A Simple Guide Towards Understanding France’s Wine Label Designation System

French wines tend to border on the earthy side and have an inkling taste of chalk, earth, and mushrooms. To most people, France’s appellation of wine is a mind-boggling procedure with mouthful names. What is known as AOC is the abbreviation of Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée. AOC is the highest quality of French wine according to the wine designation system and stocks in international vintners like UKV PLC. Unlike most new world wine makers, France labels wine according to the place of origin, also known as the ‘terroir.’ When French winemakers such as UKV PLC talk about ‘terroir,’ they are referring to the location’s climate, soil type, slope, and local tradition. The notion behind the labeling is that environment plays a vital role in the kind of grape reared.

When one mentions Pinot Noir wine, they are referring to Burgundy wines which have an earthy palate. Burgundy has both red and white wine, whose grapes grow in the eastern France. The second most widely varied wine category is Bordeaux, whose grapes grow on the Atlantic Coast. Bordeaux has averagely red wines that include Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Sauvignon, and Malbec. Unlike traditional perceptions, the only Champagne is Champagne from North Eastern France and not every sparkling wine. Other bubbly wines are called Crémant. The most widely differentiated appellation is Loire, whose name stems from the grapes growing along the Loire River in North Eastern France.

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Wine vintners in Europe, such as UKV PLC, do not limit their supply partners and offer most of the appellations. UKV PLC wine vintners specialize in the distribution of all the wine types in France. They help clients pair wines and pick the most suitable delivery time according to appellations. UKV PLC also assists clients looking to stock or drink the most acclaimed wines in the European market.