Brightline Launches To Cut Travel Times Across Florida

The first privately-owned rail service to operate in the U.S. since the early 1980s launched in January 2018 to much fanfare to start a busy year for investor Wes Edens. The co-founder of Fortress Investments has spent much of 2018 exploring the many different options open to him for driving forward his investment portfolio outside the Fortress Group. Along with the launch of the Broghtline rail service, Edens has taken on a greater role with the Milwaukee Bucks NBA franchise and become co-owner of the English soccer team, Aston Villa. Check out to read more about Wes Edens

Brightline launched in January 2018 with its first high-speed rail line operating between Miami and West Palm Beach. An extension of this line is already under construction taking the extension from West Palm Beach to Orlando to extend the range of the service. There have been few attempts made to bring commuter and tourist rail services to the U.S. in the last three decades in such a luxurious and high-speed fashion. Wes Edens backed the Brighline service as he felt the lower travel time of using the service would be a success with the majority of commuters who spend hours traveling by road. Brightline is hoping to cut travel times to mere minutes and use a mobile app to make the booking of tickets as simple as possible.

Wes Edens has picked one of the busiest times of his business life to work on creating a network of passenger rail services he hopes will one day criss-cross the country under the Brightline banner. In the Summer of 2018, Wes Edens had a number of announcements for his investors and the public to enjoy including details of Brightline’s acquiring of the XpressWest brand hoping to create a commuter rail service between Las Vegas and Southern California. At a similar time, Wes Edens was opening the new basketball arena built for his Milwaukee Bucks NBA franchise and working on a deal to secure an ownership partnership between himself and Nassef Sawiris to purchase the Aston Villa soccer club.

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Fortress Investment Group’s Wes Edens Is Now A Partner With Sir Richard Branson For New Virgin Trains USA Railway Venture

There’s been some efforts underway to privatize railroad and city metro transits and develop an unparalleled rider experience, and now one effort is gaining traction. Wes Edens, an executive at Fortress Investment Group and cofounder of Brightline will now be a partner of Virgin Group, the UK corporation founded by Sir Richard Branson to form Virgin Trains USA. With some great interest in this venture from Fortress Investment Group’s affiliates and optimism from Branson, many believe opportunities to revolutionize America’s railways are about to happen. What this new partnership is expected to do is increase the area of operation for Brightline from its current service from Miami to Palm Beach, and add lines going up to Orlando and Tampa. Branson says he hopes the innovations coming out of this new joint venture will change how much fun travel will be for Americans and add to the current experience. Disruptive companies are among key investments that Edens is a part of at Fortress. More about of Wes Edens at Crunchbase.

Wes Edens has been quite an accomplished financial expert who knows the world markets very well, and knows which kind of alternative investments can help client portfolios perform very well. He and his fellow executives at Fortress Investments just had a major multibillion-dollar deal go through to be a part of Softbank Corporation, a leading global equity firm that has a diverse strategy of funds that includes Bitcoin and other blockchain technology. Wes Edens currently works alongside Randal Nardone and Peter Briger, though he formerly was also teamed up with Paul Kauffman.

Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 with fundraising from Wes Edens and his colleagues, and in 2007 he led the first IPO that turned Fortress into a dynamic investment powerhouse. Edens attended and received his bachelor’s degree in finance from Oregon State University. His first notable career move was being a funds managing director at Lehman Brothers investment bank. From there he joined the board of directors of BlackRock Financial Management Inc, and he oversaw the firm’s private equity division. He joined the founders of Fortress after this and also became a majority owner and executive of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks.



Matt Badiali Explains Why He Made The Switch From Science To Finance

Matt Badiali went to college to earn advanced degrees in earth science. While he worked as a geologist for a number of years he ended up becoming an investment guru, steeped in the ways of making money investing in natural resources. Matt Badiali’s career switched from one in science to one in finance after he made a new friend in 2004 who was a financial expert.

His new friend wrote financial newsletters at Stansberry & Associates where he let people in on his trading strategies. Nobody at his company could inform investors how to make money from natural resources, though. You need an advanced amount of knowledge about this area, which Matt Badiali had, and the knowledge of companies and financial markets, which he proceeded to learn.

After several years putting his geologic knowledge to work informing readers about where to invest their money at Stansberry & Associates, he made a career move and took his talent to Banyan Hill Publishing. He started Real Wealth Strategist which is a monthly publication about natural resource investing such as gold, oil, copper, marijuana, and lumber. He also writes weekly reports updating his readers about how the investments he has recommended are doing.

Matt Badiali travels all over the world to write his reports. He’s been to gold mines in South Africa, oil wells in Texas and the Middle East, and pot farms in Canada. He has also interviewed industry leaders like T. Boone Pickens and Ross Beaty. He gets exclusive insights into different areas, confirms his thinking on an investment tip, and then writes reports that he uses people and places in so that his writing style is engaging for the reader.

His mornings are the most productive parts of his day he has found out so he spends that time writing his reports. Matt Badiali also keeps an eye on the latest financial news and how share prices are going. He spends the afternoon on the phone, in meetings, and then around an hour or so doing some writing. He says that it’s later in the day he reads himself and then engages in some exercise.

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Paul Mampilly Philosophy in World of Business

Paul Mampilly has done a lot of things in his life. From being an editor, serving in trading services as a manager to being an investor. Mr. Paul Mampilly is currently for Banyan Hill Publishing as the Senior Editor. Paul also started the newsletter profit which is always focused on assisting those who subscribes on the stocks that are likely to shoot. In 2016, Paul also joined Extreme Fortunes and True Moment where he is the manager of these trading services. He also helps the firm to write a column which is produced every week in a newsletter for the company known as Winning Investor Daily. At the time Paul Mampilly has dedicated most of his time to assist Americans in Main Street to accumulate riches through growth investment, technology and also through special opportunities.

Paul Mampilly’s Early Life

Paul came from a humble background. According to Paul, his father had to work extra harder in order to keep him and his sister through college. However, his poor background never got into the way of making great achievements in his life. Paul Mampilly argues that he got his character of taking risks especially in the world of business from his father who had to take several risks in his life in order to support his family. According to Paul Mampilly’s philosophy, if you fail to take risks in business then you stand little chances of making money.

Paul’s career has been built majorly through taking risks. When he landed to his first job at Deutsche Bank where he served as a research assistant, he immediately started taking risks and that is where he started climbing the ladder to big positions at Bankers Trust and ING, where he was able to manage millions of dollars. In the year 2006, Paul was employed by the owners of some hedge fund worth 6 billion dollars to be the general manager. After assuming his position in the hedge firm as the key manager he was able to grow the firm’s worth from $6 billion to 25 billion dollars. All these Paul; was able to achieve through taking big risks.

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Businessman, Entreprenuer and Philanthropist, Adam Milstein Supports and Educates the Jewish Population

Hager Pacific Properties is a private real estate agency that Adam Milstein and his college friend, David Hager, have been co-managing for almost 40 years. The two business students met while working on their MBA degrees at Southern California University. Hager, a native Californian, united with Milstein, a native of Haffa, Israel, to form this high-end, commercial real estate agency in Los Angeles.

Today, Hager Pacific Properties is the third largest brokerage in L.A. as Hager and Milstein have each brought in over $2 billion worth of properties to date. The agency specializes in purchasing and rehabilitating commercial and industrial properties, which includes retail, office locations, and multi-family properties.

Adam Milstein is a managing partner, but his role in the business community does not stop there. He is dedicated to his Jewish heritage and contributes his time and funds to enhancing and educating American Jews as well as those in Israel and around the globe.

Adam Milstein moved with his wife and children to the U.S. after graduating from Technion in Israel in 1981. Before college, he served in the Israeli Army for two years, but he wanted a better education, so he moved to L.A. to attend USC. His education has led him to become a very successful businessman and philanthropist for Jewish Americans and the Jewish population as a whole.

Some of the non-profit organizations that he has established and serves on the Board for the Jewish people are organizations, which are under the Milstein Family Foundation. The MFF also supports the Israeli-American Council or IAC, where he is the National Chairman, the American Israel Education Foundation or AIPAC, StandWithUs, ICC, Israel on Campus Coalition, Hasbara Fellowships, Sifriyat Pijama B’America, Taglit-Birthright Israel, Christian United for Israel, the American Jewish Committee, and The Washington Institute.

Adam Milstein and his wife are involved in extensive charitable actions in an effort to Give Back to the community. Mr. Milstein devotes his daily work to creating a tighter bond between the Jewish community that is now living in the U.S. to its roots in Israel where they originated. Adam Milstein serves a prominent position on the list of Jewish Leaders Around the World.