Greyhound Diaries: A Series Based on the Traveler’s Experience

We all know what a Greyhound bus, however what we don’t know is that there are thousands of untold stories of people who use the means as transport. Most of us would rather walk than use the bus due to the perception that we have developed towards the bus. Nonetheless, Doug Levitt has made the Greyhound bus and his experiences a platform for people to understand what it entails.

The Greyhound Diaries is a project began in 2004 by Doug levitt. With only his guitar in hand and a few personal effects, Doug set off on a journey with the aim of trying to understand the travelers and learn their stories. Sometimes, the bus goes for so many hours and sometimes, even the most uptight people find themselves sharing their stories. Most of these stories are of personal nature, which he uses together with their pictures to make up the Greyhound Diaries.

Doug Levitt is a trained journalist from Cornell University. He worked in Rwanda and Afghanistan, following the stories and state of the countries as a foreign correspondence. He was their voice. However, Doug wanted to do something else, something different. The Greyhound Diaries was therefore conceived, to shed a light on the travelers.

On the bus, Doug admits that he has met different people some of whom have impacted his life greatly. Most of the people using the Greyhound Bus have a criminal record or are addicted to something. Some of them are scary at first, but with the long tiring journey, they tend to open up and share their stories and learn more about Doug.

One common thing about the experiences is that most of them are not melancholy and frustrated. Most of them have no jobs, families and hardly have the basic needs. Their movements from one place to another is in search of the basic needs, which is hard to come by due to their personal problems. Being an artist and songwriter, Doug uses the conversations and pictures to compose songs and a web series that is aired to create awareness on the state of melancholy these individuals face as they struggle with their addiction and state of poverty and more information click here.

Ouran High School Host Club! Gender Bending Anime Madness!


If you have a anime on Netflix hankering and a free weekend then you need to tune into ‘Ouran High School Host Club’ pretty much as soon as possible. This anime perfectly encapsulates what we love about anime: gender bending madness, Vic Mignogna, and an idea that is so wacky that it would never be allowed in real life. ‘Ouran High School Host Club‘ is about an elite social club at a private high school where handsome men go on (innocent) dates with their fawning fans — for a price. How is this gender bending? Well, a poor young girl named Haruhi Fujioka gets a scholarship to the academy — and accidentally ends up as a member of the club!


The gender swap anime revolves around Haruhi Fujioka and how her short haircut and boyish looks gets her mistaken as a boy around school. The Host Club leaders end up hiring her on and she decides to keep her gender hidden in order to fit in, make money to pay off her debts, and have a little bit of fun. Along the way Haruhi’s hidden gender begins to create some real problems as she becomes the most popular Host in the school.


What we love about ‘Ouran High School Host Club’ is that it is unafraid of being ridiculous but it is still committed to being fun. Throughout the series we get some real emotional depth along with commentary on the Japanese class divide. It’s a hilarious, cute, and ridiculously fun show that deserves being watched if you’re into comedy anime.

A Simple Guide Towards Understanding France’s Wine Label Designation System

French wines tend to border on the earthy side and have an inkling taste of chalk, earth, and mushrooms. To most people, France’s appellation of wine is a mind-boggling procedure with mouthful names. What is known as AOC is the abbreviation of Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée. AOC is the highest quality of French wine according to the wine designation system and stocks in international vintners like UKV PLC. Unlike most new world wine makers, France labels wine according to the place of origin, also known as the ‘terroir.’ When French winemakers such as UKV PLC talk about ‘terroir,’ they are referring to the location’s climate, soil type, slope, and local tradition. The notion behind the labeling is that environment plays a vital role in the kind of grape reared.

When one mentions Pinot Noir wine, they are referring to Burgundy wines which have an earthy palate. Burgundy has both red and white wine, whose grapes grow in the eastern France. The second most widely varied wine category is Bordeaux, whose grapes grow on the Atlantic Coast. Bordeaux has averagely red wines that include Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Sauvignon, and Malbec. Unlike traditional perceptions, the only Champagne is Champagne from North Eastern France and not every sparkling wine. Other bubbly wines are called Crémant. The most widely differentiated appellation is Loire, whose name stems from the grapes growing along the Loire River in North Eastern France.

