DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani: Real Estate Investments are Easy

While many investors continue to complain about the real estate investments, there are few individuals who are making money from this department and living their life just the way they have always wanted. Investors consider this investment opportunity to be too costly, especially in the recent times. Acquiring land or any building requires so much capital, and many fear to invest huge amount of cash in the changing market. Hussain Sajwani is a completely different personality. At the moment, the UAE professional is the founder and owner of one of the most recognized real estate companies in the entire world. DAMAC Properties has given Hussain Sajwani a respectable position in the world of real estate.

Hussain Sajwani discovered that Dubai was a great in real estate many years ago. Although the businessman had a food company that was doing exceptionally well, the businessman felt that he would earn more and impact more lives when working in real estate. His government had just allowed people from other continents to come into the country and make money through business. Sajwani had done a simple research and realized that there were few hotels in Dubai, and most of these customers would not get the accommodation they deserved. With this simple discovery, the businessman set out to invest in real estate, and he has marked only success episodes since then.

Working in this competitive market has come with its share of benefits and challenges. First of all, the investor has been able to meet and also befriend important and influential personalities in different industries. Meeting new people has helped the expert to expand his business and also invest in diverse regions of the world. One of the people who has impacted the life of the entrepreneur is Donald Trump. The two have been very close for many years, but their relationship came into the limelight when the DAMAC owner was invited to the United States so that he could celebrate the elected of the president into office. The president appreciated Hussain Sajwani and his family because of the role they had played in his campaigns. The two have conducted businesses together for a long time.

CEO Eric Lefkofsky Introduces The Mobile App Tempus Labs

Tempus is a Chicago-based tech firm that was co-founded by serial entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky. He leads this company as its chief executive officer and his goal is to use big data analytics and machine learning to dramatically improve cancer care and patient outcomes. Just three years after being founded Tempus is now a Unicorn, the term for a tech startup that is valued at $1 billion or more.Eric Lefkofsky recently announced the release of Tempus Labs. This is a mobile app that oncologists can use to see all of the relevant data available for their patients.

This helps them to make more informed therapy decisions no matter where they are located, obviating the need to sit down at a desktop or laptop computer.He says that they ran an extensive pilot of this application which involved oncologists using it across the nation. It is now available for download on the Google Play Store for any doctor who has ordered one of Tempus’ assays. This app gives doctors access to a patient  clinical history, relevant therapy options, and any clinical trials that their patient may be eligible for.

Tempus recently had its Series E funding round which raised $110 million. Eric Lefkofsky says that he is using this money to expand Tempus’ operations. He is also looking to expand beyond helping doctors treat cancer into other areas of medicine that he sees could benefit from precision medicine. This includes neurological disorders and cardiovascular disease. He says this has been a request from many of his partners in the healthcare field and is something his company can do without taking any focus away from oncology.

The Daring And Innovative Tech Guru—Alex Hern

The tech industry is vastly and quickly growing, putting the existing companies at risk of losing to the competition. However, for Tsunami XR, founded by Alex Hern, it is a different story. Alex Hern is a technology entrepreneur who has been involved in building up established companies.

He has been a co-founder of various companies including a cyber-security company, ArcSight, an email marketing and web developing company known as Yesmail, Triton Network Systems and Inktomi Goldman Sachs Limited among others.

Hern founded Tsunami XR in 2014, which he says was as a result of the need for a platform to support the ongoing shift from the use of CPU computers to GPU. The company has since been a leader in providing virtualization, 3D animation, and simulations for real-time solutions.

Alex Hern had an interview with Ideamensch where he revealed his secrets to success is the focus on the goals as well as avoiding multitasking. According to him, 4-5 hours free of distractions are enough to get so much done, preferably at night.

Among the many fascinations of Alex, which include machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, he is specifically interested in improving Virtual Reality immensely. Virtual reality has been delivered to gamers through VR glasses, headphones and goggles, which only captures the sense of sight.

According to Alex, this can be changed so that every sense of human beings including taste, touch and smell are included in the experience. According to an analyst, if this invention is implemented, the VR industry will improve by $209.2 billion by the year 2022.

Having worked for 25 years to improve technological enterprise, Alex Hern has collaborated with most of the top-rated companies like Yahoo, MSN, and Google to bring changes. Tsunami XR has provided a virtual and interactive platform across devices.

Just like any other industry, Alex notes during the interview that one challenge he faces is the abrupt changes in the macroeconomic scenarios that cause the business to experience adverse effects. However, he advises any entrepreneur to be ready for such situations to avoid huge losses. Hern also says that it is smart to forgo social interactions for a small period every day to concentrate on your work.

