Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund Helping Build a Better Society for Tomorrows Generation

As corruption continues to make deep inroads in our society and the government that people elect, the trust of the people in the government and the administration is getting lesser by the day.

People are not able to comprehend whether they should trust the government or their instincts, which says that doing right at times can get you in trouble. There are many instances in the world where the government has been cruel to its citizens, and the problem is that the reports of such cases have been increasing over the past few years.

Thankfully, there are charities, NGOs, and human rights organizations working round the clock to protect the interest of the people and report any anomalies in how the governments are functioning to the world forums.

It has been able to keep the wrongful acts of many governments and sub-divisions in check, but still, some incidents continue to highlight how the gap between the people and its government is widening day by day. The world is facing many other challenges including terrorism, which has taken lives of millions of people in the last couple of decades and displaced millions more. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

Some of the human rights organizations that have been doing exceptional work in this regards are the Amnesty International, Red Cross Organization, Protection International, Global Rights, Human Rights Watch, International Committee of the Red Cross, International Federation for Human Rights, Norwegian Refugee Council, and many others.

The combined effort put in by the top few and many other regional and local human rights organizations are helping people who are the victims of human rights abuses at the hands of the government, terrorist, or just any other incident, get the support they need to rehabilitate themselves. Such support is essential for the people who have been physical, socially, financially, and mentally tortured, broken down, and abused.

Without the help of these human rights organizations, many of these people would have nowhere to go, and it would only make it difficult for the world to function smoothly in the twenty-first century, where the divide between the rich and the poor has become more extensive than ever before in human history. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

In one such instance of human rights abuse in the United States, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, two of the most prominent names in the world of media and supporter of human and migrant rights, were arrested from their home late at night by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The arrest was made as they reported Grand Jury Proceedings about the cop through the media network they own, Village Voice Media and Phoenix News Group.

The detention was illegal, and Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey filed the lawsuit against the county to protect their First Amendment Right and won after a long and gruesome legal battle.

They also received $3.75 million as settlement amount that they converted into Frontera Fund to help fight the causes such as human rights, migrant rights, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and other such issues that has been manifesting itself in the society.

Stream Energy’s Innovative Solutions that Connects Customers

Energy conservation has been a subject of interest to many energy users over the years. As a result, several energy conservation techniques have emerged with the aim of minimizing energy consumption rate to the lowest level possible. According to Stream Energy; a leading provider of energy, protective, wireless, and home services, devices plugged in continue to consume energy even when they are not actively in use. Hence, home or office energy can be conserved by shutting down all the electric appliances when they are not in use.

Stream Energy was started in 2005 with a simple innovative idea of direct energy selling. Since then, the company has become one of the largest direct selling innovative energy companies in the global energy market. In fact, Stream Energy has spent millions of dollars to help its clients learn how to conserve energy. Stream Energy connected services work seamlessly together to match with customers’ fleeting lifestyles while keeping them connected in whatever location they are in. Stream Energy uses multi-level marketing strategy as its main sales channel. Originally before merging with Ignite in 2014 into the Stream brand, the company used to recruit associates through the multi-level marketing division. Learn more at Biz Journals about Stream Energy.

After gathering the required least number of customers, Stream associates can earn commission from bringing in new sales associates or from directly selling to customers. This is made more efficient by the company’s multi-level marketing model. To promote this concept, the company organizes local business presentation meetings. The sales associates also run Internet-based home sites that provide a platform for passing information to recruits. Read more at about Stream Energy.

Built on trust, simplicity, and value, Stream Energy continues to innovate and introduce services that keep its customers connected to the crucial part of their lives; the home and family. Its services are currently available in Georgia, Texas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Illinois, New York, and Washington DC. With the focus to reach out into new markets, the company is seeking to provide an entirely new service to over 10 times of the potential customers.


Robert Ivy – The Master Architect Leads AIA To Greater Heights

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is based in the United States and has its headquarters in Washington DC. It provides public outreach, education, community development and advocates for the architecture profession. It is made up of over 90,000 licensed architects, more than 200 employees and has 300 local chapters. Most of its members are licensed architects, allied partners of the profession and emerging architects.

