A gift of the season by Securus Technologies

Securus is the leading company in providing communication services for the inmates. Multiple correction agencies have relied on them for these communication facilities. Recently the company has launched the first system which allows video messaging. Securus understands the inconvenience of families in making calls and the costs incurred. So as to deliver quality services and enable families to keep in touch, it launched one of a kind system. The company constructed 600 terminal points for the Video Visitation project. Worldwide calls were now achievable for the inmates from this project. This is a unique service. I love the facility the company provided to ease communication between family members.


Video visitation is a web system where family members create an account. They are in a position to check out available time slots and schedule their visits. This is a very efficient system regarding cost, more time with inmates and convenience of the visits. I believe prisons are not one of the places one would like to visit during Christmas. It is a time when families come together, talk, eat and get to open gifts. Such activities strengthen the family bonds and keep them united. However, the inmates are disadvantaged as they fail to enjoy the joy and happiness of family time.


I am thankful for Securus Technologies for launching this product. It is the best Christmas gift the company has given to people. Through YouTube, we see a video that illustrates the use of the system. A video call is scheduled for a son to his father. He witnesses his dear son opening a Christmas gift and happily communicate. This software reunites spouses and parents with their children. Securus has contributed in keeping families together this Christmas period. It helps them overcome the difficulties of long queues, long drives and limited time visits in the prisons. It gets better for the inmates as they contact more family members during one video visit.



A Review Of Comparative Law And How Its Application Contributes To Constitutional Development

While developing new laws and guidelines, there is that need to come up with laws that are inclusive and considerate of the changes that could occur in the future. Many professionals while drafting new laws consult different regions for ideas on how they can come up with solid laws that can enhance the usefulness of the laws put in place. Constitutional development is a process that takes huge amounts of time and effort to accomplish and if the experts can borrow ideas while drafting it can take less time and probably offer better results.

A constitution speaks on how the government should do its things and offers citizens rights and guidelines on the way they are supposed to handle different processes. Every constitution is drafted and tested by professionals before it is released for use and the public is engaged to also have their views on the effectiveness of the document.

Coming up with useful ideas is one of the most challenging tasks while developing a constitution. However, those who appreciate the effectiveness of comparative law find it easier to pick useful ideas from other regions for integration into the constitution under development.

It helps to offer new ideas and suggestions while developing laws. Since the 18th century when the art was discovered, governments have been visiting different territories to understand whether some laws are applicable in their regions.

Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is an expert in comparative law who has become popular for offering unique solutions to problems ailing the law industry. He is respected as a researcher and for his great advice to leading organizations like the UN and World Bank. Sujit Choudhry works on constitutional development and has helped different countries to come up with new and solid laws that are focused towards enhancing the delivery of justice for all.

He also takes part in the pursuit of human rights and has been an advocate of the application of comparative law for constitutional development across the world. During his career, he has toured many places and some of the countries he helped to draft a constitution include South Africa, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Nepal and Libya among others.

Eric Lefkofsky is Bridging Startups with Success

Eric Lefkofsky is an American entrepreneur and the CEO and co-founder of a number of successful startups in the country including Tempus. He is also involved with a number of social causes and supports more than a dozen of humanitarian organizations.

Before we proceed with Eric’s achievements and contributions to the society and business community, we must take a look at his background. Eric Lefkofsky was born and brought up at Southfield in Michigan by his father Bill, a structural engineer and mother Sandy, a school teacher. Eric attended Southfield-Lathrup High School and graduated from here in 1987. Afterward, he graduated with honors from the University of Michigan in 1991. He also attended University of Michigan Law School and received his Juris Doctor in 1993. As a student, he was bright, quite popular among the students and he had a keen interest in entrepreneurship.

Eric’s first entrepreneurship venture took place in 1993 when he was attending law school where he started his career by selling carpets at the University of Michigan. After graduation, he along with his college friend, Brad Keywell bought an apparel company named Brandon Apparel in Wisconsin. After six years, He and his friend created Starbelly that specialized on promotional products and it was an immense success in the backdrop of pre-bubble Internet growth. In 2000, the company was sold to Halo Industries and Eric joined it as the COO. His next venture was InnerWorking that he cofounded in 2001 to provide print procurement services to mid-sized companies. It was a very successful venture, and Eric was with this company as a Board Director till 2012. Meanwhile, he also co-founded a freight logistics company named Echo Global Logistics which is also doing great business. After some successful transformations and continuous growth, MediaBank was merged with Mediaocean in a deal worth a whopping $1.5 billion. The next year, Eric co-founded ThePoint.com, an online collective action website which became Groupon in 2008. In 2010, it was the fastest growing company in history. In addition to these, Eric also co-founded a number of other ventures including LightBank in 2010 and Uptake, LLC in 2014.

