Sujit Choudhry and his open letter to the Catalonians and the Spanish

The recent skirmishes in Catalonia have attracted the attention of several constitutional scholars that have been moved to write an open letter to both Spanish as well as Catalan governments on the developing situation in Catalonia. The scholars consisting of Sujit Choudhry have penned their concerns urging President Puigdemont to extend a hand to show his solidarity when negotiating terms that will see them secede from Spain. The expected outcome is that it is hoped that both sides will come to the table in good faith and have a fruitful discussion that will see them square out their constitutional issues. Sujit Choudhry and the others have concluded that the best way the Catalonian president can show his commitment towards the talks and forge the way forward is by holding a referendum, view ( By giving the Catalonians the freedom to vote and decide their destiny proves that he is putting the wishes of the Catalan people first.

They also addressed the prime minister of Spain to come to terms with the decision of the Catalans and their wish to separate from the union and to also avoid suppressing their decision to become independent and do it peacefully. The scholars wrote that by having a referendum will help the masses understand the wish of the Catalans to pursue this quest as it will make their needs known and open for all to support. The scholars state that a constitutional agreement that recognizes and identifies the rights of the opposing sides and agrees with the ambitions of the Catalans that want freedom and peace to prevail. Sujit Choudhry who co-authored the letter is a renowned lawyer who has specialized in matters to do with the constitution. He has also had the opportunity to advise several nations including South Africa, Nepal as well as Yemen among others. Sujit Choudhry is an expert on matters dealing with the formation of new constitutions, check out his ( His extensive work on charters has seen him become the founder of a center that deals with constitutional transitions as well as lecture law at the University of California where Sujit expounds on the subject to students.

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Gareth Henry Profession And Education Accomplishments

Gareth Henry has had a successful career in the actuary field where he has worked for the past 17 years. His success is due to his education and the vast experience he has achieved through the years. Gareth studied Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Science from the University of Edinburgh. He specialized in the actuary area and attained a first class. He is a registered actuary both in the UK and in the US.

In 2000, Watson Wyatt hired Gareth Henry where he served in the management research sector. He also worked as an investment manager for SEI Investments. After a couple of years, he left to work as a product manager in Schroder’s firm that focuses on money management and is U.K. based.

Gareth Henry moved to the United States in 2007 where he went to work for Fortress investment group. Owing to his outstanding skills, he was able to raise a significant amount of capital for the Fortress private credit, hedge funds, private equity and in their real estate business. While working there, he was able to close a deal hedge fund deal worth 4$ billion. As a result, the company won the most coveted award of the Hedge fund firm of that year. This award opened more doors for Fortress Investment leading to an increase in business.

Later, Gareth Henry joined Angelo, Gordon & Co an investment firm that operates in New York. He holds the position of a Global leader of Investor relations. Gareth is also a partner and managing director. His passion and commitment for his work benefit both the company and the clients that he serves. By conducting systematic research on the market and economic trends and other factors involved, Angelo, Gordon & Co can advise potential investors on profitable low risk ventures that they can invest in. The company gives investors viable options that they can participate in to achieve long-lasting returns. Gareth Henry is of much help to the company because of his ability to come up with inventive strategies that the company applies to increase the number of clients it serves.

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Talos Energy An Innovative Company And ‘Top Place To Work’

From 2013 through 2017, Talos energy was named a “Top Place To work” by the Houston Chronicle. It’s a significant achievement for the young company formed in 2012. Talos Energy offers careers in exploration, corporate work, production positions and more.

Since its inception, Talos Energy, based in Houston, has shown itself to be among the most innovative and forward-thinking upstart corporations in the energy exploration field. CEO Tim Duncan is determined to build a new kind of company that seeks to do things differently — from the smallest aspects of running a gas and oil exploration outfit to the biggest.

It all starts with not just treating employees well, but offering them exciting opportunities that allow them to contribute to future of energy stability of the United States.

Talos Energy has a philosophy of innovation and forward-looking verve that has many industry observers watching closely as it opens up new venues of energy development across the Gulf of Mexico.

Talos Energy is a deepwater wildcatter that is determined to recover valuable resources that most experts have long-considered “unreachable.” To get the job done, Talos is leaning heavily on a data-oriented approach and use of high technology. It has already collected an impressive database gleaned from advanced seismic exploration technology that looks deeply — including 3D imagery — beneath the surface of Gulf waters.