The organization has achieved much since its inception in 1857. Then it was known as the ‘New York Society of Architects’ and had 13-member architects who wished to elevate the architect profession and promote the practical and scientific performance of its member architects. Today, it sponsors hundreds of architect students and helps professional architects maintain their license.

It has also continually set the trends and standards in the construction and design industry by providing different rules and contracts. The organization also hosts the yearly AIA conference on Architecture which brings together professionals from the industry and provides an avenue for architects to meet, share and learn from each other.

The organization also publishes numerous articles and publications, including ‘The Magazine of the American Institute of Architects’ and web-sourced resources that provide direction and showcases work of professional architects. The organization has also advocated for the architectural profession and has award programs that award designers and professionals that have outstanding achievements. Through the institution, the public has seen the value in design and the architecture profession.

About Robert Ivy

The organization is headed by Robert Ivy as the chief executive officer since Feb. 1, 2011. Ivy holds a master of architecture from Tulane University, and he is a graduate of Bachelors of Arts degree from the University of the South. He is a well-known figure in the architecture profession as he served as the editor in chief of the Architectural Record for 14 years. He was well known as a spokesman of the architect profession on matters such as the effect architecture on political, social and environmental issues.

Under his leadership, the Architectural Record was able to win many awards including the national magazine award for general excellence, 26 Jesse H. Neal award for magazine journalism among others. Since he started managing AIA, he has built a relevant and responsive AIA that advances the architect professional and also helps the public understand the critical role played by architects in their everyday life.

In the year 2009, Ivy was granted the G.D Crain Jr. award due to his editorial contributions in the media. He has authored the book ‘Fay Jones Architect’ which is said to have the highest standard of design, scholarship, and production.

Orange Coast College – article recap

The prestigious California Orange Coast College has recently cut a ceremonial ribbon for its brand new recycling center. This affordable college was opened in 1947 in Costa Mesa. People come from all over to prepare for various careers. For at least 30 years, Orange Coast College has been leading the communities efforts in environmental waste reduction. They had a smaller recycling center that served the public for many years. The new structure is beautiful, as well as functional. It boasts eco-friendly photovoltaic lighting that is cost effective and reduces expensive fuel costs necessary for electricity plants. The enlarged parking lot can hold 45 vehicles easily.


This college continues to promote their recycling cause within the community. They team up with other area environmental groups to provide many terrific environmental services. People can drop off unwanted junk every week day. The center pays standard California rates to residents of 5+ cents for each glass bottle. They also pay per pound for other items like aluminum cans, HEPA bottles and various forms of paper products. This college takes used appliances and electronics including televisions, computers and printers. California’s landfill trash is being vastly reduced by recycling efforts such as this one.


The College has been awarded funds from several private and government environmental conservation organizations. They are using these monies to improve the college dorms, education programs, building upgrades, better student parking and increased campus safety. They are also finding ways to cut operational costs to keep student tuition and fees down at reasonable prices. Orange Coast County provides education in approximately 135 career/job educational fields, and many of its students continue on to other public and private top-notch state universities when their studies at Orange Coast College are complete. The school recently remodeled and modernized their popular science building.


Individuals can find out more regarding specific recycling limits by contacting the college ( They can’t take hazardous waste, chemicals, motor oils or furniture among other things. This is a fantastic way for the area residence to clean out trash and earn some coins. The environment is important to Orange Coast College.


Brown Modeling Agency Attracts Talented Crowd

Millions of attractive young women and men have dreams of entering the modeling world, while others have a talent that they would like to share with the world. However, it’s very difficult to get started in this highly competitive world without a high profile talent and modeling agency guiding your career. An agency like Brown Modeling Agency attracts some of the most successful people and promotes their strengths and abilities to the world. They are a leader in the modeling and talent industry that has grown considerably over the last several years.


The Brown Agency was formally part of Wilhelmina Austin has acquired Heyman Talent-South. Now, the Central Texas Agency has relaunched as a full-service agency in Austin, Texas. Adding a modeling agency and a talent agency together is an excellent way to provide more options to their list of high profile clients that include Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota, and hundreds of more high profile clients looking for beautiful and talented people to represent their organization.