However, Eric is truly proud of his latest venture called Tempus that he co-founded in 2016. Tempus is a unique technology company that caters to physicians to develop personalized cancer care treatment with its innovative operating system. Eric serves as the CEO of Tempus. In addition to this, he is also serving as the Chairmen of Groupon. Besides developing and running new and successful startups, Eric is also involved with some social causes. He is the Co-founder of Lefkofsky Family Foundation and an active member of The Giving People. His approach, insights, and achievements can be found in his published book named Accelerated Disruption.

Everything you need to know about the CEO and founder of JustFab and Fabletics

Blending beauty with the internet can prove to be something profitable for the market on TechStyle.com. In the previous years, Don Ressler has assisted in the establishment of brands that focus on online marketing. Ressler had an early start in the world of online business. He began his first company known as FitnessHeaven.com and later sold it to Intermix Media. The step raised the bar for Ressler. He then decided to join forces with Adam Goldenberg to start a new business known as Alena Media. The company was under Intermix Media until its ownership changed to News Corp. The change in ownership resulted in challenges for Ressler and Goldenberg. They decided to venture out and start their platform.

They decided to come up with Intelligent Beauty. Don Ressler had a previous knowledge on the running of an Internet-based business model. The company started its business operations a few days later. The first undertaking by Intelligent Beauty was known as DERMSTORE, a skincare boutique. A few years later, the brand launched a weight loss system known SENSA.

TechStyle was started in South Bay, but the company stayed there on purpose. The two CEOs decided sat down in Manhattan Beach thinking of ideas. They decided to launch a branch that would be called Just Fabulous. The company’s name was later abbreviated to JustFab. After the growth of the business, they had to move off from operating in a couch to a conference room on Brandettes. The company identified El Segundo as the first place of operation. The place was ideal as it had an office space of about 128,000 square feet. The space was perfect for expansion and was readily available to other locations. Other reasons they chose El Segundo was because it had a nearby beach and had easy access to an International Airport. The company leaders share the experiences of growing the business.

Don Ressler has proved himself as a mastermind of online fashion and marketing. He has helped the growth and transformation of real estate market. Tech-savvy shoppers too are transforming real estate markets. Today, many people enjoy shopping online at great convenience.  People that purchase items online have received several discounts for purchases. The subscription model of the business has seen online business gain massive following and liking. See: https://pando.com/2014/08/28/breaking-justfab-raises-85m-at-what-sources-say-is-a-1b-valuation/

The Inspiring Story of Innovator Billy McFarland

At only 23 years old, Billy McFarland launched Magnises, a private social club consisting of exciting events and deals that are only accessible to those who have the club’s black card. The interesting part is that the card can be linked to your credit card or bank to facilitate mind-blowing shopping experience.

The benefits associated with the black card have contributed to its instant popularity in major restaurants and clubs. For instance, you might get discounts for using your Magnises card to pay bills at restaurants, clubs, bars, and reserve experiences such as luxurious gateways and exclusive concerts.

McFarland’s statements

Speaking to the Business Insider, McFarland said that his mission is to create a comprehensive platform that links young consumers with new businesses both online and offline.

He decided to tie his mission to debit or credit card since it is the item carried by everyone at all times. New York City-based businesses such as clubs Finale and Goldbar, restaurants Catch and La Esquina, and Spin Studio Cyc have already signed a partnership deal with Magnises. In addition to discounted helicopter tours to the Hamptons, members can enjoy an exclusive performance by international rappers JA Rule and Rick Ross.

Billy McFarland in brief

Billy McFarland is a shrewd entrepreneur born in New York City and brought up in New Jersey. McFarland instituted his first entrepreneurial venture at the age of 13.

Entrepreneurial career

According to Crunchbase, Billy McFarland established Spling, an innovative ad platform, after dropping from college. The platform allows users to boost the appearance of URLs by transforming the text links into striking images arranged as mosaics on online bulletin boards. Spling serves high-status clients such as Universal and Discovery.