Talos has been in the news recently for a significant strike in Mexican territorial waters. In 2017, it dropped an exploratory well off the coast of Tabasco in cooperation with Pemex and two other partners. The new well, dubbed the ZAMA-1, shows tremendous potential. It may harbor from 1.4 billion to two billion barrels of crude oil equivalent.

Partnering with Pemex is also a historic move since Mexico has not allowed foreign operators in its territory for more than 80 years.

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Robert Ivy AIA Master Architect

Professional societies, such as the American Institute of Architects (AIA), provide continuous value to their members in multiple ways. Outside of education and on-site job training, professional societies advance education, networking opportunities, and employment forums to their professional base. Robert Ivy, EVP/Chief Executive Officer at American Institute of Architects, understands the power of professional society. The AIA holds national and international prestige.

The AIA membership provides value with credentialing, webinars, newsletters, annual conferences, social events, employment forums (online job boards), and network capabilities tailored to the American architect. “Architects are small in number in relative terms to other professions, but our voice is strong,” says Robert Ivy, executive vice president and CEO of the American Institute of Architects. “We have an advocacy organization that affected the tax legislation.” The AIA carries a strong code of ethics for membership and advances personal ethical/credible reputation.

Robert Ivy is a Master Architect, educated at Sewanee: The University of the South/Bachelors Degree in English and Tulane University/Master’s Degree of Architecture. His background includes positions at Architectural Record, McGraw-Hill Construction Media, SNAP, Engineering Record (ENR), and Dean/Dale/Dean and Ivy – to name only a few. Ivy has published the biography Fay Jones: Architect chronicling the architect apprenticed to Frank Lloyd Wright.

AIA Architectural Record has garnered multiple industry awards:

  • American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Award for General Excellence
  • Jessie H. Neal Award (26)
  • Ozzies: Folio Design Award (7)
  • Crain Award (with Robert Ivy)

As Robert Ivy brings distinction to AIA as EVP/CEO, he positions the membership organization to achieve greater recognition of excellence, credibility, and associated reputation. He wants architects to realize their full potential as professionals by utilizing AIA services. To add value to the profession. And, to let AIA benefit their personal growth.

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Freedom Checks Investments By Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali introduced us to the idea of Freedom Checks. He brought up the idea because he felt it was a great idea that would benefit investors if he shared it. As a generous person who is always looking for better ways of helping less unfortunate, he shared this idea with local investors so that they could also get the benefits of the idea. He is an expert in mining and therefore he understands the industry better than the average investor. He wants his knowledge of the industry to be beneficial to someone else. Since he introduced this idea, many average investors have benefited from huge returns. Matt Badiali is a geologist who is now a financial expert. His understanding of the two fields makes him a better person to show others the way.

Matt Badiali saw a good opportunity in Freedom Checks and decided that he could not enjoy the profits alone. He had to bring as many people as possible in the industry so that they could as well benefit from the industry. Badiali has been around the world studying the trends in investment industry. He is trying to make a difference in the financial sector by giving investors thoroughly researched analysis. He does not want to be like many Wall Street investment advisers who are only out to rip off their followers with fake analysis. Matt Badiali believes in giving the people the true information about the industry. Freedom Checks is a genuine system that is based on the operations of the oil industry. Those who would like to benefit from this system needs to know that there is a whole idea behind the system. It is not a system where you will get free money. You must invest in a company that will make good returns. What you get as an investor is a portion of the profits made by the company.

Matt Badiali says that there are only 563 companies that qualify for the Freedom Checks idea. Investors who will take advantage of this system will make good returns since some of these companies will be making super normal profits which they will share out among the investors.

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Victoria Doramus Is Excelling In Creative Marketing

Victoria Doramus has been working in the marketing industry for both print and digital applications for years now. She has an extensive history in the field and she has worked with some truly respectable and widely known brands. Doramus got her start in the industry after first making sure that she earned her placement by grabbing a B.A. degree in mass communications and journalism from the University of Colorado – Boulder. Doramus has worked with the best and brightest in the industry and now she is establishing herself to stand among them.

Digital and print media marketer Victoria Doramus has always been fascinated by media and she spent much of her time in school focusing on art history. Doramus’s fascination with art makes perfect sense when set against the work that she is doing today: using artwork and creative decision making in order to generate popularity for her various clients. Doramus has had clients ranging a variety of sectors including Hollywood with director Peter Berg as well as the Creative Arts Agency (CAA) that reps so many big-named talents. Doramus has also worked extensively with boutique companies like Trendera, Stila Cosmetics, and Mindshare.

