Is Alex Hern’s New Company, Tsunami, The Next Big One?

A few years ago, a number of people had heard about something called the “Inktomi Spider,” though most people had no idea what it was. It turns out the the Inktomi Spider is the ‘bot’ that is used by a number of search engines to crawl, or spider, a web site.

There was a man who helped bring this into fruition as a company. His name was Alex Hern, who co-founded the company and it’s initial public offering.

Alex Hern has been an entrepreneur, starting and founding companies for over 25 years. He has helped number of companies go public. He was the director of some, the co-founder of others. Most of them were successes, and went on to merge with other companies. Some of them were sold to other companies as well.

Now Alex Hern is engaged in another grand beginning. There is a technology and software company named Tsuunami, which is engaged in developing and selling VR, or virtual reality software. It can even be used with music. All one has to do is go back and remember the old ‘light boxes’ that became popular in the latter sixties and early seventies. Only, these newer development are not simply light boxes. Using music with virtual reality in only the tip of the enormous ice berg, and Alex Hern is at the helm on this, which looks like it might be the next explosion in technology on the stock market.

It is going to be truly interesting to follow Alex Hern and watch this company’s moves.

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The Dawn of a New Era-Virgin Atlantic Forges Partnership with Brightline

One of the fascinating things about the country is how everyone has just accepted that the most convenient ways to travel across cities are either through a road trip or by air. It is a little odd because continents like Europe have a speed train connecting almost all of the towns and making it easy and convenient for tourists and even locals to get from one point to the other.

Well, one company has decided that it is time to change the culture of intercity travel. Brightline, which is a subsidiary of the Fortress Investment Group, is going into a partnership with Virgin Atlantic to expand the local speed train networks between the cities. The leader of the company and the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group Wes Edens announced the organization, stating that the beautiful collaboration between the two companies would go a long way in ensuring that lasting improvements were made within the transportation sector. Learn more about Fortress Investment Group at Bloomberg.

The Virgin group will make a minority investment in the project. They are also expected to allow Brightline to take care of the entire execution of the plan. Brightline, on the other hand, will be borrowing and adopting Virgin Travel’s name for the project. It is expected that the title will leverage their reputation and make it easier for the company to win travelers, and expand their territory.

Speaking about the merger, Richard Branson stated that the merger couldn’t have at a better time. He added that Virgin Travel had spent the past few years capitalizing on their growth as a travel company. During this time, they had managed to create a train service in London. He added that nothing was more pleasing than seeing a company like Brightline coming forward and making their mark in innovation within the transportation sector.

Wes Edens, the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, reiterated that it was about time that they rewrote history as far as the American concept of intercity travel was concerned. He promised that the team in charge of implementing the innovative project would do their best to make sure the results were terrific. Fortress Investment Group co-founder Wes Edens is a forward-looking and creative leader, and there is no doubt that their team will deliver on the promise.

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Big Partnership for Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group has some big news to share regarding their rail line called Brightline. The well known rail line will now be partnering with Virgin Group founded by Richard Branson in 2019. This partnership is major for residents of Florida and is the start of much growth for the company.

The partnership with Virgin Group will include what is called a minority investment with Fortress Investment Group. This means that Fortress will still keep the majority of the company, making the investment very strategic and straightforward. Fortress also plans to give Brightline a new name to confirm their brand new alliance. Virgin Trains USA will replace the origin brand and is expected to be set in stone some time in 2019. More Business News at

Brightline trains are currently in operation throughout Florida including West Palm Beach, Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Once the rail line is renamed, it will start to service Tampa as well as Orlando. This is great news for commuters who have been wanting to travel to other cities in Florida. In addition, Fortress Investment Group also plans to build a high speed rail system which will make travel to Southern California and Las Vegas accessible.

The great thing about this partnership is that millions of customers across the region will be able to enjoy other businesses by Virgin Group. These other companies include Virgin Hotels, Voyages and Atlantic. Brightline will also expand its rails to Orlando with a whopping 1.75 billion in tax exempt bonds. This comes at such a great time as over 100,000 people ride the train as reported back in October. Passengers will not have access to more services and features thanks to this merger.

This major partnership between Fortress Investment Group and Virgin Group is significant as Virgin has experience operating railroads. Virgin Group’s high speed intercity passenger rail system has currently been operating for 21 years. Founders of Fortress Investment Group are thrilled at the new partnership and what lies ahead for the company. All those who are interested in more information regarding this new business venture are encouraged to contact the companies’ websites.

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Fortress Investment Group’s Wes Edens Is Now A Partner With Sir Richard Branson For New Virgin Trains USA Railway Venture

There’s been some efforts underway to privatize railroad and city metro transits and develop an unparalleled rider experience, and now one effort is gaining traction. Wes Edens, an executive at Fortress Investment Group and cofounder of Brightline will now be a partner of Virgin Group, the UK corporation founded by Sir Richard Branson to form Virgin Trains USA. With some great interest in this venture from Fortress Investment Group’s affiliates and optimism from Branson, many believe opportunities to revolutionize America’s railways are about to happen. What this new partnership is expected to do is increase the area of operation for Brightline from its current service from Miami to Palm Beach, and add lines going up to Orlando and Tampa. Branson says he hopes the innovations coming out of this new joint venture will change how much fun travel will be for Americans and add to the current experience. Disruptive companies are among key investments that Edens is a part of at Fortress. More about of Wes Edens at Crunchbase.

Wes Edens has been quite an accomplished financial expert who knows the world markets very well, and knows which kind of alternative investments can help client portfolios perform very well. He and his fellow executives at Fortress Investments just had a major multibillion-dollar deal go through to be a part of Softbank Corporation, a leading global equity firm that has a diverse strategy of funds that includes Bitcoin and other blockchain technology. Wes Edens currently works alongside Randal Nardone and Peter Briger, though he formerly was also teamed up with Paul Kauffman.

Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 with fundraising from Wes Edens and his colleagues, and in 2007 he led the first IPO that turned Fortress into a dynamic investment powerhouse. Edens attended and received his bachelor’s degree in finance from Oregon State University. His first notable career move was being a funds managing director at Lehman Brothers investment bank. From there he joined the board of directors of BlackRock Financial Management Inc, and he oversaw the firm’s private equity division. He joined the founders of Fortress after this and also became a majority owner and executive of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks.



The Inventive Magic of Sunday Riley

Sunday Riley, with no doubt, is one of the most hyped skin care brands in the market. It offers an excellent variety of attractively packaged skin care products that make customers fall in love at first sight. The question is: are the products genuinely worth the hype or the customer reviews of most popular products are excessively inflated?

Well, it turns out that It is for a good reason that almost every single product, formulated by Sunday Riley is quickly becoming a bestseller. The owner, cosmetic chemist, and simply a magic-maker of the company is an expert in formulating multitasking products that deliver visible results in short amounts of time. In other words, the company develops and sells products that work.

Sunday Riley uses only high-quality active ingredients, avoiding unnecessary chemical fillers that have an even slight potential to irritate the skin. To scent the products, Riley uses only superior quality flower and plant extract oils, refusing to use cheap, artificial fragrances. Sunday Riley’s friends and their relatives are the ones who test the products first, and if they say something doesn’t work, Riley will start over and formulate her “potions,” so they deliver what they promise.

Although prices of Sunday Riley’s products are on the higher range of the spectrum, the happy faces of satisfied customers are much pricier. People, who try Sunday Riley’s products, quickly become converts, even those skeptic beauties.

One favorite product that got customers hooked is the Luna, blue tinted oil with retinol. Although retinol is a powerful anti-aging, collagen boosting ingredient, it is known to irritate the skin if used in clinically significant quantities. Sunday Riley has formulated Luna the way that it provides all the benefits of the retinol minus irritation and other complications.

Another bestseller from this company is the Good Genes that exfoliates dead skin cells with the help of lactic acid, revealing new, youthful skin underneath.

Sunday Riley offers its products in both full-size and travel-size packages, and gives away generous samples, making sure that customers try enough before they commit. They believe that love, at first sight, can turn into love for a lifetime.

Why Organo Gold Decided on Gonoderma

With just an extraordinary taste of coffee, Organo Gold, a global marketing network limited company was established in Richmond Canada with three ambitious minds willing to do what it takes to reach the helm. It was formed with a mission to spread the Ganoderma gospel all over the entire globe. It has recently grown with online subsidiaries across the world.

The company specializes in producing beverages, body care products, and nutritional products. The most recent being Ganoderma tea and coffee.

But why Ganoderma tea and coffee? Ganoderma is alkaline, and it acts as an oxidizing agent. This oxidation property increases the rate of metabolism in the body. When there is an efficient glucose breakdown, liver detoxification is efficient enough, and this, therefore, prevents the incidence of liver cirrhosis and other liver related ailments.

It also plays a significant role in blood pressure control and diabetes control. But how? Since the entire glucose has been used to release energy and the remaining has well being stored in the body, hence equilibrium.

Other uses of golden include but not limited to fibroid treatment, prevention of fatigue and insomnia, weight loss, prevent memory loss and yeast infection treatment.Organo Gold prides itself as an equal opportunity employer has been able to offer jobs directly or indirectly in the entire globe.

It operates in such an away that it’s employees purchase items from Organo Gold and later hire distributors to distribute the products for them. A recent Organo Gold employee left a review in indeed on the salaries stating that an individual can earn up to a hefty $38 000 per annum working with Organo. The employee goes ahead to state that so long as you know what you want to get from the sales, you will never regret choosing Organo Gold.

Their slogan of self-empowerment and a cohesive teamwork strength has seen them keep there strong and extensive employee team intact.

Talos Energy : The Pemex partnership

The recent announcement by Talos Energy of the discovery of an oil deposit holding almost 2 billion barrels has caught the attention of the world. Not because of the amount of oil discovered, but of the potential partnership between Talos Energy and PEMEX (Mexico’s state-run oil company).

PEMEX has had a history of keeping their data and projects to themselves, not because of greediness, but due to current Mexican Law that prohibits any partnership with outside companies. The law was placed during the infancy of the Mexican government in order to control their resources. For a time the tactic worked as PEMEX would grow to be at the same levels as many of the large oil companies in the world.

Talos Energy CEO Tim Duncan recently stated that the quest for a partnership with PEMEX extends from the fact that the area where the ZAMA project discovered oil deposit is adjacent to a block owned by PEMEX. A partnership would benefit both parties and Talos Energy is ready to not only invest in research and infrastructure but plans to share that information with PEMEX. The consortium would include the collaboration with Britain’s Premier Oil and Mexico’s Sierra Oil.

The last hurdle for Chief Executive Officer Tim Duncan was attempting to convince the Mexican Government to break a long lasting tradition of isolation and partner with Talos Energy. Fortunately for Duncan, a new presidential administration was ready to take power. President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador had campaigned throughout the race with the promise of restoring strength and respect to PEMEX. President-elect Obrador would tell Duncan that he does not need to look for urgency in the Mexican government, they are ready to begin the partnership. The appraisal plan was quickly accepted in September with plans to begin drilling in late November of 2018 with an estimated 150,000 barrels per day production being reached by 2023.

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Innovacare Health Provides Unique Services for Both Patients And Providers

In the world of healthcare, companies tend to focus on specialized services for either the patient or the provider. The result is that the healthcare industry is one of the most complex and least efficient industries in the world. However, one company is seeking to change that. That company. Innovacare Health, is using its unique 360 degree approach to ensure that the patient and the provider have the services they need.

Led by Dr. Richard A. Shinto, Innovacare Health is a Fort Lee, New Jersey based healthcare service company. Dr. Shinto has decades of experience in top leadership positions in the healthcare industry. Prior to his position at Innovacare Health, Dr. Shinto was the Chief Executive Officer at Aveta Inc. And before his executive positions, Dr. Shinto had 20 years of clinical and operational healthcare experience in managed care. This experience in the hospital and in the boardroom makes Dr. Shinto uniquely qualified to understand how to make the healthcare industry more efficient.