McFarland developed Magnises towards the end of 2013 and launched it officially on March 1, 2016. The annual fee for the card is $250, but it has neither initiation fee nor spending requirements. Magnises is planning to expand to other cities such Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, and London.



‘Caring Star’ Awarded To Assisted Living Facility

It is an honor for an American assisted living facility or memory care community to receive a “Caring Star” award because it indicates excellent service with a strict criteria that has to be met in order to qualify as one of the most acclaimed of such communities nationwide.

Based on reviews and consumer ratings in their Senior Care Directory, Caring Stars must find that the senior living facility received three consumer reviews during the year, earned a minimum of one five star review, had an over-all average rating of greater than four stars, have no unresolved negative reviews, and other online reputation information.

Also, the Caring Stars communities have profiles in social media and trade platforms, discussed in housing referrals by Caring’s family advisors, get publicity on Caring.com, and are provided with materials to showcase their award.

The Manse on Marsh, an outstanding assisted living facility in the downtown area of San Luis Obispo, California, is proud to have received that award. They are the only Central Coast assisted living facility that offers the Assisted Living Care Planning System, which is recognized nationally and where the resident only pays for and receives the required assistance and care services that are needed. The Manse on Marsh was also voted #1 in the SLO Tribune Reader’s Choice Awards.

There are private homes and spacious flats for independent living or different living arrangements and more services to suit individual needs and budgets. Also provided are upscale residence amenities in a home town setting, restaurant-quality dining, social activities, transportation, a nurse on staff, maid and laundry services, personal assistance if needed with medication reminders and bathing and grooming, compassionate and dedicated caregivers, and more.

People needing to make a change in their living arrangements still want to have a high quality of life to enrich their days along with whatever assistance is required to make them comfortable and happily cared for.

Raj Fernando’s Journey To Chopper and Eventual Ownership Of Scoutahead

Raj Fernando is an American businessman widely renowned for his fundraising and philanthropic activities. The 45-year old Raj started off from a relatively humble background and worked his way up to founding and leading highly successful national brands. Currently, Raj heads Scoutahead Company that he founded in mid-2016 after selling his old successful technological powerhouse, Chopper Trading Company. But how did he end up owning such powerful brands?

Trading background

Raj started embarked on his success journey while in Beloit College from whence he graduated with Bachelors in Economics and History. While in college, Raj Fernando volunteered for a trading position with the Chicago Mercantile thereby learning the basics of trading that would form the base for his career and entrepreneurial success. After graduation, he took up a job with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange from 1991 to 2001 where he quickly rose to leadership and served in several trading and managerial roles including serving on the Chicago Board of Trade.

The entrepreneurial success journey

In 2002, Raj left the Chicago Mercantile trade to establish Chopper Trading Company that he transformed into a national brand and a technological hub for the trading tools. Under his leadership, Chopper trading grew from a small trading company with only four employees in 2002 to a regional powerhouse with more than 200 employees and five offices in 2015.

Philanthropy and political affiliations

Raj has especially been instrumental in championing the Clinton’s Foundation founded by former American President, Bill Clinton. He is also a member of different local and internationally affiliated policy groups and associations thanks to his wealth of experience in the implementation of trade security measures in Chopper Trading Company. For instance, he is a board member of the American Security Project, a foreign policy leadership committee as well as board member of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and the Brooklyn’s Institution.

Nevertheless, Raj sold Chopper Trading in 2015 and proceeded to establish the Scoutahead Company. Scoutahead specializes on the human resource allocation in areas of productivity enhancement and bettering enterprise communications through improving workforce engagement.

For more information please visit https://www.facebook.com/rajivfernano

Securus Technologies Receives Positive Reviews About Their Technology

Securus Technologies have recently published a press release highlighting comments issued by facilities and individuals that have been using a variety of Securus safety and security software.


This Securus article calls into light the good things that Securus software is able to accomplish. Many comments such as the one listed below praise the fact that with Securus security software facilities, prisons or public safety buildings, are able to find violators of the law and prosecute them quickly.


“I wanted to let you all know that with your assistance on this case we were able to use information from the phone calls to obtain a search warrant for the corrupt staff member.  Look forward to many more.”


Many other commentators, such as the one listed below, praise the fact that Securus Technologies are available around the clock to work with investigators in resolving crimes quickly.


“We were in the middle of an investigation when I called you about the covert alert feature and with your help, we were able to utilize this feature and take the suspect into custody.”


