Matt Badiali: Science, Finance, Or Both?

One of the more interesting individuals in the world of finance is Matt Badiali. This is a man who spent much of his educational career focusing more on the sciences, so it may surprise many that he has distinguished himself as a financial advisor. He provides a newsletter called “Real Wealth Strategist”. The purpose of the newsletter is to guide the average investor in picking quality stocks, particularly in the natural resource sector. His background as a geologist has been the reason he is extremely successful at speculating in natural resource stocks and fortunate subscribers who invested in some of his picks saw their investments skyrocket in value.

Matt Badiali began his science career attending Penn State University. He graduated with an earth science degree. He spent some time in Miami employed as an environmental geologist, but after some time he grew to dislike the job. The tasks for his job involved collecting water and soil samples in the most dangerous areas of Miami. His disgust for the job prompted him to continue his education and he graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a masters degree in geology. During this period of his life, he traveled all over the world inspecting natural resource assets. He learned much about natural resource companies by questioning many CEOs.

In 2004 Matt Badiali attended the University of North Carolina pursuing a Ph.D. but ended up taking an interest in the world of finance. A friend of his recognized his potential for finance and hoped that Matt would help him build a plan to assist average people, so they would not lose money when it came to investing. Matt Badiali would initially make huge waves in the investment world after the financial crisis of 2008. He used his background as a geologist and invested in resource company that everyone else thought was a bad investment. He earned a 4,400 percent profit and gained recognition as a financial advisor.

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Papa Johns’ CEO Delivers A Heartfelt Apology

The Papa John’s pizza company has gone through some difficult moments in the past recent weeks. The current CEO of Papa John’s, Steve Ritchie, has provided a well-thought-out and heartfelt apology for the events of the recent past. In the letter, he stated that the past week was the hardest week for him in his 22-year career with the Papa John’s Pizza Company.

He clarified that the offensive words of the CEO of the past do not in any way, shape, or form represent or reflect his own personal views and beliefs or the values of the company as a whole. He delivers a sincere apology as the leader of Papa John’s in the hopes of regaining the trust of many of the offended and emotionally hurt customers, partners and friends of Papa Johns. He assures the readers that any kind of insensitive language or racism will never and have never been tolerated in the company. This applies to any employee of the company no matter what level their position is.

Steve Ritchie Papa John’s makes it clear that the Papa John’s company is not one single person, but it is a company that is composed of over 120,000 people all over the world. These employees work as local owners, operators, corporate and franchise team members that are constantly working hard to provide the customers with better service and better pizza. He reminds the customers that these people are members of the same community as them and that they are not at fault for the irresponsible words and actions of one person.

Steve Ritchie is very well aware that words are not enough to gain people’s trust, so he has decided to implement actions that will provide solutions for the problems of the past. He promises that the company will have third party experts come into the company so that they may audit the inclusion practices, diversity and the company’s culture. He hopes that this will help the company identify its own strengths and weaknesses so that the management can set more clearly defined goals for the betterment of the company. The senior management team will be sent out into the field to retrieve feedback from the employees and franchises so that they can create a path to move forward from the pains of the past. Steve Ritchie promises to be transparent every step of the way so that the people can hold him accountable. Read Steve’s latest post on Twitter.

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Ara Chackerian Ventures in Medical Technology

Famed as a serial angel investor, Ara Chackerian also doubles as a philanthropist and entrepreneur. He is currently the managing director of ASC capital holdings and has been always in the forefront of investing in companies in their early stages. He is more interested in health care associated technology. Ara is also a board member and a cofounder of the TMS health solutions a company that offers transcranial magnetic stimulation for patients suffering from mental illnesses.


