Balance Work And Health Ike Ryan Seacrest

Running a skincare and a clothing line, producing TV series like “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, hosting a syndicated radio nationally or “American Idol” and recently moving to New York to host “Live” with Kelly Ripa, may sound like a very demanding lifestyle. However, Mr. Seacrest knows how to handle everything just fine.

He wakes up around 6 a.m. Takes a quick shower, shaves and puts on his comfortable clothing. He takes his coffee after his matcha tea. He manages to balance every day with an intensive workout and a busy agenda. How does he do it? Having a positive attitude towards everything and being organized. Even though he states he suffers from attention deficit disorder, this does not get him in the way of having success and looking good. Exercising and eating well has been an important part of his life. He works out on his stationary bike before work, runs through the park and do boxing. He has primarily a vegan diet. As for keeping himself updated, he watches the news from last night and some television in the morning, and as he takes a ride to work, he likes to read.

According to, as impossible as it may seem to have some family time, he handles it very well. He has every weekend a family dinner accompanied by a bottle of wine. To enjoy life is one of his philosophies.

Nowadays, all our life seems based on our phone, but not for Mr. Seacrest (@ryanseacrest), who said he even had to lock his phone away for the first couple of years. He had found detaching from his phone is a very good thing for him.

Ryan Seacrest, with just 43 years old has become a successful businessman, host, broadcaster, producer and has make appearances in movies. Sometimes our routine might seem unachievable, here is where we should turn to this kind of persons, to find the strength within ourselves to be more disciplined, organized and enjoy life at the same time.