OSI Industries Merges Turi Foods

Everyone has had a chance to taste the great foods that are offered by OSI Industries at some point in their lives. The Aurora based company take pride in giving all its global companies the best foods whenever they go shopping. The expansion activities, taking place in the US and other parts of the world have made the company very respectful. When people are going for shopping in any part of the world, they will always include OSI Industries products on their list. The products are very healthy. The ingredients that have been used in the company for ages are the best too.

OSI Industries has announced a new development in its Australia facilities. The global company has announced that it was going to merge with Turi Foods so that they can offer better and more products to the people who are living in Australia. The merge, which was announced just recently, will bring together companies that have so much experience in the market. Everyone is excited about the new deal because it will result to better services to consumers. There are several features that have made this merger unique compared to all the others in the market. First of all, OSI Industries is recognized to be one of the global and most successful food companies that are serving customers in the international platform. With a visionary CEO, Sheldon Lavin, who focuses all his energy on making sure that customers are happy, the company has been awarded many times.

Turi Foods, on the other hand, is considered to be among the largest and most successful poultry processors based in Australia. Turi Foods is owned by a family, and it has been focusing on supplying its services to some of the major supermarkets, chicken retailers, restaurants and butcher shops in the region. OSI Industries is privately owned, and it has been supplying protein products to many destinations in the world. The expertise brought by the two companies’ means that consumers will get the best services at the end of the day. The new partnership will be bringing better and even bigger products to the consumers in Australia.

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OSI Group Growth Inspired By The McDonald’s

The history of the OSI Group, the largest food producer in the world, goes back to 1909. Over 100 years have passed since this company started its operations. It the beginning, it was just a butcher shop which offered meat products to people in Chicago. Just like in any other business person, the founder had dreams of making his business larger.

A few decades later, the business had recorded significant growth to a point where the business had changed its location to meet the high demand for its products. In 1928, it became a family owned business after the founder brought his two children into the business.

Otto & Sons was born as a family-owned business. The two sons of the founder, Harry and Arthur made it possible for the company to stand even without the presence of their father. They are the ones who made a deal that saw the company become a regional supplier of meat products.

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The emergence of McDonald’s

If there is one deal that the company associates with its success, it is this one that involved the newly created McDonald’s. Otto & Sons was operating in Illinois when McDonald opened its first restaurant in the area. As one of the established meat business in the region, Otto & Sons was contracted by McDonald’s as a supplier of hamburgers. However, the deal did not just come out of the blues. Arthur and Harry were good friends with the managing director of McDonald’s at the time, who later became the owner of the chain restaurants. The deal between the two was born out of this friendship.

To the surprise of many, McDonald’s idea of chain restaurants became very popular in a short time. The demand for meat products from its suppliers became too much. OSI Group is one of the supplies had to increase the production capacity to meet the demands of its client. The increased demand led to realignment operations in the company. Otto & Sons was left as the entity handling McDonald’s supplies while another branch was created to handle supplies to other customers.

Since the deal between OSI Group (the Otto & Sons) and McDonald, business has never been the same for this company. It has been one achievement after another. The company moved from a regional to a global supplier. McDonald’s paved the way for international growth after it ventured into the international market with OSI Group as one of its suppliers.

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OSI – Bringing Quality Food to the World


OSI is a leading distributor of processed food products in the world. Their quality items can be found in some restaurants, grocery stores, and ultimately the family table. Their versatile and inclusive corporation is dedicated to providing delicious and healthy processed meal items.OSI uses local employees in each of their plants because their personal expertise is a valuable asset to giving customers around the world the quality, flavors, and preparations that will be welcome in their homes.

Food Products

Their food processing is customized; their products range from meats and vegetables to fruits and alternative proteins. Their range of products is impressive and inclusive. There is something for everyone.OSI does not offer simple meat and potatoes. OSI creates gastric delights like pizza, paninis, frozen entrées and delicious fruits and vegetables. They use innovative methods to process beef, pork, and poultry. They even offer hot dogs and sausages. You will find kid-friendly foods and more sophisticated fare for discriminating taste buds.

Global Supply Chain

OSI is a global company. In every region, they choose locally grown foods and use their experienced research and development department to create delicious meals for customers. They ensure quality and consistency in all their products.Their approach to efficient supply chain processes begins at the local distribution points. Raw foods are checked meticulously to ensure only the freshest and healthiest raw foods are purchased. Once acquired, they are sent to R&D for the next steps.

Research and Development

OSI employs innovative research and development teams in China, Germany, and the United States. Though the majority of research is done in these locations, there are test kitchens in every major plant across the globe.Culinary specialists are employed at every production facility to ensure that the consistency of any developed product process is top priority. They also have research teams who work with marketing and efficiency in getting products to market. They offer individualized end-to-end solutions to fulfill each customer’s needs.

Food Safety and Quality Assurance

As a major global food distributor, it is very important to provide foods that are of the highest quality. Each product must be above question regarding healthiness and freshness. Products are given strenuous Q&A checks periodically to ensure foods are exceptional and unquestionably fresh. OSI is a global food product innovator. They offer the best processed foods through quality checks, research and development, and a desire to offer the very best culinary delights to the world’s population.