Before he got involved with the TMS heath care, Ara Chackerian has been involved in leadership of big companies in the US for quite a long time. He has an experience spreading to over two years in building heathcare companies. Ara has been educated in the US. He attended the Florida State University and obtained a degree in business management and marketing. ‘


Some of the companies that Ara Chackerian has been part and parcel of building include: – PipelineRx that was rebranded to TMS Health Solutions, BMC diagnostics, Embion / Provider amongst others. Ara serves as a board member for several other companies in their early stages mainly in California. When he is not sitting in board meeting, Ara, spends time in his farm in Limonapa, SA. This multi-million dollar investment is an indication of his passion for a better environment. He practices lots reforestation at his teak plantation in Nicaragua as well. He extended his philanthropy by sitting in boards of non-profit making organizations such as JUMA Ventures and CREA Nicaragua. For more details you can checkout


Recently, in an interview, Ara, explained that his idea to start TMS medical care came about as he and a long time business partner were in the course of their business activities in North California. Through the business idea, Ara has been able to extend improved Medicare to many Americans through the transcranial magnetic stimulation device. The new technology has taken medical circles by storm. Mental patients have been the greatest beneficiaries of this technology.


Ara Chackerian continues to soar the heights of entrepreneurship and business in the United State and leaving footprints through his innovations and brilliant business ideas. To see more checkout




Whitney Wolfe Protects Bumble Company from Prejudiced Personal Attacks

In July of 2018, Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe revealed that her company was being targeted by a Neo-Nazi group. The reason why Bumble was being targeted has to do with the company’s feminist stance. Bumble is a dating portal that made its debut in 2014. Since that time, it has become one of the top dating sites on the planet. As of August 2018, the company has 30 million plus users and it also quickly becoming a household name. Connect with Whitney Wolfes by visiting her linkedin account.

One of the most interesting things about Bumble is its feminist stance. Whitney Wolfe designed the dating site to be place that is dominated by women and not by men. The ladies of Bumble do not hate men. This is far from the truth. They adore men. As a matter of fact, Whitney Wolfe married a man by the name of Michael Herd this past December in 2017.

The women of Bumble are not out to destroy men or to replace them. Instead, they want men to treat them with respect, dignity and to value their worth. They want gender and occupational equality. They also want to be the ones to make the first move and not just the guy. Bumble is truly a forward thinking organization that wants women to flourish and to be very successful.

The site only allows women to make the first move. Guys have to wait to see if a woman is interested in him to get her attention. This is challenging for most males because they are conditioned by society to be the pursuers. However, Bumble has placed women into this role and the guys are now at their mercy.

Speaking of mercy, did you know that Whitney Wolfe was originally going to create a site called Merci? This would have been a female only social network. Bumble’s CEO took some of this idea and incorporated into Bumble. Now, Bumble is more than a place for women to pick up guys; it’s also a place for women to hang out and to connect.

After stating all of this you can now understand why misogynists such as Neo-Nazi’s would be upset with this organization. This company challenges old norms and traditional standards of behavior. Whitney travels with a bodyguard and she protects her employees as well. She also makes sure that her users are not in any danger as well. Whitney Wolfe will not allow any Nazi based or prejudiced organization to stop Bumbel from being successful.

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Freedom Checks Make it Easy for People to Make Money

The idea that Freedom Checks are an important part of the investment industry is something people can feel good about. It’s something most people know how to do the right way and it gives others a chance to try things that will help them see the positive parts of different opportunities they can take advantage of. Checks are easy for people to invest in. Even though most investors don’t need to have a lot up front to make the investment in the checks, they can get more from what they’re doing with it. They can also get more than what they would typically get from smaller investments. There are ways people can try to make more money from the checks that allow them to continue doing things the right way. It’s also an important step for people who want to try making sure they have the best experience possible with the money they’re making.

As long as people know how to get money and know what they can get from different monetary areas, they can find the best options possible. They can also try doing things that will help them see the positive options they can use. For Freedom Checks, things continue getting better and more people have the option to make more money on the things they want to do. The checks allow people to look at what they have and use it to invest the best money possible.

After investors get returns from Freedom Checks, they can continue investing in even more of the checks. No matter how much money people want to make, they don’t have to worry about the limits that come with other investments. Freedom Checks don’t have these same limits. They allow people to keep spending more and making more based on what they spent in the past. For the company to do this, they have to make sure they can try things that will help them see positive experiences. They also have to make sure they’re preparing to help more people understand the positive options that come from the way they invest their money.