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Shafik Sachedina of Sussex Healthcare

Shafik Sachedina is a celebrated entrepreneur and a professional dental surgeon in the United Kingdom. Dr. Sachedina was born and raised in Dar Esaalam Tanzania. Dr. Sachedina migrated to the UK to further his studies as a dental surgeon. While at the UK Dr. Sachedina is an almnus of Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental school at the University of London. More about of Shafik Sachedina on Crunchbase

Shafik Sachedina after getting licensed to practice served in several healthcare facilities in the UK. Sachedina built a reputable name in the dentist profession and had become one of the most sought-after dental surgeons in the UK. Shafik Sachedina has also contributed a lot to the health sector in the UK. He co-founded Sussex Healthcare together with Shiraz Boghani. Sussex Healthcare is a network of over 25 care homes that are spread across the United Kingdom. Sussex Healthcare provides care services to the elderly, people with disability and those with dementia and neurological conditions. The healthcare homes boast of state of the art facilities and a team of qualified health professionals. Sussex healthcare has been in existence for over three decades now offering quality services to thousands of senior citizens in the UK. Dr. Sachedina serves as Sussex Healthcare Chairman.

Shafik Sachedina besides working at Sussex is a renowned philanthropist and has served in numerous non-profit community organizations on a voluntary basis. Sachedina has served at the helm of Jamati Institutions as a head of the department. Dr. Sachedina was tasked with oversight and coordination of the institution programs and activities. The Jamil institution consists of 16 principal institutions of the Ismail community, a community which Dr. Sachedina is a member. The institution was founded in the year 1977 with the sole aim of creating awareness of the Islamic culture. The institution creates awareness through the publication of Islamic materials and promotes initiatives that help supports Islamic religion and culture globally.

Dr. Sachedina also serves at the Aga Khan Development Network Committee as a committee member. The committee mandate is to oversee the economic development of Muslims all over the world. Dr. Shafik Sachedina besides being a committee member also serves as the chairman of Humanitarian Assistance Coordinating Committees. The committee is tasked with ensuring that Muslims all over the world get humanitarian assistance services.

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How to Choose Real Estate Agent

If you’re an agent, you need to be sure you join certain organizations to be able to help you network within the area and become trustworthy to your customers. On the flip side, the actual estate agent would remain in a position to devote his time to your deal. Regardless of the efforts of RERA, it’s mandatory to make sure a couple of things before opting for a realtor in Dubai to avoid any unfortunate event.

Your agent listens to your wants and previews available homes so that you stop by the ones which are the ideal fit for you. After all, it is just on account of the agent that we get in contact with the proper properties acceptable for all of us. On the flip side, the actual estate agent that you hire would be mindful of the local rules and regulations and would lead you through the procedure of finding the paperwork and other legal formalities completed. An accomplished real estate agent is well familiar with the contracts and conditions that are necessary to guard both parties and finish the transaction.

Here’s What I Know About Real Estate Agent
If you feel as though your agent is not a great fit, make sure to communicate your concerns with them whenever possible, nor wait until the close of the path to part ways. A realtor can help you to find opportunities not listed on home search websites and will be able to help you avoid out-of-date listings that may be showing up as available online but are no longer on the industry. Bearing that in mind, here are some reasons most sellers still seek the services of a realtor.

The cheap brisbane airport parking must possess ample experience to generate a favorable deal, but it doesn’t signify that you require the seasoned realtor entirely. Keep reading to find out what you ought to expect from your real estate agent to get the highest possible service available. When it can be done without a right realtor, that doesn’t necessarily indicate that’s the smartest thing to do.

If you’ve got an agent who continually shows you homes that are higher than your budget, they’re not the proper agent. Thus, your real estate agent ought to be online also. A realtor, on the flip side, doesn’t have the same emotional ties to the property. They play a fundamental role in arranging a property for you that fits your requirement and a feature that is free from any legal complications. He works with negotiating on a regular basis due to their line of work. Becoming a realtor can be among the most rewarding careers you can pursue, mainly if you’re making a move from another occupation or professions. You will tell the actual estate agent what it is that you’re looking for so far as the cost of the home, square footage, bedrooms, and extra amenities and they conduct a search for you.

You won’t need to chase off your agent for necessary updates. First of all, you’ve got to locate some agents to look at really. A real estate agent has the scoop on several different properties within a particular area. Get Educated No matter, where your home is, if you would like to be a real estate agent, you want to acquire the actual estate education in the real estate enterprise.