Full-Service Agency

Brown Modeling Agency is a full-service agency that relies on its experience and positive image to attract the best talent and clients. Of course, there are a number of agencies in the area that would like to attract talent and sign them up. Often, they are not exactly the type of agency that a young person should deal with in any fashion. However, The Brown Modeling Agency is a legitimate agency that has a long and impressive list of models that have graced some of the most prestigious runways and fashion shows in the country.

Social Media

Social media is a very important part of the average individual’s life today. Therefore, The Brown Modeling Agency has a way for interested individuals to connect with the agency online. Check out their Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube sites for more up to date information on the Brown Modeling Agency. They have thousands of followers on their social media sites. Join them and get up close and recent information about all their latest news and events.

The Brown Modeling Agency

The Brown Modeling Agency is more than just your average modeling agency. They are an agency that focuses on modeling and developing talent through films, commercials, television, print, and media. Those that join the Brown Modeling Agency will increase their possibilities in the highly competitive world of modeling and beyond. Get connected with The Brown Modeling Agency to build your portfolio and increase your exposure to the world. You can visit their Instagram page.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Presided Over The Largest Transaction In Brazil In 2015

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is an embodiment of hard working company executives in Brazil. The executive was born 66 years ago in Marília, a municipality that gave birth to Bradesco—a respected banking and financial services firms in Brazil. Luiz Carlos Trabuco attended the University of São Paulo and went on to begin his career at Bradesco where he has worked at for past 47 years. Presently, he is the CEO of the Osasco headquartered private bank.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco took over as the CEO of Bradesco in 2009, right after he relinquished his post at Bradesco Seguros. He took over the leadership of the company just when it had been knocked off as the largest private bank in Brazil when Banco Itaú and Unibanco merged. However, the new CEO was unbothered by the developments in Brazil’s financial sector. Luiz Carlos Trabuco was more worried about service delivery. He wanted to ensure that the quality of services offered by all the branches of Bradesco delighted the company’s clients.

Once Luiz Carlos Trabuco assumed office, he instituted some changes at Bradesco. He started out by encouraging all staff members to be punctual. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is known to arrive at work early and work as late as 6 pm. In fact, most of his dinners are spent in restaurants discussing or making business deals. Also, he concerned himself with improving the management of Bradesco by ensuring that all the leaders within the institution shared his vision of improving service delivery. To this end, Luiz Carlos Trabuco advocated for the independence of leaders. He made his desire for experienced professionals such as Renato Ejnisman known. With the few changes, Luiz Carlos Trabuco embarked on the noble role of steering Bradesco.


In 2015, Luiz Carlos Trabuco presided over one of the largest transactions in Brazil that year. The CEO announced that with the approval of the company’s Chairman, Lázaro Brandão, Bradesco was set to acquire the Brazilian branch of HSBC for a whopping $5.2 billion. Without a doubt, the purchase would put back Bradesco as the leading private bank in Brazil or at least, reignite the war for market leadership. According to Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the acquisition of HSBC would enable the company to attain at once what it would have achieved with over six years of normal growth. Also, Bradesco would be better than Itaú Unibanco in terms of the number of branches available in Brazil, number of account holders, and total funds invested. However, Itaú Unibanco would maintain market leadership regarding total assets, deposits from account holders, and loans advanced to borrowers. Luiz Carlos Trabuco was honored as the 2015’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” as a result of the transaction. Although the transaction failed to put Bradesco ahead of Itaú Unibanco immediately, pundits suggested that it was a matter of time before Bradesco rose to the top.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s business acumen is difficult to ignore. In the first quarter of 2015, his name featured among the names thought to be suitable to head Brazil’s Ministry of Finance. However, Luiz Carlos Trabuco declined the offer. He believes that he is serving Brazilians well in his current position. Luiz Carlos Trabuco has a history with Bradesco, and he is not about to leave soon. Many people speculate that he is the best-suited candidate to take over after Lázaro Brandão retires. When he began his career at the institution in 1969, he worked as a clerk. However, through resilience and hard work, he was appointed to head Bradesco Seguros—a subsidiary of Bradesco that is currently the largest insurance company in Brazil. It is through his impressive work at Bradesco Seguros that he was appointed as the CEO of the company.

