Northampton. They have successfully grown very quickly and now have a fleet of 65 vehicles and a staff of 165 trained employees serving the London area.


Clearabee is a man and van type of rubbish removal service that is keeping the London area clean and free of debris. They have never subcontracted so you can be confident that all of your rubbish that gets picked up will end up at the proper waste management facility.


Clearabee has a Beeloyal program that gives its rubbish removal customers a 10% discount on all qualifying orders which keeps their rubbish removal services even more affordable. They also offer a skip bag service that comes with the option to place your filed bag in any location that is convenient to you. It’s that easy.


Clearabee is nationwide and they are open six days a week you can call any time to book an appointment or book with them online any time of the day or night through their online site. There are many different packages available so you have the option to choose the one that is best for you. They provide rubbish removal services to residential as well as to businesses.


Clearabee is the perfect solution if your are trying to clean house, or the office and don’t want to hassle with having to haul it all to the waste management site.