Sussex Healthcare New CEO; Amanda Morgan-Taylor

Sussex healthcare is a healthcare company in the United Kingdom that has 20 care centers homes spread out across the country. Sussex was established in 1985 to help the elderly and the underprivileged groups in the society such as people living with physical disabilities, people with learning disabilities, people with neurological disorders and people suffering from dementia. A high number of people who seek the services of Sussex Healthcare are the elderly. These are the people who need to be taken care of because they cannot live on their own in their homes. They come to the care centers where they can be taken good care of by people who know the issues that they are going through. This care center intends to help these groups live a good life just like other human beings even though they have challenges that may hinder them from enjoying life normally.


Sussex Healthcare is committed to offering only the best services to these people. Since the care center was established, the management has committed itself to offering clients only the best services. To accomplish this goal, they have hired qualified nurses who will handle the clients that come to their facilities. The staff in this company are committed and ready to serve clients all-round the clock. They know they are dealing with a vulnerable group of people that need extra care and therefore the need for seriousness in their jobs. Sussex Healthcare offers a wide range of services that touch on offering therapy treatment to the clients. There are gyms for the elderly where they can go and perform exercises that will maintain their mobility. Mobility for the old people is a crucial thing and anytime patient losses it, the issues can be resolved by taking them through work out programs. The staff in the gym are trained on how to handle the elderly until they resolve the issues they are facing.

Recently, the company has announced the appointment of new CEO who will take over the management of the company and grow it to the next level. Amanda Morgan-Taylor is the new CEO. She has been appointed to the position due to the qualifications she has in previous management roles. She has worked with other organizations and has helped them grow successfully. Amanda Morgan is coming to the company to do the same. Sussex Healthcare is at a crucial stage where it needs a manager who understands its needs and will help build confidence in the public.

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OSI – Bringing Quality Food to the World


OSI is a leading distributor of processed food products in the world. Their quality items can be found in some restaurants, grocery stores, and ultimately the family table. Their versatile and inclusive corporation is dedicated to providing delicious and healthy processed meal items.OSI uses local employees in each of their plants because their personal expertise is a valuable asset to giving customers around the world the quality, flavors, and preparations that will be welcome in their homes.

Food Products

Their food processing is customized; their products range from meats and vegetables to fruits and alternative proteins. Their range of products is impressive and inclusive. There is something for everyone.OSI does not offer simple meat and potatoes. OSI creates gastric delights like pizza, paninis, frozen entrées and delicious fruits and vegetables. They use innovative methods to process beef, pork, and poultry. They even offer hot dogs and sausages. You will find kid-friendly foods and more sophisticated fare for discriminating taste buds.

Global Supply Chain

OSI is a global company. In every region, they choose locally grown foods and use their experienced research and development department to create delicious meals for customers. They ensure quality and consistency in all their products.Their approach to efficient supply chain processes begins at the local distribution points. Raw foods are checked meticulously to ensure only the freshest and healthiest raw foods are purchased. Once acquired, they are sent to R&D for the next steps.

Research and Development

OSI employs innovative research and development teams in China, Germany, and the United States. Though the majority of research is done in these locations, there are test kitchens in every major plant across the globe.Culinary specialists are employed at every production facility to ensure that the consistency of any developed product process is top priority. They also have research teams who work with marketing and efficiency in getting products to market. They offer individualized end-to-end solutions to fulfill each customer’s needs.

Food Safety and Quality Assurance

As a major global food distributor, it is very important to provide foods that are of the highest quality. Each product must be above question regarding healthiness and freshness. Products are given strenuous Q&A checks periodically to ensure foods are exceptional and unquestionably fresh. OSI is a global food product innovator. They offer the best processed foods through quality checks, research and development, and a desire to offer the very best culinary delights to the world’s population.

The Life of James Larkin as an Activist

James Larkin was a well-known trade unionist. He was the one who first used the phrase ‘a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay.’ Mr. Larkin was born to Irish parents on January 21, the year 1876. He was brought up in Liverpool, England and only had little education. One thing that stood out about James Larkin was his hard work.

Despite having little education, he did different manual jobs, at one time he was the foreman at the Liverpool docks. He was committed to ensuring that workers had conducive environment to carry on their ventures and that all conditions were fair to them.

It is his passion that led him to join the National Union of Dock Laborers (NUDL). In the year 1905, he became a trade union organizer on a full-time basis, after being part of this organization for some time. His aggressiveness in organizing strikes did not augur well with the NUDL which opted to move him to Dublin, barely two years after becoming a trade union organizer.

On landing in Dublin, James Larkin created the Irish Transport and General Workers Union (ITGWU).ITGWU was formed with the sole aim of bringing all Irish workers be they skilled or unskilled in one union that will work with their interest at heart.

Together with his counterpart James Connolly, Mr. Larkin formed the Irish Labor Party in the year 1912. The party organized series of strikes with the most significant being the 1913 Dublin Lockout. It lasted for at least seven months but bore fruits. At least 100,000 workers won the rights to fair employment. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

When the World War II broke, Mr. Larkin organized for a demonstration in Dublin urging the Irishmen to stay away from the war. In 1914, he went to the USA with the intention of raising funds to fight the British.

He joined the Social Party of America and the Industrial Workers of the World. While in America, he was convicted of communism and was deported to Ireland. In Ireland, he formed the Workers’ Union of Ireland. He worked here until his death in 1947.

