Betsy DeVos: A Businesswoman with an Exemplary Mindset

In the US, so many people have contributed to the economy in one way or another. There are those individuals who have done so much to America and continuing to do so. Betsy DeVos is such an individual, born on January 8th, 1958, now at only 59, she has done so much that anyone would expect.

She is a business lady, a politician and both the 11th and current Secretary Education for the United States. Behind this great woman are very many great people right from her father, Edgar, who was the patron of Prince Corporation. Also, his husband, Dick DeVos, who is a billionaire successor of Amway.

Therefore, schooling in Calvin College and being surrounded by loved ones who are succeeding in life, they tend to inspire her making her work even harder. Betsy has a passion for Education. Her love for learning oversaw her nomination as the secretary for education by the current president of the United States whereby she later won and took up the office. Betsy is the woman behind school choice, which is a program that gives avenues to students and who go to public schools a chance to learn in areas that their families are located. Also, she has spearheaded school vouchers. The coupons are meant to give financial aid to learners irrespective of where parents choose to take their children. The most significant bit of this program is that doesn’t segregate considering there are two types of voucher; the universal voucher and means-tested, which is specifically for families that are not well off.

Also, another contribution DeVos has made in the education sector is charter schools. Charter schools are those public institutions that are exempted from the numerous state and local rules. In return, their accountability on expenses and academic performance is paramount.

Being a Republican, she has also contributed a lot to politics. She managed for 16 consecutive years to be chosen as a delegate of Michigan Republican party. For an individual to be elected for that long by people shows the exemplary works of such an individual. Aside from that, she has been part of funding some of the presidential aspirants she felt would make a change in the US. For instance, she gave out $150,000 towards the campaign of George Bush in 2004 to oversee his re-election.

Alongside his husband, they created Windquest group. What this group does is that they bankroll in technology, clean energy, and manufacturing. Betsy is the chairwoman. As if that is not all, she is among the primary investors of Neurocore, which is a chain of centers that are aimed towards therapy to patients with disorders like autism. Without forgetting the Dick and Betsy foundation, a room has been provided in arts, justice, administration, education, and community. I think Betsy is just an amazing woman. She has a heart of gold.


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