Switch agents if you’re not content with the one that you have. A realtor can help you in buying a house, by supplying you with a list of homes to view. When considering what is needed to turn into a realtor, you’ve got to find your particular location.

A Startling Fact about Real Estate Agent Uncovered
Agents understand what the internet doesn’t tell consumers, and they can offer insight that consumers can’t find online. Or, you’re going to be in a position to raise the agent directly. The majority of the actual estate agents would likewise be attentive to the paperwork which should be accomplished. An adept realtor owns the abilities that are important to deal with sellers.

Life, Death, and Real Estate Agent
Real estate isn’t so different. Locate a Brokerage as soon as you’re prepared to practice real estate and become an agent legally, you will need to locate a brokerage in the neighborhood place. Many believe real estate is a complicated region to work your way through, and they could be right, but Kevin has a different strategy and is getting increasingly more well known daily. Currency Converter Real Estate seeks lots of incoming from foreign customers and not necessarily people that are native to that particular region.

Dr. Jennifer Walden The Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon

Dr.Jennifer Walden is a Aesthetic plastic surgeon. She also own and operates a Medspa facility in Austin, Texas and in New York City. Jennifer is very kind and a true professional that brings a beautiful smile and great ambition to give her clients the best results their looking for. She takes her profession serious and want to fulfill her clients needs weather it’s surgically or nonsurgically. She does everything from cosmetic surgery to neck lifts and much more.

Recently a client of her’s spoke very highly of Dr.Walden’s staff and treatment she received while getting a operation done. The client said she felt “complete” after the surgery, and that it was a great journey once again. Her practice specializes in doing facelifts, muscle toning and even tattoo removal. Anything on the body you’re not happy with you can go see Dr.Walden and her staff can guide you in the right direction.

The Medspa business has been growing more year after year, and doctors and surgeons all around the world are investing into these businesses. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dr.Walden opened another one sooner than later. She does an amazing job mastering the craft and art of surgery which in my opinion makes her the Picasso of nip and tuck. Helping people feel better is one of the greatest gifts someone can have. Everyone of her clients are always pleased and satisfied with the results.

Dr.Walden is a devoted mom of twin 7 year old boys who are the love of her life. If she’s not on a fun adventure with the boys at Millenium Park in Chicago, then you might see her jammin at a country music concert. She has a natural love for horses which solidifies she’s a true Texan. She’s one person that works extremely hard but makes it look easy, and with a good team behind you “well lets just say” teamwork makes the dreamwork.

The Organo Gold Rush

There is an expression that states, “For every great Entrepreneur, there is a great cup of joe”. Whether your “cup of joe” is coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Organo Gold has it, and is offered for distribution.

Yes, Organo Gold or now simply know as ORGANO is a global distributing company with over ten years in the coffee and hot beverage industry. ORGANO is not just known for its hip coffee houses across the United States an Canada but additionally for its global distribution to local entrepreneurs both big and small offering whole sale prices. Organo Gold is happy to supply its top quality products to local coffee shops and coffee focused entrepreneurs across North America, creating any coffee and tea oriented entrepreneur an opportunity to supply their shop with top quality products direct from launch.

Organo Gold’s roots are known for all that is coffee including blends infused with Ganoderma Lucidum, a specific type of mushroom that is prized in numerous countries and cultures (1). Many Countries throughout the world boast Ganoderma Lucidum for its many benefits including cancer prevention, liver health, immune support, and cardiovascular health.

Organo Gold also produces a large variety of teas and baked goods as well as several hot chocolate blends. With such an array of products offered Organo Gold is not just a coffee and hot beverage connoisseur’s delight, but also a coffee shop entrepreneur’s go to distributor for the best products available.

Organo Gold’s proprietors have the opportunity to make a 50% commission on Organo Gold products sold in their local coffee shops when purchased at wholesale directly from Organo Gold.

Organo Gold stands by its products proudly and is thrilled to offer such desired products not only at its local coffee houses, but through wholesale distribution as well to the nearby coffee entrepreneur.

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Gareth Henry Is Helping LGBTQ To Escape Their Persecution

Gareth Henry is a social justice activist for HIV/AIDS and LGBTQ. He is also helping many refugees to escape their lives of persecution and even death through the Rainbow Railroad organization. Gareth Henry was born and raised in Jamaica but was eventually forced to leave or be killed. He was being persecuted simply because of his attraction to the same-sex, and his life was threatened he decided that he had to escape in order to survive and he now lives in Toronto, Canada where he continues to help LGBTQ that continue to be persecuted on daily basis.

