Gareth Henry Profession And Education Accomplishments

Gareth Henry has had a successful career in the actuary field where he has worked for the past 17 years. His success is due to his education and the vast experience he has achieved through the years. Gareth studied Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Science from the University of Edinburgh. He specialized in the actuary area and attained a first class. He is a registered actuary both in the UK and in the US.

In 2000, Watson Wyatt hired Gareth Henry where he served in the management research sector. He also worked as an investment manager for SEI Investments. After a couple of years, he left to work as a product manager in Schroder’s firm that focuses on money management and is U.K. based.

Gareth Henry moved to the United States in 2007 where he went to work for Fortress investment group. Owing to his outstanding skills, he was able to raise a significant amount of capital for the Fortress private credit, hedge funds, private equity and in their real estate business. While working there, he was able to close a deal hedge fund deal worth 4$ billion. As a result, the company won the most coveted award of the Hedge fund firm of that year. This award opened more doors for Fortress Investment leading to an increase in business.

Later, Gareth Henry joined Angelo, Gordon & Co an investment firm that operates in New York. He holds the position of a Global leader of Investor relations. Gareth is also a partner and managing director. His passion and commitment for his work benefit both the company and the clients that he serves. By conducting systematic research on the market and economic trends and other factors involved, Angelo, Gordon & Co can advise potential investors on profitable low risk ventures that they can invest in. The company gives investors viable options that they can participate in to achieve long-lasting returns. Gareth Henry is of much help to the company because of his ability to come up with inventive strategies that the company applies to increase the number of clients it serves.

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Robert Ivy AIA Master Architect

Professional societies, such as the American Institute of Architects (AIA), provide continuous value to their members in multiple ways. Outside of education and on-site job training, professional societies advance education, networking opportunities, and employment forums to their professional base. Robert Ivy, EVP/Chief Executive Officer at American Institute of Architects, understands the power of professional society. The AIA holds national and international prestige.

The AIA membership provides value with credentialing, webinars, newsletters, annual conferences, social events, employment forums (online job boards), and network capabilities tailored to the American architect. “Architects are small in number in relative terms to other professions, but our voice is strong,” says Robert Ivy, executive vice president and CEO of the American Institute of Architects. “We have an advocacy organization that affected the tax legislation.” The AIA carries a strong code of ethics for membership and advances personal ethical/credible reputation.

Robert Ivy is a Master Architect, educated at Sewanee: The University of the South/Bachelors Degree in English and Tulane University/Master’s Degree of Architecture. His background includes positions at Architectural Record, McGraw-Hill Construction Media, SNAP, Engineering Record (ENR), and Dean/Dale/Dean and Ivy – to name only a few. Ivy has published the biography Fay Jones: Architect chronicling the architect apprenticed to Frank Lloyd Wright.

AIA Architectural Record has garnered multiple industry awards:

  • American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Award for General Excellence
  • Jessie H. Neal Award (26)
  • Ozzies: Folio Design Award (7)
  • Crain Award (with Robert Ivy)

As Robert Ivy brings distinction to AIA as EVP/CEO, he positions the membership organization to achieve greater recognition of excellence, credibility, and associated reputation. He wants architects to realize their full potential as professionals by utilizing AIA services. To add value to the profession. And, to let AIA benefit their personal growth.

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Shafik Sachedina of Sussex Healthcare

Shafik Sachedina is a celebrated entrepreneur and a professional dental surgeon in the United Kingdom. Dr. Sachedina was born and raised in Dar Esaalam Tanzania. Dr. Sachedina migrated to the UK to further his studies as a dental surgeon. While at the UK Dr. Sachedina is an almnus of Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental school at the University of London. More about of Shafik Sachedina on Crunchbase

Shafik Sachedina after getting licensed to practice served in several healthcare facilities in the UK. Sachedina built a reputable name in the dentist profession and had become one of the most sought-after dental surgeons in the UK. Shafik Sachedina has also contributed a lot to the health sector in the UK. He co-founded Sussex Healthcare together with Shiraz Boghani. Sussex Healthcare is a network of over 25 care homes that are spread across the United Kingdom. Sussex Healthcare provides care services to the elderly, people with disability and those with dementia and neurological conditions. The healthcare homes boast of state of the art facilities and a team of qualified health professionals. Sussex healthcare has been in existence for over three decades now offering quality services to thousands of senior citizens in the UK. Dr. Sachedina serves as Sussex Healthcare Chairman.

Shafik Sachedina besides working at Sussex is a renowned philanthropist and has served in numerous non-profit community organizations on a voluntary basis. Sachedina has served at the helm of Jamati Institutions as a head of the department. Dr. Sachedina was tasked with oversight and coordination of the institution programs and activities. The Jamil institution consists of 16 principal institutions of the Ismail community, a community which Dr. Sachedina is a member. The institution was founded in the year 1977 with the sole aim of creating awareness of the Islamic culture. The institution creates awareness through the publication of Islamic materials and promotes initiatives that help supports Islamic religion and culture globally.

Dr. Sachedina also serves at the Aga Khan Development Network Committee as a committee member. The committee mandate is to oversee the economic development of Muslims all over the world. Dr. Shafik Sachedina besides being a committee member also serves as the chairman of Humanitarian Assistance Coordinating Committees. The committee is tasked with ensuring that Muslims all over the world get humanitarian assistance services.

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The Organo Gold Rush

There is an expression that states, “For every great Entrepreneur, there is a great cup of joe”. Whether your “cup of joe” is coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Organo Gold has it, and is offered for distribution.

Yes, Organo Gold or now simply know as ORGANO is a global distributing company with over ten years in the coffee and hot beverage industry. ORGANO is not just known for its hip coffee houses across the United States an Canada but additionally for its global distribution to local entrepreneurs both big and small offering whole sale prices. Organo Gold is happy to supply its top quality products to local coffee shops and coffee focused entrepreneurs across North America, creating any coffee and tea oriented entrepreneur an opportunity to supply their shop with top quality products direct from launch.

Organo Gold’s roots are known for all that is coffee including blends infused with Ganoderma Lucidum, a specific type of mushroom that is prized in numerous countries and cultures (1). Many Countries throughout the world boast Ganoderma Lucidum for its many benefits including cancer prevention, liver health, immune support, and cardiovascular health.

Organo Gold also produces a large variety of teas and baked goods as well as several hot chocolate blends. With such an array of products offered Organo Gold is not just a coffee and hot beverage connoisseur’s delight, but also a coffee shop entrepreneur’s go to distributor for the best products available.

Organo Gold’s proprietors have the opportunity to make a 50% commission on Organo Gold products sold in their local coffee shops when purchased at wholesale directly from Organo Gold.

Organo Gold stands by its products proudly and is thrilled to offer such desired products not only at its local coffee houses, but through wholesale distribution as well to the nearby coffee entrepreneur.

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Guilherme Paulus And His Interesting Country

There are some pretty vague notions of Brazil being a place where brown-skinned, black haired, big-bootied beauties walk around in swim suits; colorful birds fly around; and Latin Jazz plays all day long. However, many people may not think of the other aspects of Brazil, such as it’s fair women of German descent in the south, it’s snowy weather and its cold temperatures. The country is quite a varied place when it comes to culture and aesthetic. It provides the perfect setting for those who are looking to tour around a country that has a little bit of everything. This amazing trait of Brazil is something that Guilherme Paulus caught onto and made his wealth from. More about of Guilherme Paulus at Bloomberg.

Guilherme Paulus sought out strategic opportunities to expand the professional portfolio of the company that he started in 1972. As a result, the company offers a number of items and services to customers who are in a series of situations. Guilherme Paulus, now an elderly person, can look back on on a long, prosperous, interesting career. However, that doesn’t mean that he has stopped working. Guilherme Paulus is still working for his company, leading it in the right direction in which no other person could take it.

The company’s vast portfolio extends to, but is not limited to, a vast selection of places to stay for tourists. There are hotel locations all over the great, big country of Brazil. The companies are situated in various landscapes such as mountains, beaches and forests. There are various hotel locations in different landscapes and climates of the country. The different hotel locations have different histories. For example, the city where St. Andrew’s Mountain is has a history of European immigration and a climate that gets cold. The city where Wish Natal is is near a beach and is never cold.

