Shafik Sachedina of Sussex Healthcare

Shafik Sachedina is a celebrated entrepreneur and a professional dental surgeon in the United Kingdom. Dr. Sachedina was born and raised in Dar Esaalam Tanzania. Dr. Sachedina migrated to the UK to further his studies as a dental surgeon. While at the UK Dr. Sachedina is an almnus of Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental school at the University of London. More about of Shafik Sachedina on Crunchbase

Shafik Sachedina after getting licensed to practice served in several healthcare facilities in the UK. Sachedina built a reputable name in the dentist profession and had become one of the most sought-after dental surgeons in the UK. Shafik Sachedina has also contributed a lot to the health sector in the UK. He co-founded Sussex Healthcare together with Shiraz Boghani. Sussex Healthcare is a network of over 25 care homes that are spread across the United Kingdom. Sussex Healthcare provides care services to the elderly, people with disability and those with dementia and neurological conditions. The healthcare homes boast of state of the art facilities and a team of qualified health professionals. Sussex healthcare has been in existence for over three decades now offering quality services to thousands of senior citizens in the UK. Dr. Sachedina serves as Sussex Healthcare Chairman.

Shafik Sachedina besides working at Sussex is a renowned philanthropist and has served in numerous non-profit community organizations on a voluntary basis. Sachedina has served at the helm of Jamati Institutions as a head of the department. Dr. Sachedina was tasked with oversight and coordination of the institution programs and activities. The Jamil institution consists of 16 principal institutions of the Ismail community, a community which Dr. Sachedina is a member. The institution was founded in the year 1977 with the sole aim of creating awareness of the Islamic culture. The institution creates awareness through the publication of Islamic materials and promotes initiatives that help supports Islamic religion and culture globally.

Dr. Sachedina also serves at the Aga Khan Development Network Committee as a committee member. The committee mandate is to oversee the economic development of Muslims all over the world. Dr. Shafik Sachedina besides being a committee member also serves as the chairman of Humanitarian Assistance Coordinating Committees. The committee is tasked with ensuring that Muslims all over the world get humanitarian assistance services.

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Why Contacting MB2 Dental Is a Great Idea For Anyone

Many people are unaware of the benefits that they can attain from ensuring that they’re doing what they need to do to take care of their teeth. The conditions of one’s teeth plays a vital role in the conditions of their overall health. Thus, it’s often recommended for people to do their due diligence of researching prior to enrolling in a dental clinic’s program of treatments as they can never be sure of whether or not the services that they’ve acquired are truly going to be serving them for what they need.


At MB2 Dental, a patient can choose to receive a myriad of different services. They are a great place of employment that offers several options of working in the departments that may be most suitable for you. If you’re unable to find a certain type of dental work that may be offered somewhere, it’s important to know that one place will offer you most services that any dentist should, and that is MB2 Dental.


Be sure to contact one of the representatives at the help desk of MB2 Dental so that you can have an appointment set up for you at a time that is most convenient for you as well. The dentists of the organization understand that there are many reasons why someone may need to maintain a flexible schedule. After all, people have lives and part of living them is supporting themselves which often includes activities such as going to school, work, business, or anything else that supports them. MB2 Dental will provide you with a list of options in pertinence to the services you receive and what time the appointment(s) will occur. Now is the perfect time for you to contact a representative to receive an adequate amount of guidance for your needs. You may choose services of having your teeth cleaned, extracted, removed, whitened, and much more. The dentists of the clinic are absolutely professional, skilled, trained, and knowledgeable. Be sure to contact them today. By visiting their website, you will find a vast array of details in pertinence to employment offered by them. If that a position of work is what you are looking for, you have arrived at the best place to begin your journey.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel Aids in Advancements of Sleep Apnea Research and Solutions

In the medical profession, the destructive parts of sleep apnea have become clearer than ever before, for this reason, you are more likely to understand its effects on the renewed spirit of research into this medical condition, sleep apnea, for a long time, has been a killer disease. For this reason, people have developed treatment strategies that work to meet the needs of the individuals in a market fire and situation. Sleep apnea poses a serious threat the life of a patient suffering from the medical condition. For this reason, many therapies have been developed by the Dental Sleep Masters Company and accurate towards its schedule in this regime. For those who are suffering from the illness, treatment therapies can help reduce the effects of the disease while we have no cure confirmed for this disease. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has worked to enrich his mind with the necessary knowledge and innovation to develop these therapies in a manner that is unprecedented in this industry.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel founded the Dental Sleep Masters Company to enrich his foundation of developing related therapies in this arena. For this reason, few people work to meet this calling. According to him, nothing gives him much honor than to become part of the solution to a killer disease. For this reason, he has dedicated all his life to helping patients fight the medical condition in a manner that is determined in this industry. According to a recent study conducted by the Dental Sleep Masters Company based in the United States, more than 90 percent of patients with this disease. Many of them are not diagnosed before they develop serious complications.

When we look at the occurrence of the disease, the sphincter muscles work to develop the higher capability to failure. During sleep, a patient will realize that breathing is decelerated. For this reason, they are necessitated to develop higher mechanical capabilities. They also end up failing in duty and working statements. In the end, you will have your sleep disturbed for the entire part of the night. Therefore, this disease worsens. Its key features are daytime drowsiness. Ensure you get fast attention.