Everything you need to know about the CEO and founder of JustFab and Fabletics

Blending beauty with the internet can prove to be something profitable for the market on TechStyle.com. In the previous years, Don Ressler has assisted in the establishment of brands that focus on online marketing. Ressler had an early start in the world of online business. He began his first company known as FitnessHeaven.com and later sold it to Intermix Media. The step raised the bar for Ressler. He then decided to join forces with Adam Goldenberg to start a new business known as Alena Media. The company was under Intermix Media until its ownership changed to News Corp. The change in ownership resulted in challenges for Ressler and Goldenberg. They decided to venture out and start their platform.

They decided to come up with Intelligent Beauty. Don Ressler had a previous knowledge on the running of an Internet-based business model. The company started its business operations a few days later. The first undertaking by Intelligent Beauty was known as DERMSTORE, a skincare boutique. A few years later, the brand launched a weight loss system known SENSA.

TechStyle was started in South Bay, but the company stayed there on purpose. The two CEOs decided sat down in Manhattan Beach thinking of ideas. They decided to launch a branch that would be called Just Fabulous. The company’s name was later abbreviated to JustFab. After the growth of the business, they had to move off from operating in a couch to a conference room on Brandettes. The company identified El Segundo as the first place of operation. The place was ideal as it had an office space of about 128,000 square feet. The space was perfect for expansion and was readily available to other locations. Other reasons they chose El Segundo was because it had a nearby beach and had easy access to an International Airport. The company leaders share the experiences of growing the business.

Don Ressler has proved himself as a mastermind of online fashion and marketing. He has helped the growth and transformation of real estate market. Tech-savvy shoppers too are transforming real estate markets. Today, many people enjoy shopping online at great convenience.  People that purchase items online have received several discounts for purchases. The subscription model of the business has seen online business gain massive following and liking. See: https://pando.com/2014/08/28/breaking-justfab-raises-85m-at-what-sources-say-is-a-1b-valuation/

The Inspiring Story of Innovator Billy McFarland

At only 23 years old, Billy McFarland launched Magnises, a private social club consisting of exciting events and deals that are only accessible to those who have the club’s black card. The interesting part is that the card can be linked to your credit card or bank to facilitate mind-blowing shopping experience.

The benefits associated with the black card have contributed to its instant popularity in major restaurants and clubs. For instance, you might get discounts for using your Magnises card to pay bills at restaurants, clubs, bars, and reserve experiences such as luxurious gateways and exclusive concerts.

McFarland’s statements

Speaking to the Business Insider, McFarland said that his mission is to create a comprehensive platform that links young consumers with new businesses both online and offline.

He decided to tie his mission to debit or credit card since it is the item carried by everyone at all times. New York City-based businesses such as clubs Finale and Goldbar, restaurants Catch and La Esquina, and Spin Studio Cyc have already signed a partnership deal with Magnises. In addition to discounted helicopter tours to the Hamptons, members can enjoy an exclusive performance by international rappers JA Rule and Rick Ross.

Billy McFarland in brief

Billy McFarland is a shrewd entrepreneur born in New York City and brought up in New Jersey. McFarland instituted his first entrepreneurial venture at the age of 13.

Entrepreneurial career

According to Crunchbase, Billy McFarland established Spling, an innovative ad platform, after dropping from college. The platform allows users to boost the appearance of URLs by transforming the text links into striking images arranged as mosaics on online bulletin boards. Spling serves high-status clients such as Universal and Discovery.

McFarland developed Magnises towards the end of 2013 and launched it officially on March 1, 2016. The annual fee for the card is $250, but it has neither initiation fee nor spending requirements. Magnises is planning to expand to other cities such Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, and London.



‘Caring Star’ Awarded To Assisted Living Facility

It is an honor for an American assisted living facility or memory care community to receive a “Caring Star” award because it indicates excellent service with a strict criteria that has to be met in order to qualify as one of the most acclaimed of such communities nationwide.

Based on reviews and consumer ratings in their Senior Care Directory, Caring Stars must find that the senior living facility received three consumer reviews during the year, earned a minimum of one five star review, had an over-all average rating of greater than four stars, have no unresolved negative reviews, and other online reputation information.

Also, the Caring Stars communities have profiles in social media and trade platforms, discussed in housing referrals by Caring’s family advisors, get publicity on Caring.com, and are provided with materials to showcase their award.

The Manse on Marsh, an outstanding assisted living facility in the downtown area of San Luis Obispo, California, is proud to have received that award. They are the only Central Coast assisted living facility that offers the Assisted Living Care Planning System, which is recognized nationally and where the resident only pays for and receives the required assistance and care services that are needed. The Manse on Marsh was also voted #1 in the SLO Tribune Reader’s Choice Awards.

There are private homes and spacious flats for independent living or different living arrangements and more services to suit individual needs and budgets. Also provided are upscale residence amenities in a home town setting, restaurant-quality dining, social activities, transportation, a nurse on staff, maid and laundry services, personal assistance if needed with medication reminders and bathing and grooming, compassionate and dedicated caregivers, and more.

People needing to make a change in their living arrangements still want to have a high quality of life to enrich their days along with whatever assistance is required to make them comfortable and happily cared for.