A Great Year for Democrats and NGP VAN

NGP VAN documented in this video several rallies and commend the Democrats on their efforts and persistence in the campaign of 2017. Women’s rights, black rights and the Democratic party were all supported during these rallies.

The action taken to organize these rallies and demonstrations were recognized. Volunteers were recruited, hundreds of thousands of visits to homes were made and millions of phone calls were placed. And all were documented and assisted with the help of NGP VAN. The progress and efforts of the Democratic Party was documented in this short video in an upbeat positive presentation.

Rallies are shown with everyday people who care about the election process working to “get out the vote” and take action. Note is made of the many rallies and the recruitment of many who had not previously taken an interest in politics and the hard work needed to obtain their support. Many feel the Democratic party won in several ways during the year.

NGP VAN worked along side of the Democratic party in support and development of strategies and planning. NGP VAN is a digital storehouse for contact information for potential voters, as well as, tracking contacts made with voters. Compliance to campaign regulations is also monitored and recorded in NGP VAN’s digital system. NGP VAN is a complete campaign solution giving candidates access to digital polls, voter databases, strategies and various other information which is available all at this one source.

Through the efforts of many volunteers, campaign managers and NGP VAN’s applications the year 2017 was well documented for the Democratic Party and made tremendous strides in popularity. Website design, compliance, field organization, fundraising, and digital organization were services received from the NGP VAN partnership. These services along with the tremendous efforts of the Democratic volunteers made the year great.