Securus Technologies CEO Rick Smith stated the Securus staff develops new technology or service weekly to help institutions keep staff and inmates safe. Securus is based in Dallas, Texas, and serves over 3400 facilities and over 1,200,000 inmates nationwide. Securus specializes in emergency response, incident management, biometric security, investigation, information management, and inmate self service. To read more about Securus Technologies, please click here.


Culture, Love, and Laughs at Lovaganza 2020

Lovaganza is a non-profit organization with a humanitarian mission. They are known as the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise and it includes the Lovaganza Foundation. This foundation takes global entertainment to a new level. The goals of this foundation are to support a variety of projects that are aimed towards heightening the quality of life by unifying many different cultures..

This organization brings many cultures and wonders of the world to a global audience on Facebook. They use entertainment to send out messages of unity and appreciation. Along with this, they also help people see how unique their culture is to the rest of the world. Their Lovaganza 2020 event goals are to showcase all the cultures and to promote global unity.

Lovaganza will bring back memories of the World’s Fairs and the classic Cinerama that belonged to an earlier time with their event in 2020. This international event at https://www.behance.net/gallery/41611183/Lovaganza-2020 will also be inspired by the past, present, and future of every country throughout the globe. It will take place between May and September 2020. The audience of this event will experience a once-in-a-lifetime event.

During this once-in-a-lifetime event, the audience will experience entertainment that no one has ever seen before that will include innovative and three-dimensional images that appear to surround its viewers. The features of Lovaganza will include motion pictures, attractions, shows, and exhibitions. This will all take place under the “Grand Chapiteau” and its pavilions, in the eight flagship locations around the globe all at the same time. The locations of this four month global celebration that will culminate in an Hands Across The World event that has never happened before are: America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Oceania.

This “Global Celebration” will be celebrating people and cultures from around the world. Lovaganza will allow people to take part in this “bohemian adventure” through a virtual experience in order to bring a mutual respect to all people. Along with mutual respect, it will bring about an understanding of all people and their cultures to create a harmony among mankind. At every one of these locations, people from all walks of life will be encouraged to take part in being deeply involved in a variety of cultures from America through Asia through direct cultural exposure.

People that are in attendance of these events will be exposed to a great deal of cultures by means of many different activities. Lovaganza activities will include three major films that will be shown on innovative Immerscope screens. The screens wrap around 140 degrees to surround the audience and allow viewers to have a 3D experience without the need for 3D glasses. These new and advanced screens are a lot like the ones used in Cinerama that attracted and held the interest of audiences in the 1950’s.

In 2017, a traveling show will be launched. It will introduce the ideas of the 2020 celebration by presenting Lovaganza’s mission of love and embracing those of other cultures. It will also show how the Immerscope movies on wikidot.com will work.

The Success of Doe Deere

Doe Deere is a makeup specialist who has dedicated her entire career to building the makeup industry and to recreate what it means to be beautiful and to put on makeup for both men and women that make the process of putting on makeup a part of their daily routine. Lime Crime was the company that Doe Deere created on her own. This company is a company that is based off of the internet and is dedicated to providing individuals with unique alternatives to wear makeup. Doe Deere encourages not only a beautiful face on the outside, but also a beautiful attitude on the inside while wearing the makeup of Doe Deere.

In 2008, Doe Deere had started a clothing company of her own designs. Doe Deere created Lime Crime due to the fact that she could find no other makeup that would specifically complement all of the patterns that she used for her clothing designs. After creating her first lipstick in 2008, Lime Crime soon took off to gain many customers and fans of the company. Doe Deere has specifically maintained an internet-based company to make sure that he company becomes a company that is based upon the demands of the consumers of her product.

In recent news, Doe Deere was interviewed by Galore magazine that wanted to learn about not only her passion for makeup, but also for the reason behind her passion. During this interview, Doe Deere stated that she has always been interested in makeup and being creative. Doe Deere has good memories as early as the age of nine when she and her friends dressed up in the most colorful clothes and accentuated their look with makeup. Though the makeup that Doe Deere applied to her friends was not the most professional job, this sparked her passion for applying makeup.

Doe Deere used Lime in the company name because the color is her favorite color to work with. As her success continues to rapidly grow, Doe Deere has plans to continue to grow her company. Doe Deere even mentioned her desire to eventually own a traditional brick and mortar shop that can become a part of a community.

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