Fabletics: Focused on Making a Difference by Giving Prominence to Customer Voice

Fabletics has set an example in the online fashion industry with a phenomenal success that captured from nowhere in just four years. Considering the dominant players like Amazon, no new brand is expected to make a significant impact in the industry due to the competition, changing customer needs, and more. The firm has produced revenue of more than $250 million by 2016 which is never expected from a new player to the industry. People who analyze the success of the activewear brand can understand that the firm gave importance to customer voice in the form of online reviews.

It is already notified that irrespective of the industry or product type, customers are more inclined to read other customers’ reviews before making their purchase decision. The consumers found to be dedicating their hours to reading reviews for their favorite brands or products on a regular basis, and more positive reviews for a product or brand can significantly reflect in its online sales. More than four-fifths of the customers think that online reviews are something valuable as personal recommendations, per a BrightLocal study. It is also found that positive reviews are playing a significant role in the search engine ranking of the pages in the recent years.

The reviews are also found to produce valuable repeat customers – the biggest asset of any business. This is very clear when it comes to Fabletics as its 85 percent of the business is coming from existing/repeated customers, and nearly 17 percent of the new business is from the referrals of existing customers. Both are becoming important KPI for Fabletics as a brand based on online reviews. Due to that reason, Fabletics has ramped up its efforts to add more reviews online on different independent platforms. With its strategy built on customer reviews, the firm also ensures value, quality, and affordability in an attempt woo more reviews thereby more customers.

The brand was started by Kate Hudson and the TechStyle Fashion Group founders in the year 2013. They identified that there were no economically priced activewear brands available in the market that are producing style as well as quality. This is where Fabletics was born, and the dependence of the founders in technology and personalized shopping experience has made the brand close to the hearts of millions of its customers. Though it faced few initial glitches, the active interference of Hudson and other founders helped the firm to make tremendous success in the market.

While coming to the personalized shopping choice, the firm executed an innovation in the industry by adopting a policy of going for customer’s voice. It means that understanding customer preferences from them individually and produces unique products according to their needs. For that purpose, it introduced a Lifestyle Quiz for the first-time buyers. It means that each new customer has to fill a list of questions that are more or less about their fashion preferences, peculiarities of their body, and more. Based on that data, Fabletics designs unique products for each of its customers. Apart from that, the brand also invites everyone to fill out the Quiz and experience personalized products from the firm.

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Lori Senecal’s Impressive Leadership For The Companies She Runs

There are remarkable people out there that push their skills and limits just to get to the best of their talents. There are remarkable people who start a business and risk failures and end up benefiting the society with the ventures that they start. One of these remarkable people is Lori Senecal, who is the Global CEO of CP+B and the person who oversees its operations, growth and progress of the company. Let’s read more below to learn what else Lori Senecal has been doing in her current career.



The Continual Global Development



One of the many things that Lori Senecal does today is to increase the expansion and reach of CP+B as Lori Senecal oversees the operations across the firm’s international projects. She’s also the competitive leader that brought a lot of success to the company/agency’s global operations in its ten global offices. Her impact in the culture and the entire operations of CP+B has already been proven, and her willpower and pioneering skillset has been put to the test, too. Her leadership management has proven instrumental in how CP+B has grown over the years.


General Info About

According to GC Report, it is also common knowledge in the company that without her inventive ideas and unsurpassed competence, it would be hard for the company to achieve the kind of entrepreneurial spirit that it’s very known for. Indeed, it is well worth it that Ms. Lori has been awarded the Creativity Innovators of the Year for 2017 because of the work that she has done for the company.



It is also necessary for any corporate profile about Ms. Lori Senecal to say that under her leadership, the company she once led, which is KBS, and where she acted as the CEO, has grown from a model line-up of around 250 employees t o about 900 people worldwide. Under her leadership, the company was recognized by Crain to be one of today’s best places to do work for any type of employee.



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Talk Fusion Upgrades Software Offerings With WebRTC

The people at Talk Fusion have upped the ante in live video conferencing with the release of their new and improved software application. The company’s CEO and founder, Mr. Bob Reina has announced in an online broadcast, Live Meeting will now be based on WebRTC technology. That is a big deal because it makes a good product a great product. Now anyone can join an online conference without the need to download a plugin like Adobe Flash Player. The new program makes real-time communications a piece of cake.


In addition to the convenience gained by using this software, Live Meeting will support conferences hosted by up to 15 people with up to 500 attendees being able to sit in as well. What is even better is the improvements in quality. Participants will enjoy crisp video images and enhanced sound as well. There will be no echo, and the host will have access to a “waiting room” function where they will be able to prep for their presentations without being seen or heard by attendees. Furthermore, Talk Fusion has streamlined the look of the interface of the Live Meeting software, making it easier for first-time users to maneuver.


In summation, the company merely has continued doing what it has done from its inception, namely to innovate. When talk fusion introduces new features, they are always market ready. Never do they sacrifice quality and reliability to be first to market. Bob Reina has made that a hallmark from the very beginning.


Talk Fusion began as a spark in the imagination of a young Tampa Bay, Florida police officer named, Robert Reina. Although officer Reina had a bright future in law enforcement, he also had a mind for business. Although he graduated first in his class at the police academy and completed a degree in criminology at the University of South Florida, Bob Reina followed the path where he felt he could do the most good for the most significant number of people.


Having excelled in network marketing as a side business while he was a police officer, Bob Reina knew of the power of this business model to transform people’s lives in significant ways. So, with the help of his friend, Johnathan Chen, an internet technology genius, Mr. Reina launched Talk Fusion and began to market Video E-mail, the company’s first product. The year was 2007 and Talk Fusion has been growing steadily ever since. Today the company is doing business in 140 countries all over the world thanks to the enthusiasm of thousands of independent marketers who are as passionate about the company as is CEO Bob Reina. Learn more: