Capitalizing with Southridge Capital

Since being established in 1996, Southridge Capital has become a major entity in the financial market. Assisting companies with financial growth plans, longevity, and general management observation, Southridge has become a pertinent partner to companies suffering from advancement privation. On July 30th, 2015 Southridge entered an investment arrangement with Elite data services, this equity purchase was valued at 5 million dollars. Chairman and CEO Steven Hicks spoke of his optimistic view on the company‚Äôs operations. He mentioned that Southridge capital is dedicated to finding and assisting such companies that show promise. For over 30 years Mr.Hicks has been active in the investment environment, Obtaining his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Mr. Hicks has created a solid foundation for his understanding of the financial market. He also obtained his MBA from Fordham University in New York. This would only fortify his knowledge of the financial industry. Check out their



Mr. Hicks explains that, while working for a hedge fund in New York, the principal returned to Australia. This is when he decided to make an attempt at his own hedge fund. While continuing to work for his current employer, Mr. Hicks also contributed work towards Southridge. After creating such a successful company, Mr. Hicks was asked about some of his daily routines, during this discussion the CEO of Southridge Capital gave some really great insight of what it takes to create as well as maintain a successful company as an entrepreneur. He dedicated some of his success to his daily scheduling, he also pointed out the fact that he focuses more so on the cash flow versus many other factors. Also during the interview with IdeaMensch, Mr. Hicks informed his listeners and or upcoming entrepreneurs, that a great business model would come in the form of a channel for the cryptocurrency. He says that either a channel directly with cryptocurrency or a podcast would lead the individual into a prosperous community.



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