Gareth Henry first felt an attraction to other guys when he was 10 and attending high school. He knew that he had to keep quiet about it and by the time he turned 16 he moved away from his family and could be a more like himself and could branch out as a gay person. It was all too apparent though that being gay was not well received, and he saw many of his friends have to endure persecution and were even killed. He still remembers many of the sad and gruesome things that had happened in homeland of Jamaica, but he is still fighting for them and is helping refugees to escape almost certain death. There are many attacks on gays, and many are even forced to live in the sewers and in cemeteries so that they can stay alive.

He has lost 13 of his friends, and they have all dies too young and in ways that were cruel and inhumane. One of his friends was chased by persecutors into the harbor, and he drowned since he could not swim. Gareth Henry has many horror stories to share about himself, and he was mobbed, beaten and repeatedly threatened simply because of his attraction to other men. Had he stayed he would probably be dead now. But he is not bitter, and he has chosen to turn the situation into a positive one. He is helping others to escape and to have a chance for better life.

Read More : www.theguardian.com/world/2012/oct/26/jamaican-gay-petitioner-gareth-henry

Investment Takeaways from Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly has proven to be highly skilled and experienced in trading activities. Since his graduation in 1991 from the Fordham University, he has worked in different financial institutions where he has made significant contributions. After his graduation, he worked in Wall Street where he served as an assistant portfolio manager under the directorship of Bank Trust. It is while working in Wall Street that he improved his investment skills. He later managed hedge funds for organizations such as Kinetic Asset Management in 2006. He has won different awards such as the Templeton Foundation Award which indicates that he is a highly skilled investor. It is critical to note that he won the award during the 2008-2009 economic downturns.

However, he later resigned from the operations of the Wall Street and currently serves as an investment analyst and adviser. He has helped many people making viable investment decisions. His insights are feared in different television programs. Paul Mampilly developed has written many newsletters that touch on different areas of finance. One of the newsletters is the Profits Unlimited. His actions are propelled by the desire to equip the readers with skills that they can use to create wealth as well as better manage their finances. The Unlimited Profits publication has in the past been defined as being an essential guide to stock investments.

Paul Mampilly Contribution to Banyan Hill Publishing

The Banyan Hill Publishing is committed to equipping the readers with wealth creation and stock investment guides. Paul Mampilly serves as the senior editor of the group. He coordinates different trading services such as the True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes. He has a weekly column, Winning Investor Daily and has gained many subscribers in the past. Paul Mampilly joined the organization in 2016 and has been instrumental in transforming its operations. He uses the organization as a way where he can educate Americans on technologies, investments, special opportunities, and small-cap stocks. Before joining the organization, he worked in Stanberry Research LLC where he served as a professional speculator. Focusing on his working career and contributions to different organizations indicates that he is a committed and innovative individual. He has also helped transform the lives of many Americans.

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani’s Vast Interests in Real Estate

Hussain Sajwani is a UAE national that is the founder of the giant properties company – DAMAC properties. This is a company that has lots of interest in Luxurious properties in the UAE and many other parts of the world.

Hussain went to the University of Washington and earned a degree in economics. He went to study in the United States on scholarship. In fact, he was amongst the very few students from the UAE that went to study in the United States on Scholarship. After leaving university, Hussain then joined the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company under their subsidiary, GASCO as a contracts manager. His stay here wasn’t a long one either. He then started his own business ventures.

Sajwani’s acumen in business was observed at an early age when he noted the gap in the property market in Dubai and started working on building hotels. He had seen that many people coming to Dubai to do shopping sometimes lacked some accommodation. DAMAC properties this came to being and has grown to be one of the largest property companies in the UAE.

Hussain is also very well equipped with expertise in property development. He has lots of experience in finance, legal and administration procedures. This has been a key driving factor for DAMAC. His company has lots of ongoing and complete projects in Abu Dhabi, Amman, Doha, Dubai, London, Riyadh, and Jeddah.o

DAMAC Properties employs over 2000 employees and has been publicly listed. Their shares are traded in the Dubai Financial Market. DAMAC is one of the very few real estate companies in Dubai that has a very good record in property development and owns over 21000 homes. The company has a development portfolio of over 44,000 units that are in various stages of progress.

As an astute businessman, Hussain (@hussainsajwani) also has interests in global capital markets and trades stocks in quite a number of markets. He trades shares through his DICO Investments Co LLC. This is a flagship investment company. This company has lots of interests in mergers, acquisitions, and private equities. The company is always looking forward to engaging with companies with good portfolios that are willing to merge.

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