Shiraz Boghani: Splendid Hospitality Group

Shiraz Boghani is a prominent businessman who is the founder of the Splendid Hospitality Group. These are hotels that both budget friendly to luxurious accommodations for anyone traveling in the United Kingdom. Thanks to Shiraz Boghani, this chain is very successful.

He won several awards but one that stands out is the 2016 Asian Business Award. As a hotelier, this is a high honor and it really showcases his true gift of making a hotel a comfortable place for guest to stay. It also shows in his leadership as co-chairman at Sussex Healthcare. He and Shafik Sachedina put their heads together to create the most successful as the largest healthcare system in the United Kingdom. These two businessmen have accomplished what the healthcare industry can not fathom. It paid off with the elderly and disabled young adults benefitting from it.

Sussex Healthcare has its own academy that trains the staff on how to provide outstanding care to every patient. Perks for working at the establishment are also given. Employees can get bonuses for working and night shifts during the holidays. There is a staff bus that will take them to their work locations free of charge. Other perks include free uniforms and a discount for using healthcare network for their elderly or disabled loved one. Shiraz Boghani did all this with the help of his partner Dr. Sachedina not realizing that the one facility they were creating would turn into 20. Both men have proven that they know how to put together a business that is actually helpful to the people.

Shiraz Boghani is a charted accountant. That was only the start of his ride to the top. He became very successful with his hotel group which lead to his skills having a huge impact on healthcare. No one can say that Shiraz Boghani cannot do anything in the field of health. He has proven that he can and did it better than those with higher expertise. The United Kingdom has Boghani’s vast talent in areas where the country needs it the most. He is not going anywhere.

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Sahm Adrangi: Including Brief Background Information on Biography, Conference, and Opinion on Company

Sahm Adrangi has established and is CEO for Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. That company centers on unique situations driven by events. On top of that there’s value investments for longer period’s of time. Not that long after he started up Kerrisdale, he became a popular person in investment banking. This was for exposure of Chinese companies that were fraudulent. His in-depth research involves industries in fields of mining, biotechnology, and telecommunications.


On May 3rd 2018 there was a conference Sahm Adrangi participated in. This was called “The Art, Pain, and Opportunity of Short Selling”. It was located at the New York Athletic Company. That conference was put together by Whitney Tilson an industry icon’s Kase Learning. It included over twelve distinguished speakers. Every one of them attempted to tap on distinct issue short sellers encounter. Adrangi gave a speech called “Ad Fraud Opportunities”. A lot of attenders at the conference viewed the speech being specifically accurate. This wasn’t only because his ad hoc was known to have gone up in the last years. Also, because it was linked to the company’s stock value living forward. With ability to forecast the company’s future value. This is built on breaking news of deception or dishonesty. That permitted Adrangi to increase Kerrisdale from startup worth a million dollars to the accurate industry giant it’s now.

Sahm Adrangi’s opinion on a Company

Sahm Adrangi has an opinion on “St Joe Company”. That company is one of real estate development. It’s in the location of Florida in the city of Panama City Beach. His opinion on the company was that it’s “mired in swamp”. That was something recent reports had described. The value of the company is set at one billion. Adrangi has revealed that the valuation as too much. He came out with a detailed report of twenty-eight pages on St. Joe. He put a value of the company at forty percent under the value now. Some reasons was a commercial creation in the area, problems with its biggest shareholding and land holdings that were overvalued.

Steve Ritchie is Moving Papa John’s Forward

Steve Ritchie is the new CEO of Papa John’s Pizza. As the new CEO, he recognizes that it is time to move the company forward from the controversy it has faced over the past few weeks. In order to move the company forward and continue to hold the respect and admiration of its customers, Steve Ritchie issued an apology to Papa John’s customers, and he has outlined the way in which the company will proceed into the future.

In a letter issued directly to Papa John’s customers, new CEO Steve Ritchie stated that these have been among the hardest weeks that he’s experienced during his more than 20 years with the company. He acknowledged that many loyal Papa John’s customers were hurt and offended by remarks that were made during the past weeks.