Victoria Doramus isn’t all work all of the time, however, as she has a range of hobbies and interests that keep her grounded while outside of the office. Doramus is fascinated by technology and she leans on it in her fitness pursuits. Doramus finds a ton of value in the ‘bring your own data’ tool trend that has been growing across all corners of the globe. From My Fitness Pal to heart rate monitors and everything in between, Doramus is something of a fan.

All of the work that Doramus does for the marketing industry pales, at least in her mind, to the important work that she is doing as a philanthropist. Doramus has gone through her own share of hardships and she is using her platform to speak out for those in need. Doramus gives extensively in terms of both time and money to the Best Friends Animal Society and the Amy Winehouse Foundation. To put things simply, Victoria Doramus believes in many things and she stands behind them in support.

Hussain Sajwani the Founder of DAMAC Group

Hussain Sajwani is the CEO, Chairman, and founder of DAMAC Group. The successful businessman has enjoyed a gratifying career even though he hails from a very humble background. His ambition and motivation saw him gain a scholarship to attend a medical college in Bagdad, but he felt that this was not the path he wanted and discontinued.

Having grown up with a struggling but hardworking father helped him get exposed to the harsh realities of trying to run a business. After working on his economics degree from the University of Washington, he started working at GASCO as a contracts manager.

It is clear that Hussain Sajwani was destined to be a great entrepreneur. In 2002 he founded a real estate company which is known as DAMAC Group to handle commercial, residential and leisure properties in Dubai and the Middle East. The Company which has its headquarters in Dubai has numerous investments in various real estate projects.

Hussain Sajwani was aware that a large number of foreigners especially business people wished to own properties. The DAMAC Group took the opportunity to provide this after the government allowed foreigners to own real estate property. The Company has become very successful and even got a listing from the London Stock Exchange.

One of the projects that DAMAC is involved in is the luxury golfing course that is conceptualized by Tiger Woods. It includes villas, townhouse, and luxurious apartments as well as mansions. Donald Trump supports DAMAC. This has seen the president Hussain Sajwani share a meal with Donald on the 2017 New Year eve. On his speech, Trump praised him and his family.

On top of having the DAMAC Group Sajwani also has a catering company. This segment is drawn to the hospitality industry. It is the largest catering service providers that exist in the Middle East. Hussain has a lot of experience in sales, marketing which is the reason why he was able to achieve success in the property market.


Mr. Hussain Sajwani feels that giving to the community is not only necessary but also vital for any person who has experienced some level of success. He particularly likes helping out the youth and children from various locations.

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Dr. Rod Rohrich Is Much More Than The Top Plastic Surgeon

Doctor Rod J. Rohrich is a Professor of Plastic Surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center and is also a plastic surgeon in Dallas. He has repeatedly been recognized in America for being one of the best plastic surgeons and is also known world wide for his expertise. Dr. Rohrich has been a guest on top shows such as; Good Morning America, The Oprah Winfrey Show and The View. His artistic skills are unique in restoring youthfulness to the human body and faces’ definition.

Dr. Rohrich grew up on a ranch in North Dakota and he completed his undergraduate education at the North Dakota State University with the highest honors. He went on to the Baylor College of Medicine for his medical degree and graduated from there with high honors. In England, Dr. Rohrich trained in pediatric plastic surgery at the Oxford University. From Oxford, Dr. Rohrich to the Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School to complete a hand and microvascular fellowship. In 1986 he joined the Division of Plastic Surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.

In 1991 Dr. Rohrich succeeded Dr. Fritz E. Barton as Chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery at the UTSW College of Medicine. He has accomplished significant work in both the reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery. Dr. Rohrich and his associates have published landmark papers in; nasal anatomy, injectable fillers, medical education, facial fracture repair, the concepts of rhinoplasty and breast surgery. In addition, he is actively involved in many organizations to regulate and promote and advance plastic surgery education.

Dr. Rohrich has been a member of various committees for the American Board of Plastic Surgery such as; Oral Exam Committee, Ethics Committee, Executive Committee and has also been the director. He has chaired numerous international and national symposiums where he has delivered over 900 scientific presentations.