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Wine vintners in Europe, such as UKV PLC, do not limit their supply partners and offer most of the appellations. UKV PLC wine vintners specialize in the distribution of all the wine types in France. They help clients pair wines and pick the most suitable delivery time according to appellations. UKV PLC also assists clients looking to stock or drink the most acclaimed wines in the European market.

Kim Dao Attends the Sailor Moon Musical

Kim Dao met up with some friends in Shibuya to attend a Sailor Moon musical. Sailor Moon began in 1993 as several musicals based on the anime character of the same name. It follows the adventures of a school girl named Usagi Tsukino who’stransformed into a magical Character. It’s quite a successful franchise. Kim Dao and her friend Sharla looked through a large catalog of different gifts that had to do with  Sailor Moon. People can dress like the characters, get figurines, jewelry, and more. The tickets were purchased at a vending machine. The theatre supplied special glasses to see the performance better. There’s also a device that you can wear in your ears to translate the language in whatever language you want. During intermission, Kim Dao and her friends went for a snack. Like most concession stands, the snacks, such as sherbet, were pricey. There were vending machine that sold Sailor Moon charms that are bought but lie around in drawers taking up space.


After Sailor Moon, Kim Dao and Sharla went to Spins where they have clothing with cartoon character images like Pokémon and the Cookie Minster from Sesame Street. Spins also has regular clothing with no celebrity or cartoon icons on them. After leaving Spins, Kim Dao and Sharla did more shopping before going to a sushi restaurant. Kim Dao browsed the displays of makeup, false eyelashes, lipsticks, and eye shadows, Kim Dao bought a keychain wit a pink ribbon. Finally, the girls stopped off for Sushi.


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The Healthcare World of Scott Rocklage

Scott Rocklage majors in Healthcare Administration and he has 30 years of experience in the field. He attained a Ph.D in chemistry from MIT and also a B.S in chemistry from the University of California. He joined 5AM Ventures as a member and initiative partner in the year 2003. Scott Rocklage was able to be a managing partner at the company due to his hard work. Rocklage served as the chairman and CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals.

Apart from being part of Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Rocklage was the head of various organizations which include; Nycomed where he served as the president and CEO. Furthermore, he was among the board members of other organizations which include; Cidara, Pulmatrix, Rennovia and Epirus. He is a successful man whom over the years has founded and co-founded over 30 US contracts. He also has more than 100 publications.

5AM Ventures is an organization that handles Ventures Capital. It has been rated best in project capital. The company has the aim of establishing fresh science firms which will be able to deliver exclusive revenues to clients. 5AM Ventures is also in association with various firms for the goal of initiating good health care supplies through engaging in extraordinary creativities in medicine and science. The organization uses the opportunity of having other various companies that are in charge of fresh mechanisms to see, eradicate and give a variety of medical states and read full article.

The organization’s staff members have various skills when it comes to investment, they include; operational, scientific, professionalism and financial. The staff members also share something special and that is background which is good thus they are easily able to make life science group of companies. Scott ensures that upcoming investors are first served before tackling any other activity. On the other hand the staff members also take care of the following; business growth, fundraising, company strategies and firm employment. Nevertheless they are board members in various organizations.

The investment strategies of 5AM Ventures are as follows; Biopharmaceutical, research tools and medical technology. the mentioned tactic help in the development of life science thus improving the healthcare industry. Furthermore, the firm has business byproducts and podium technologies and learn more about Scott.

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Betsy DeVos’s Role in The Education-Reform Movement

Even when she was in college, Betsy DeVos was known as a reformer. She took an active role in the campus politics that took place at Calvin College and served as a leader. She has continued that legacy throughout her life as both a leader of political party campaigns, political action committees, and the boards of several nonprofits.

As a reformer, Betsy DeVos looks for new and innovative solutions to problems that negatively impact the United States. One of the big issues she has identified is the lack of school choice that public school students have. Often a child’s educational outcome is more determined by the zip code they grow up in then their effort, with zip codes that are dominated by low-income households having the worst results. Due to this reason, she believes that parents should have a choice in where their children attend school.

