CEO Eric Lefkofsky Announces Tempus Raised $110 Million During Its Series E Round

Eric Lefkofsky is a co-founder of Tempus, Inc, and is its chief executive officer. He was pleased to announce the results of its Series E financing round on August 29th. Tempus raised $110 million which increased its total amount of funding to $320 million. When announcing this number he said that his company’s goal is to bring precision medicine to America and the rest of the world. They have made great progress toward this goal and the new money raised would be used to expand internationally.

Tempus is a data analytics firm which is creating a library of molecular and clinical data. They provide genomic sequencing services to oncologists who use the information to create personalized cancer therapies for their patients. Some of the money from this latest round of financing will be used to expand their services beyond cancer into other such healthcare concerns as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

It was in 2015 that Tempus was established in Chicago. Eric Lefkofsky has been creating technology firms like Tempus for the past 20 years. Among the companies he has co-founded over the years are InnerWorkings, Echo Global Logistics,, Lighbank, and Groupon. He led Groupon as its CEO from August 2013 until November 2015 and is now its chairman of the board.

Along with his wife, Eric Lefkofsky joined The Giving Pledge, promising to donate most of their money to charitable causes. They started their charitable trust, the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, in 2006. They support an array of nonprofits through this trust with most of the money going toward education, human rights, medicine, and arts & culture. He also donates his time such as serving on the board of directors for the Art Institute of Chicago and Chicago’s Children’s Memorial Hospital.

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