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BoF 500 Features JHSF’s Jose Auriemo Neto.

When the 2018 BoF500 list came out, José Auriemo Neto was among those honored. The JHSF Chief Executive Officer was being recognized for his contribution to the fashion world, especially in Brazil given his development of spaces that cater to fashion designers and other retailers. The company that began as a small construction company run by two brothers has grown to become one of the biggest real estate holding companies in the country. They managed to develop their own malls and much more after the parent company split into two in 1990. After the split, JHSF would be left in the hands of Fábio Auriemo who would continue its development into a real estate-focused company.

In 2001 the company got its first big break when they developed the Shopping Metro Santa Cruz. The mall was developed with a unique idea in mind which would incorporate a subway station into it. This idea would instantly turn the project into success as the human traffic was enough to make the mall one of the busiest in the city. The success of this project would then translate into more investments in the sector. JHSF would build the Cidade Jardim complex in 2016 this was home to the luxurious Shopping Cidade Jardim which to date is still considered one of the most prestigious malls in the country. The development had a combination of residential and commercial developments that would add up its value.

José Auriemo Neto, who has worked with the company since he was seventeen was well prepared for the role he holds today. He began by developing the company’s parking lot and the management system that went with it. This would open up another position for him when he was given the role of managing the mall’s floor space. This would boost his confidence as a leader, and in no time, it was obvious that he would take over as Chief Executive Officer. It did not take long for this to happen at age 27 he was selected to be the company’s CEO. The company has undergone a lot of transformation under his leadership and is expected to continue in this direction.

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Talos Energy: Domestic Oil And The Future

In April of 2018, a sudden drop in the price of oil created uncertainty for oil producers in the United States and other countries. Layoffs and bankruptcies marked the time of uncertainty, as companies struggled to maintain some profitability. Currently, there are signs in the market that the fate and fortunes of American companies could be recovering. To understand the impact on global markets and consumers, it is important to look at the past, the present, and the future impact of oil on the economy.

In the past, oil has been removed with the drill and pump method that has improved in technology, but has not really changed in process. Our world operates on oil, so countries that possess oil, like Saudi Arabia and Russia, have enormous international political power, a power they strive to maintain as oil extraction technologies change. Competition, unstable politics, corruption, and conflicting relationships make the rise and fall of oil prices a given.

Currently, in 2018, oil prices have fluctuated. Oil prices were soaring in the spring, leaving consumers feeling the impact at the gas pumps. Since August, prices began falling, amid trade and tariff disputes between the United States and China. A rise and fall is always expected as with any market, but the current trend of soaring and plunging is a wild one.

Some experts believe that lower oil prices are a plus for the economy because it means more consumer money is available to spend on other things, while others say that a higher price will have the most significant effect on global economy, and ultimately lead to more travel and spending overall. Many companies are impacted by fluctuating oil prices, include technology companies, airlines, and automotive industries.

Looking ahead, the United States is expected to dominate the global oil economy, as domestic production and related industries continue to grow. Rapidly improving extraction technology is expected to cut costs and more extraction jobs will be available domestically. Talos Energy, a domestic oil producer, operates in the Gulf of Mexico and along the Gulf Coast. The Talos team of experts combines knowledge and experience with innovative techniques and technology to lead domestic production. Oil, with all the ups and downs in price, promises to be as much a part of the future as it has been in the past.

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Talos Energy Is A Reliable Oil And Gas Company

Talos energy is a company in Mexico that specializes in oil and gas, and it engages assessment, development, and manufacture of the same in the Gulf Coast as well. The company is based in Houston, Texas and was founded by Timothy Duncan in 2012 who is currently the Chief Executive Officer. The company was established with an equity raise of $600 million from Apollo Global Management and Riverstone Holdings. Recently, Timothy Duncan completed a merger with Stone Energy a deal he had looked forward to for long. With the merger that would cost his company $2.5 billion, he took a significant risk considering that Stone Energy Company had filed for bankruptcy. Either way, the merger would mark Talos Energy as a public entity without the cost of a public offering. Considering the trouble Timothy Duncan went through during this period, the deal was worth all the trouble as he did not do it at the comfort of his home but his mother’s house after floods displaced him and his family.