25 years ago the Milwaukee, Wisconsin instituted their private-school voucher program. This has now spread to 17 states and Washington D.C. Altogether there are 33 publicly funded, private choice programs in the nation with about 250,000 students attending them. Betsy DeVos said that the school choice movement is growing rapidly and improving the state of education in the nation. This growth is taking place against public schools, which are failing in a great many parts of the country. Read more about their foundation at

Betsy DeVos’s experience with the school choice movement began in the 1980’s when she and her husband, Dick, visited Potter’s House Christian School in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Many of the families that attend this school are low-income. However, they want the best for their children and so are willing to sacrifice a lot in order to see their children get the education that they deserve. Through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, they started financially supporting many of the individual families that have students at the school over the years.

Betsy has served the educational community in a number of different ways over the past 30 years. Beyond donating money, she has also donated her time and expertise. She has served on a number of boards including as Chairman of the Board of the American Federation of Children. This nonprofit is the leading school choice advocacy organization in the country. Betsy and Dick also support the West Michigan Aviation Academy which prepares its students to enter the aviation industry, including as mechanics and pilots.

The family foundation that Betsy and Dick created was begun in 1989. The main focuses of their charitable giving are education, the arts, justice, leadership, and community. Among the many nonprofits they have supported are ArtPrize, the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Pediatric Oncology Program, and the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the University of Maryland.

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Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer Leads RBS Into The New Media And Investment Sectors

Duda Melzer has been one of the leading investment and new technology specialists in Brazil for a number of years after coming to prominence as the latest member of the Sirotsky family to become Chair and President of the RBS Group. Founded in 1957, the RBS Group has grown to become one of the top media organizations in Brazil with a range of newspapers, TV stations, and radio outlets to its name, more info can be found on globo.

According to acaert, after reaching the position of Chair and President in 2016 the growth of RBS had seen Duda Melzer hit the heights of success after working on a long term succession plan that came into place in 2012 when his planned promotion was unveiled to investors and the public; Duda has looked to many new investment areas in his bid to ensure RBS is prepared for the changing media and business environment of the 21st century. Duda has worked hard to make sure the RBS Group has a growing list of investments through its eBricks investment company that is reported to have invested around $300 million in new technologies and startups in the medium to small business range.

Alongside the growth of the eBricks company that has been developed by Duda Melzer to secure the future of the Sirotsky family the investment specialist has returned to the site of his first business break in New York with a desire to source investment opportunities in North America and expand the market the family is operating within.

Since returning to Brazil in 2004 after a successful educational and investment career in New York Duda Melzer has been rewarded with a number of impressive awards given by his industry peers; among these awards is a 2009 award from the Brazilian Advertising Association and a Merit Award for his Administrative abilities given by the Regional Management Council of Rio Grande do Sul.

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The Strategies That Skyrocketed Fabletics

Nowadays, stores cannot survive being only physical locations. The tendency of the “Onlinetization” of every store and every brand is a real thing and helps both the selling companies and the customers as well. The Internet just brought tons of facility to selling and marketing because of how brands are now able to link to social media, local shops and make a delivery to regions of the country and even to other continents. With this tendency, there are still a lot of experimentation with propaganda and selling strategies as it’s still a growing experience for everyone. One of these strategies that were recently implemented with success is the “reverse showroom technique,” and it transformed the simple idea that was Fabletics into a nationally famous fitness apparel company that has conquered Amazon for the last couple of years.


What is the reverse showroom and how did it all happen?


Usually, a company that wants to sell their products to customers directly start with physical stores, being it one or more, and a website at the same time. Fabletics was an exception. They were having tons of success delivering their clothes through the internet, especially Amazon, and then decided to invest in building a couple of stores in the biggest metropolitan cities in the U.S., and it quickly paid off. Fabletics realized that they could somehow link their virtual stocks with their physical shops to increase the practicality of buying their outfits.


By using the reverse technique, they allow customers to order exactly what they liked in the virtual stock of their website and go to a store near them to buy that piece. Not only that, but it allowed managers and developers inside Fabletics to directly see what are the apparels that are making the most success across their clients and increase the production of those. That way, they can enhance their stocks with products that they already know are making a success.


The techniques of subscription and premium membership are no strangers to Fabletics as well, but they go beyond the simple “subscribe here” button. With a subscription that allows buyers to receive an outfit every month for a subscription fee that is very inferior to what you would pay for such pieces. Even if you don’t want to participate in a specific month, you can skip this, and they won’t charge you the monthly fee unless you want to receive it. There is also the offer of being a VIP member and having your first outfit bought from Fabletics costing only $25 without having to pay a monthly fee for that.


