Rocketship Education Gives Annual Preparation Tips

The start of any calendar year in January 10th to be a time for anyone to focus on ways to start fresh and positively change their lives. Most people take this time to create New Year’s resolutions that often include working harder, losing weight, and being better with money. While this is a very common practice for adults, it can also be a very common and beneficial practice for students as well.

The start of any calendar year for students should be a time for them to focus on ways to improve their education. With the help of educators and parents, students should be able to develop new goals for their upcoming year. These goals should include attending class more, doing homework every night, and simply aiming to get better grades.

One of the leading education systems in the United States today, Rocketship Education, has found that students that have goals and are able to achieve them will be far more motivated than students that do not set concrete goals at the beginning of a year. Furthermore, once a student is able to achieve these goals they will be far more motivated in the future and will set even loftier expectations.

Rocketship Education was established just over 10 years ago when the program created its first school in Oakland, California. This program is a charter school organization that has been aiming to provide a unique educational option to students from lower-income families. While the program started just over 10 years ago, the concept for the educational option was actually developed more than 20 years ago by many different educators.

Ever since opening its first school, Rocketship Education has continued to see success in its program. The charter school program has a very holistic approach to education that focuses on each student on an individualized basis. This is different than other educational options across the country that create a core concept and expect all students to follow it even if they do not have the skill set to do so. This has proven to be very helpful to many aspiring students.