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UK-Israeli Trade Twofold Under Resigning Ambassador Taub

According to United Kingdom Embassy, trade between U.K. and Israel multiplied amid the four-year residency of Israeli envoy Daniel Taub, who left office a few years ago. “Four years after the Ambassador Daniel Taub took office have witnessed a twofold of trade between the two countries and a deep lengthening of business, cultural and academic links between Israel and U.K,” indicated the Israel embassy gave the statement.

The British Secretary of State for Skills, Innovation, and Business Sajid Javid told a crowd of people at the British Israeli Business Awards during the starting of this month that trade between the two nations had experienced a golden era.

Over 300 firms in Israel have invested in U.K. with the year to year bilateral trade being more than $5.5 billion. Javid had estimated the figure to $7 billion.

Taub, who was conceived in the U.K., was appointed the Israeli ambassador in the year 2011. Once, as the peace arbitrator, he set out to Northern Ireland together with his Palestinian partner to get more details of the condition there. Read more: Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

Numerous years prior to Britain’s biggest student union voted for the blacklist of Israel in 2012, according to Taub during a Jewish Chronicle interview. According to Daniel Taub, had also expressed fear in the school environment in guaranteeing that those in support of Israel could do that without fear or intimidation.

After the visiting of Bradford by Daniel Taub in 2014, luckily Daniel Taub was exceptionally well-positioned to thrive during amid his tenure while operating as the Ambassador of the State of Israel to the United Kingdom. Taub was conceived in the United Kingdom amid the 1960s and later moved to Israel where finally in the early 1990s, he served the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

Daniel Taub would, in the long run, work his things up the positions of the foreign ministry and at last, would be selected the position of the chief envoy between the country government he was born in and the foreign country he came to call his home.

Daniel knew about British culture which assisted him to do well in his prominent position as the representative of Israel to the European country.

The way to doing great in any profession has a solid educational foundation to fill in as one’s establishment. That enabled Taub to establish a crucial professional.

He attended some of the recommended institutions in the United States and the United Kingdom to prepare him for success as the global affairs professional.

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Betsy DeVos: A Businesswoman with an Exemplary Mindset

In the US, so many people have contributed to the economy in one way or another. There are those individuals who have done so much to America and continuing to do so. Betsy DeVos is such an individual, born on January 8th, 1958, now at only 59, she has done so much that anyone would expect.

She is a business lady, a politician and both the 11th and current Secretary Education for the United States. Behind this great woman are very many great people right from her father, Edgar, who was the patron of Prince Corporation. Also, his husband, Dick DeVos, who is a billionaire successor of Amway.

Therefore, schooling in Calvin College and being surrounded by loved ones who are succeeding in life, they tend to inspire her making her work even harder. Betsy has a passion for Education. Her love for learning oversaw her nomination as the secretary for education by the current president of the United States whereby she later won and took up the office. Betsy is the woman behind school choice, which is a program that gives avenues to students and who go to public schools a chance to learn in areas that their families are located. Also, she has spearheaded school vouchers. The coupons are meant to give financial aid to learners irrespective of where parents choose to take their children. The most significant bit of this program is that doesn’t segregate considering there are two types of voucher; the universal voucher and means-tested, which is specifically for families that are not well off.

Also, another contribution DeVos has made in the education sector is charter schools. Charter schools are those public institutions that are exempted from the numerous state and local rules. In return, their accountability on expenses and academic performance is paramount.

Being a Republican, she has also contributed a lot to politics. She managed for 16 consecutive years to be chosen as a delegate of Michigan Republican party. For an individual to be elected for that long by people shows the exemplary works of such an individual. Aside from that, she has been part of funding some of the presidential aspirants she felt would make a change in the US. For instance, she gave out $150,000 towards the campaign of George Bush in 2004 to oversee his re-election.

Alongside his husband, they created Windquest group. What this group does is that they bankroll in technology, clean energy, and manufacturing. Betsy is the chairwoman. As if that is not all, she is among the primary investors of Neurocore, which is a chain of centers that are aimed towards therapy to patients with disorders like autism. Without forgetting the Dick and Betsy foundation, a room has been provided in arts, justice, administration, education, and community. I think Betsy is just an amazing woman. She has a heart of gold.