Steve Ritchie Papa John’s has stressed to customers that offensive behavior will not be tolerated by any employee now that he is the CEO of Papa John’s. Mr. Ritchie emphasized that Papa John’s is bigger than any one person. Papa John’s has over 120,000 employees around the world, and these employees are all committed to providing outstanding and respectful service to all customers.

In order to move Papa John’s into the future, Steve Ritchie has announced that an outside group will be brought in to analyze the inclusion and diversity practices of Papa John’s and make sure that the policies are meeting the best practices followed by other inclusive and diverse organizations.

Mr. Ritchie will be going out into the field and speaking with employees and customers. He wants to hear their ideas about making Papa John’s all that it can be in the future.

Steve Ritchie has committed to the customers and employees of Papa John’s that he will personally lead the efforts to bring Papa John’s back to the respectable standards to which the company has been know for in the past. Mr. Ritchie is confident that Papa John’s will move ahead to be an even better company in the future.

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Influence of Robert Ivy in Architecture Sector

There are many people being celebrated on daily basis in the world for their contributions in many sectors. Robert Ivy is one professional who ranks among the many legends who have graced this universe. Mr. Robert is the Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). He is widely acknowledged not only at AIA but in the global platform for his professional contributions in the architectural sector. For his hard work and committed, Robert was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award, an accolade that is associated with Noel Polk. The award has also been awarded to legends such as Morgan Freeman, Walter Anderson, and Eudora Welty among others. See more articles at

Besides practicing architecture and being the CEO of AIA, Robert Ivy is also an author and editor. His writing and editing skills have caught the eyes of many people. Among these people is Nancy Laforge who is the president of MIAL. She was astonished by Robert’s prowess in writing and how he tells his stories on architectural. Mr. Robert honed his writing and editing skills at McGraw Hill Architectural Record where he worked as the Editor in Chief. His influence impacted the company greatly that it even expanded its clientele base to the Middle East. At the organization, Robert published more than 33 publications in digital and print versions.

Robert Ivy is no stranger to receiving awards. He was also honored by Alpha Rho Chi as the Master Architect. A reputed architect who has also received such acknowledgment is I.M.Pei, who designed the J.F Kennedy Library. Robert Ivy was also honored with the Dean’s Medal by the School of Architecture of Arkansas University. He was also bestowed with the G.D Crain Award for his editorial excellence in business media. Such awards are not easy to get in life and Robert is a great inspiration not only to those pursuing architectural careers but also aspiring writers and editors.

Education Background of Robert

Born and raised in Columbus, Mississippi, Robert Ivy attended the Sewanee University and attained a bachelor’s degree in architecture. He is also a master’s degree holder from the Tulane University. Robert has utilized his acquired skills and experience to bring change to the architectural world. More about of Robert Ivy:



Get Supportive Energy Services With Stream Energy

Who Is Stream Energy?

Trust the Stream Energy network to give their customers an opportunity to save huge on their monthly utilities. As a leading deregulated network, Stream has been able to help many areas that need their sustainable energy services. They’re focused on renewable energy and building energy efficient communities. They’re committed to serving the community with cleaner air. Many of their cost savings programs are designed on a clean air model. Trust their team of professionals to assist you with registering for a new account. You can easily locate a courteous, Stream support expert, online or by phone.

Stream Energy Business News

There was no one else to do the job when hurricane Maria stepped in and ravished the island of Puerto Rico. As relief efforts lingered, they were able to come in and restore power to over 10,000 residents. They understood how sustainable energy was important to rebuilding their communities. Their generous time and resources was able to lend support to thousands of local area Puerto Rican families. In fact, they’ve also been able to restore the lives of these very individuals that had lost everything including family members. Learn more about how Stream has helped Puerto Rico, on their official website.

Stream Energy Programs

The Stream Energy network has been able to create a few programs designed to help their customers save. You will be glad to see your energy bills gradually going down with sustainable energy. They have been able to create a reduction in energy costs by 45 percent annually. Their Patch Program, a superior summer savings model, has been a great tool for many low-income and moderate income households. Trust the Stream Energy network to save on the amount of money you spend towards heating and cooling your home.