With high-quality fabric and a wide variety of styles to choose from, Fabletics has earned their spot as a web seller and is quickly dominating local areas as well. Because customers can do a quick survey to know what kind of clothing style fits their personalities the most, they can conveniently purchase through the store and find what they want among the large selection of outfits to choose.


The lifestyle Quiz is highly recommended if you’re going to try out Fabletics as it helps you navigate directly to what interests you the most, saving you time.


George Soros’s Synopsis of His Path to Greatness

George Soros is a Hungarian born American who was born in 1930. Currently he is a philanthropist, business magnate and investor. George is considered to be one of the most successful businessmen and investors in the world. He made the top 30 richest men in the world list when a 2017 February report revealed he has a net worth of more than $25.2 billion.

Some History on George Soros

Soros fled Hungary when he was young to avoid persecution by the Nazis. He ended up in London where he worked as a waiter and railway porter. As he worked, he managed to pay for his education at the London School of Economics. After his education he got a job in a merchant bank.

George later went to New York and got into Wall Street. This is where he managed to established a $12 million hedge fund in 1969. By 1992, he managed to partner with Stan Druckenmiller. It is at this time that the two shorted the British pound and made a very impressive profit. To date the two are known as the men who broke the Bank of England. Several decades later, George, through Soros Fund Management, is still renowned as a heavyweight in investing circles. The management is a family office that boasts $30 billion in assets.

Dawn Fitzpatrick was hired by Soros in 2017. She is among the most prominent women on Wall Street. The position she has been given is Soros Fund Management’s chief investment officer to run Soros’s investment portfolio. Since 2000, Soros Fund Management has had seven CIOs with Fitzpatrick being the seventh. George has always been a longtime supporter of liberal causes. This is why he is an open critic of President Donald Trump.

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Opinions of George Soros

Since he is the world’s richest hedge fund billionaire, George Soros has never lacked opinions when it comes to both global economy and politics. He got his fame from being instrumental in ‘breaking’ the Bank of England in 1992, and by making a billion dollars while he was at it. Even though it is said George is in semi-retirement, markets are still moved by his prognostications. The billionaire supports liberal candidates and causes, and is a top contributor on US politics supporting the same.

Recent Remarks

Soros was in a 45-mnute interview with Francine Lacqua of Bloomberg TV at the World Economic Forum in Davos in March. During the interview, he created an explosion of headlines on both the economic and political front. He was recorded stating that President Trump was doing the work of ISIS. This is attributed to the fact that the current President had anti-immigrant vitriol as the hallmark of his campaign. Despite his sentiments, Soros is still a favorite in the US. His investments have not been affected by the outcome of the US election.

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Understanding Online Reputation Management And It Benefits

Online reputation management is an essential aspect of every marketing mix, so you should regard it as an ongoing process. Having a proven reputable management system will be of tremendous benefit to you and your organization.

It is advisable to take steps toward preventing reputation damage. Prevention others from tarnishing your name or your company image is vital step and needs to be handled by skilled professionals. Reviews and management experts have access to excellent resources and tools for building reputation, tracking discussions and responding to reputation issues. These professionals can advise you and provide the guidance you need to guard against online attacks and threats.

Experienced and dedicated professionals can save you time and hassles by taking over the management of your online reputation, allowing you to focus on what you do best – running your business or managing your organization.

Reliable online reputation management experts have a thorough knowledge of how search engines work and how to suppress negative content or even remove it completely from search results. They can implement SEO strategies along with digital publishing techniques to suppress negative information about you and maintain your positive content on top positions in search results. With their expertise in search engine optimization, they can get your website to rank higher in search engines.

When it comes to reputation management it is important to know how to claim your name, maintain an impressive personal or professional profile, and take control of how you are perceived online. Any information that is damaging to your company or personal image can be pushed down so it won’t be visible to Internet users.

If damage has already been done, you need to take control right away and hire the right professionals to provide reputation repair service. It takes a mishap to ruin a great reputation and cause tremendous damage to a company’s image. With a renowned team of online reputation management specialists by your side, you can recover from such a situation and rebuild your image and reputation. So find a team of knowledgeable reputation management professionals and sign up for their expert service.