Dr. Rohrich is responsible for ground breaking techniques, technology and procedures that are being used by plastic surgeons all over the world. His exceptional team focuses on excellence in research, care of patients, education and research. He has significantly contributed to how effective plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery can be. Taking into account how the faces ages he has improved facial rejuvenation and improved many safety techniques regarding the plastic surgery process.

Dr. Rohrich has attained a lot of national and international recognition for his excellent contribution to plastic surgery. Even though he has gained this popularity he still maintains a philosophy of treating each patient equally. He extends his care to individuals ranging from corporate leaders to soccer moms and meets the goals of each.

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Sheldon Lavin’s OSI Group Upgrades Its Spanish Facility

In March 2018, OSI Group upgraded OSI Food Solution, the company’s processing branch in Spain. As stated by OSI Group’s top administrators, the improvements were made to enhance service delivery, reduce waste, and slash down energy consumption.

Also, the upgrades would improve their employees’ safety, create more job opportunities, as well as increase the facility’s production capacity.

OSI Food Solutions’ management team acknowledged that Spain’s demand for chicken products had doubled. On that account, they chose to improve their efficiency, as well as expand their facility to gratify the upsurge.

An overview of OSI Food Solution’s 2018 upgrades
Expansion of the facility’s floor space
OSI Food Solution’s floor space was expanded by 22,600 feet. The new facility features a spacious service area, storage area, and a production hall. Moreover, the improved facility has a reasonably sized shipping area, and more refrigerated rooms than the preceding one.

Increase in chicken products production
Before the renovations, Sheldon Lavin’s OSI Food Solutions processed 12,000 tons of chicken products per year. They opted to increase the output by 50% since the demand for the products has been continuously growing.

After the upgrades, Sheldon Lavin’s Spanish food processing plant will manufacture 24,000 tons of chicken products per year.

New test kitchen
The new OSI Food Solutions features a new test kitchen, a space that will allow the company’s experts to tailor the chicken products’ quality according to their client’s unique tastes and preferences.

More employment opportunities
Besides the upsurge in production, Sheldon Lavin’s food production company hired 20 more staff members to help the existing team. The new members of staff will be working at the production unit, shipping area, and the refrigeration zone.

Improvement of the company’s security
Sheldon Lavin’s company understands that safety is paramount for its employees. On that account, they spiced up OSI Food Solution’s security by installing access controls, indoor& outdoor surveillance cameras, and fire suppression systems.

Energy efficiency
OSI Food Solutions replaced its worn out equipment with innovative models that would enhance productivity while reducing energy consumption. The new pieces of equipment will cut down the cost of electricity by 20%.

Thanks to Sheldon Lavin for his contribution and great dedication. Lavin is the current CEO of OSI.


Peter Briger’s Force In Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger has had a remarkable career journey in the finance and investments industry. We can trace his in-depth knowledge on finance from graduating from Princeton University with a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania. He then went ahead to work with Goldman, Sachs & Co for 15 years where he built his skills into becoming one of the best financial managers in the nation and also became a partner at the company.

While working under Goldman Sachs, Peter participated in many committees such as the Global Control and Compliance Committee, Japan Executive Committee, and the Asian Management Committee. To aid with his leadership roles, Peter Briger served as co-head of groups like the Asian Distressed Debt business, the Whole Loan Sales and Trading business and the Special Opportunities Fund. All these leadership roles have assisted Briger in achieving more results and coming into more beneficial pacts with other parties.

In 2002, Briger joined the working task force at Fortress Investment Group. He currently leads the Fortress Credit sector which deals with credit and real estate business. Also, Peter currently serves as a Principal and Co-chairman of the Board of Directors.

Peter Briger has been recognized for his exemplary leadership skills that have seen him serve at the alumni advisory board by the Princeton University. The committee was founded in 2015 together with his two colleagues, Provost Lee, and Eisgruber with an aim to promote entrepreneurship in the institution.

Apart from being a business enthusiast and having a successful career, Peter Briger is a philanthropist. He is actively involved in charity events and organizations such as the Silicon Valley Council where he is part of the leadership panel. He applies his financial skills where the committee governs the funds contributed to reaching the children in need globally.

Peter Briger participated in a meeting with an executive from Wells Fargo in 2013 in which they discussed on how to create first regulated exchange of bitcoins. Briger supported the incorporation of Bitcoin technology stating that it was effective and less costly. Briger has made commendable steps in the industry with an open mind to revolutionize the industry’s processes.

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