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End Citizens United Continues With Their Mission Of Seeing Pro-Reform Candidates Elected

According to the recent article in the Alabama Political Reporter, on Sep. 27, End Citizens United (ECU) announced they had endorsed Doug Jones, a Democratic nominee, for United States Senate. Jones, a former attorney of the United States, is running in the state of Alabama special election against the politician Roy Moore in the December 12 special election.

ECU said that Moore is a zealot with a bigoted, racist agenda, who is going to defend a rigged system that’s corrupt in Washington that is favoring the special interests’ priorities over every day Alabamians. The president of the ECU, Tiffany Muller, said that the radical agenda of Roy Moore doesn’t have a place in the United States Senate. His radical ideology is against the American values and Alabama values. And in Washington, he is going to give special interests to people with big money and more influence over their politics.

While Moore has regularly embarrassed Alabamian; he paid himself and his spouse over 1 million dollars from a charity he was controlling, Jones is a man of integrity and character. He has been a sturdy prosecutor who is not afraid of doing what is right and he is going to take same dedication to Congress; he’ll unrig the system so that it works for every single American.

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Jones said that the families in Alabama are tired of watching the State of Washington leave them behind. Reform empowering voters is going to invert the broken system that is prioritizing deep-pocketed interests over ordinary Alabamians. Jones continued saying that he was looking forward to working with ECU to curb the Big Money corrosive, corrupting influence in politics.

ECU added that Moore is firmly aligned a dubious special interest mega-donor like the Mercer family as well as Steve Bannon, their right-hand man. The Senate Leadership Fund, PAC (political action committee) which supported his main opponent, United Senate Luther Strange, R-Ala.; had announced that it would honor the Alabama Republicans wishes and would support Moore.

The special general election, which is to fill the seat that Jeff Sessions vacated after the Senate approved him as a United States attorney general, is going to be on December 12, 2017.

About End Citizen United

ECU is a grassroots donor-funded PAC focusing on ending Citizen’s United, keeping the problem of using money, particularly in politics in the vanguard, seeing pro-reform candidates elected, and more. On the wall of the End Citizen’s Facebook page, you will find updates on their latest news on the progress of their political mission. One post states that End Citizen has endorsed a total of four challengers for Congress: Jason Crow, Dean Philips, Andy Kim, and Anthony Brindisi. All four candidates pledged they are not going to accept any corporate PAC money.

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Fabletics: The Site For Options And More Options

Fabletics is one of the most popular activewear and loungewear brands on the market today. The brand first started putting out its lines of clothing in 2013 and since then has gathered an impressive fan following of fitness and gym lovers. The primary purpose of the brand is to provide their customers with clothing that is comfortable and also extremely fashionable. The brand takes great care to ensure that they are far ahead of the competition regarding their clothing lines, and prefer to be trendsetters rather than trend followers. The brand is known for the outstanding quality of clothing that they put out, which is one of the many things that have attracted customers on such a large base.



The three worked extremely hard to give life to the activewear brand and combined their skills and talents to be able to set the foundation of a company that would one day earn millions of dollars. Fabletics is a subsidiary of JustFab, which is another company that the business team formed. Fabletics works to supplement the clothing that the brand puts out, which is also why they have got a lot of their audiences transferring over to them. The brand has also collaborated with singer Demi Lovato to come out with a line designed by her. The clothing that Fabletics came out with was inspired by Demi’s latest album and also has the lyrics of her songs on the patterns of the leggings that the brand sells.



. One of the primary things that Fabletics had to focus on was attracting customers. In addition to their exciting offers, Fabletics decided to make their clothing only purchasable through their online membership system. According to this system, customers who want to buy from the brand would have to register with one of their types of plans so that they can receive one activewear set per month. When customers enter the site, they are given a popup that asks them a few questions on the kind of fitness regime they partake in and also the kind of clothes that they like to wear. The site automatically filters out these options and shows the customer only those that would suit them and their needs. This happens every time a customer logs into the site. If the customer is returning for their next month of purchase, the site will show them options that they like, except this time, the clothing lines would be different. Since customers are buying clothes from this brand on a regular basis, they have to try their best to incorporate new styles and designs so that the customer never feels like they are out of options. Getting the clothes at the end of your shopping experience is incredibly easy since all one needs to do is give the site your shipping information, and the item will reach you sooner than you would expect.