After Talos Energy took over Stone Energy upon the acquisition, the founder Timothy Duncan was expected to preside over an oil empire with a revenue of $900 million annually. In that case, the company is expected to produce 48,000 barrels of oil every day after its expansion. Additionally, with the advancement of technology, there will be more advanced methods of drilling oil, especially in the waters. The fact that the company focuses on offshore exploration and production of oil means that it has to have the right people for the job as a wrong move can jeopardize the whole process. In that case, it has professionals in geophysical technology and advanced drilling techniques who facilitate exploitation of targeted areas thoroughly and skillfully. Talos Energy, in that case, has brought a revolution in the gas and oil industry under the leadership of Timothy Duncan who leaves nothing to chance and has worked hard towards the achievements of the company. Being a vital industry that other industries rely on for production, it has remained relevant in competitive market and continues to thrive as new deals come up.

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Whitney Wolfe Make Pushes Networking Through Bumble

The possibilities are endless when it comes to matches that can be made for friends and dates on Bumble. This is something that people should consider when they are looking for opportunities to network and socialize. Whitney Wolfe wanted to make this a possibility for many other people that were tired of the same dull concept when it came to socializing online. She knew that there were many opportunities for people to build relationships with networking, but she wanted to make the process easier. She knew that creating an addition to the Bumble dating with Bumble Bizz would be a task to take on, but she also realized that there were a lot of doors that would be opened for women in the business world. Connect with Whitney Wolfe by visiting her linkedin account.

It was this acknowledgement of busy mothers and busy wives that did not have time to socialize in person that lead with Whitney Wolfe to keep working on Bumble Bizz. She knew that if these busy women in the workforce had a moment to utilize the app she knew that it would be a helpful part of the social media networking scene. What she wanted to figure out was how she could make the networking process just as easy as dating.

Whitney Wolfe realized if she could do this she would be on to something great. She realizes that a lot of women and men that utilize Bumble are doing so because they are much more interested in building solid relationships in a safe environment. She knows that the people that are utilizing Bumble are tired of the clubs and they want a better way to meet other single people.

When it came to networking Whitney Wolfe utilize the same logic. She knew that there would be people that were interested in getting to know other people in the business world without having to attend a multitude of conferences just to network and pass out business cards. She knew that there was an opportunity to create a playground for people that wanted to network. She just had to work out the logistics of how Bumble Bizz would function.

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Sahm Adrangi: Including Brief Background Information on Biography, Conference, and Opinion on Company

Sahm Adrangi has established and is CEO for Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. That company centers on unique situations driven by events. On top of that there’s value investments for longer period’s of time. Not that long after he started up Kerrisdale, he became a popular person in investment banking. This was for exposure of Chinese companies that were fraudulent. His in-depth research involves industries in fields of mining, biotechnology, and telecommunications.


On May 3rd 2018 there was a conference Sahm Adrangi participated in. This was called “The Art, Pain, and Opportunity of Short Selling”. It was located at the New York Athletic Company. That conference was put together by Whitney Tilson an industry icon’s Kase Learning. It included over twelve distinguished speakers. Every one of them attempted to tap on distinct issue short sellers encounter. Adrangi gave a speech called “Ad Fraud Opportunities”. A lot of attenders at the conference viewed the speech being specifically accurate. This wasn’t only because his ad hoc was known to have gone up in the last years. Also, because it was linked to the company’s stock value living forward. With ability to forecast the company’s future value. This is built on breaking news of deception or dishonesty. That permitted Adrangi to increase Kerrisdale from startup worth a million dollars to the accurate industry giant it’s now.

Sahm Adrangi’s opinion on a Company

Sahm Adrangi has an opinion on “St Joe Company”. That company is one of real estate development. It’s in the location of Florida in the city of Panama City Beach. His opinion on the company was that it’s “mired in swamp”. That was something recent reports had described. The value of the company is set at one billion. Adrangi has revealed that the valuation as too much. He came out with a detailed report of twenty-eight pages on St. Joe. He put a value of the company at forty percent under the value now. Some reasons was a commercial creation in the area, problems with its biggest shareholding and land holdings that were overvalued.