Assisting Dr. Shinto is Chief Administrative Officer Penelope Kokkinides. Miss Kokkinides has held this position since August of 2016. For 15 years, Penelope Kokkinides has worked in various positions in the healthcare industry specializing in managed care industry and government programs. Miss Kokkinides’ experience in in the managed care industry allows her to help physicians and payers navigate the complex process of finding the most efficient path for patient care. Prior to her position at Innovacare, Miss Kokkinides was the Chief Operating Officer of Aveta Inc.

Innovacare Health seeks to keep patients out of the hospital by providing the best path for preventive care. For instance, the company uses progressive contracting to incentive positive outcomes for the patients. This provides incentive for the physician to seek the most efficient care for the patient.

To help patients most at risk, Innovacare Health uses its comprehensive analysis to flag high risk patients. This type of intervention care allows the physician to adequately treat the patient before in-patient care is required. This helps keeps costs down and potentially saves the lives of at-risk patients. At the company enters its next decade of operation, Innovacare Health seeks to further improve the way physicians care for their patients.

Freedom Checks Legit Income Opportunity With Least Effort

Due to the erratic nature of the financial and stock market in today’s world, it has become difficult to predict where to invest and which investment product to avoid. In most cases, people have been able to gain good results when they have followed the expert advice of finance professional with years of experience and a proven track record of getting investors positive investment results. One such expert that you can rely on for getting sound financial advice is Matt Badiali, senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing and the editor of two famous newsletters named Real Wealth Strategist and Front Line Profits. He is also the one who has crafted the Freedom Checks strategy that has been applauded highly by some of the top industry experts and also the common people.

Matt Badiali says in the newsletters he edits that there are many markets where the main street Americans are not investing, but should. One such market is the natural resources sector, where there are over five hundred master limited partnership companies operating that have to share ninety percent of their profits with the firms and individuals who have invested in it. Matt Badiali has done in-depth research on the market trends and has been able to identify some Master Limited Partnership companies, investing in which can be profitable. It would help the investors get Freedom Checks on a regular basis. If you want Freedom Checks too and want to secure your life financially, do not hesitate to follow the investment advice of the leading financial expert, Matt Badiali.

Freedom Checks are nothing but dividends that MLP companies provide to its investors. Ever since Matt Badiali talked about it in his newsletter, people are skeptical if they are profitable. He knew that people would doubt it and it is the reason he wrote the newsletter to make people aware about the legit opportunity that would help them earn high returns. For those who mainly invest for their retirement, there is nothing better than Freedom Checks as people need to invest and forget about it. With time, they will keep receiving their dividends depending on the revenue of the company you invest in.

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Dr. Rod J. Rohrich And Revision Rhinoplasty

Have you had a nose job done already? Was it done right? Are you still having trouble breathing? Is your dorsal hump still a problem? If you can answer any of these questions with a yes, you should consider having a revision rhinoplasty done. Dr. Rod J. Rohrich is the doctor to see because this is a serious procedure.

Having a revision rhinoplasty done is very complex. This is a nose job that was either botched or just was not done correctly. Doing this procedure again requires precision and focus. Without those two elements, you can have a messed up nose and your breathing would be in serious trouble. It is important that you find a doctor that can help you with something so dangerous. Dr. Rohrich is the one for the job. You can never go wrong choosing him because he does open rhinoplasty. He believes in getting the job done right the first time and the open procedure gives him that opportunity. When he goes into your nose, he is able to see every part of the structure to see what it is that is keeping you from breathing properly. If your dorsal hump is not small enough, he will take care of that too.

You do not have to go through life living with the ugly effects of the first nose job. You can get it redone to help you. Having oxygen flow to your brain in every avenue is important. Getting Dr. Rohrich’s help will get you the results you seek. Make your appointment now so that you can have the nose you need to breathe function right. You will love the way he handles your work. There may be follow up care afterward to make sure everything is right. Get your appointment today.

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