Bernardo Chua’s Vision: Growing Our Energy, Power, And A Healthy Daily Life

Bernardo Chua had a vision that was built around one of the most important concepts in traditional Chinese medicine: Energy, Power, and Health.

For decades, there has been frequent ideas that have been exchanged with our neighbors, but Bernado Chua has introduced a mixture of traditional Chinese practices with modern flavor. He blended a favorite beverage, coffee and tea, with a traditional Chinese mushroom, Ganoderma that promotes daily health and well-being. Learn more about Bernado Chua:

This particular mushroom is cultivated from the Reishi mushroom, known in Asia cultures to help alleviate chronic pain, stress, headaches, asthma, and several other maladies. Chua tailored his drinks to represent healthy performance in our daily life.

He’s been interviewed nationally and internationally, and honored with numerous awards, including the Dangal Bayan awards, Outstanding Global Entrepreneur, Asia-Pacific Excellence Award, and the Number One Global Network Marketing Company. Bernado Chua has over two decades of entrepreneurial experience, and has built one of the top direct selling organizations, raking in millions of dollars.

With over one million distributors, Bernado Chua has been able to expand Organo Gold into more than 33 countries. Today, he is recognized for establishing powerful brand identities, inspiring audiences, and of course, for his personality and charisma.

Earlier in his career, Chua held other managerial and executive positions, like that at Gano Excel. He refined his expertise, helping Gano Excel to grow and expand into international territories including Japan, Canada and the United States. Inspired to do more and foster greater fulfillment, Chua moved forward to launch Organo Gold in 2008.

An expert on business strategy and innovation, Bernardo Chua has spent over 20 actionable years, always providing advice to help colleagues and co-workers advance. This has helped many of his distributors reach their goals, often becoming millionaires themselves.

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