The Dawn of a New Era-Virgin Atlantic Forges Partnership with Brightline

One of the fascinating things about the country is how everyone has just accepted that the most convenient ways to travel across cities are either through a road trip or by air. It is a little odd because continents like Europe have a speed train connecting almost all of the towns and making it easy and convenient for tourists and even locals to get from one point to the other.

Well, one company has decided that it is time to change the culture of intercity travel. Brightline, which is a subsidiary of the Fortress Investment Group, is going into a partnership with Virgin Atlantic to expand the local speed train networks between the cities. The leader of the company and the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group Wes Edens announced the organization, stating that the beautiful collaboration between the two companies would go a long way in ensuring that lasting improvements were made within the transportation sector. Learn more about Fortress Investment Group at Bloomberg.

The Virgin group will make a minority investment in the project. They are also expected to allow Brightline to take care of the entire execution of the plan. Brightline, on the other hand, will be borrowing and adopting Virgin Travel’s name for the project. It is expected that the title will leverage their reputation and make it easier for the company to win travelers, and expand their territory.

Speaking about the merger, Richard Branson stated that the merger couldn’t have at a better time. He added that Virgin Travel had spent the past few years capitalizing on their growth as a travel company. During this time, they had managed to create a train service in London. He added that nothing was more pleasing than seeing a company like Brightline coming forward and making their mark in innovation within the transportation sector.

Wes Edens, the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, reiterated that it was about time that they rewrote history as far as the American concept of intercity travel was concerned. He promised that the team in charge of implementing the innovative project would do their best to make sure the results were terrific. Fortress Investment Group co-founder Wes Edens is a forward-looking and creative leader, and there is no doubt that their team will deliver on the promise.

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Big Partnership for Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group has some big news to share regarding their rail line called Brightline. The well known rail line will now be partnering with Virgin Group founded by Richard Branson in 2019. This partnership is major for residents of Florida and is the start of much growth for the company.

The partnership with Virgin Group will include what is called a minority investment with Fortress Investment Group. This means that Fortress will still keep the majority of the company, making the investment very strategic and straightforward. Fortress also plans to give Brightline a new name to confirm their brand new alliance. Virgin Trains USA will replace the origin brand and is expected to be set in stone some time in 2019. More Business News at

Brightline trains are currently in operation throughout Florida including West Palm Beach, Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Once the rail line is renamed, it will start to service Tampa as well as Orlando. This is great news for commuters who have been wanting to travel to other cities in Florida. In addition, Fortress Investment Group also plans to build a high speed rail system which will make travel to Southern California and Las Vegas accessible.

The great thing about this partnership is that millions of customers across the region will be able to enjoy other businesses by Virgin Group. These other companies include Virgin Hotels, Voyages and Atlantic. Brightline will also expand its rails to Orlando with a whopping 1.75 billion in tax exempt bonds. This comes at such a great time as over 100,000 people ride the train as reported back in October. Passengers will not have access to more services and features thanks to this merger.

This major partnership between Fortress Investment Group and Virgin Group is significant as Virgin has experience operating railroads. Virgin Group’s high speed intercity passenger rail system has currently been operating for 21 years. Founders of Fortress Investment Group are thrilled at the new partnership and what lies ahead for the company. All those who are interested in more information regarding this new business venture are encouraged to contact the companies’ websites.

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Fortress Investment Group’s Wes Edens Is Now A Partner With Sir Richard Branson For New Virgin Trains USA Railway Venture

There’s been some efforts underway to privatize railroad and city metro transits and develop an unparalleled rider experience, and now one effort is gaining traction. Wes Edens, an executive at Fortress Investment Group and cofounder of Brightline will now be a partner of Virgin Group, the UK corporation founded by Sir Richard Branson to form Virgin Trains USA. With some great interest in this venture from Fortress Investment Group’s affiliates and optimism from Branson, many believe opportunities to revolutionize America’s railways are about to happen. What this new partnership is expected to do is increase the area of operation for Brightline from its current service from Miami to Palm Beach, and add lines going up to Orlando and Tampa. Branson says he hopes the innovations coming out of this new joint venture will change how much fun travel will be for Americans and add to the current experience. Disruptive companies are among key investments that Edens is a part of at Fortress. More about of Wes Edens at Crunchbase.

Wes Edens has been quite an accomplished financial expert who knows the world markets very well, and knows which kind of alternative investments can help client portfolios perform very well. He and his fellow executives at Fortress Investments just had a major multibillion-dollar deal go through to be a part of Softbank Corporation, a leading global equity firm that has a diverse strategy of funds that includes Bitcoin and other blockchain technology. Wes Edens currently works alongside Randal Nardone and Peter Briger, though he formerly was also teamed up with Paul Kauffman.

Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 with fundraising from Wes Edens and his colleagues, and in 2007 he led the first IPO that turned Fortress into a dynamic investment powerhouse. Edens attended and received his bachelor’s degree in finance from Oregon State University. His first notable career move was being a funds managing director at Lehman Brothers investment bank. From there he joined the board of directors of BlackRock Financial Management Inc, and he oversaw the firm’s private equity division. He joined the founders of Fortress after this and also became a majority owner and executive of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks.



Freedom Checks Legit Income Opportunity With Least Effort

Due to the erratic nature of the financial and stock market in today’s world, it has become difficult to predict where to invest and which investment product to avoid. In most cases, people have been able to gain good results when they have followed the expert advice of finance professional with years of experience and a proven track record of getting investors positive investment results. One such expert that you can rely on for getting sound financial advice is Matt Badiali, senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing and the editor of two famous newsletters named Real Wealth Strategist and Front Line Profits. He is also the one who has crafted the Freedom Checks strategy that has been applauded highly by some of the top industry experts and also the common people.

Matt Badiali says in the newsletters he edits that there are many markets where the main street Americans are not investing, but should. One such market is the natural resources sector, where there are over five hundred master limited partnership companies operating that have to share ninety percent of their profits with the firms and individuals who have invested in it. Matt Badiali has done in-depth research on the market trends and has been able to identify some Master Limited Partnership companies, investing in which can be profitable. It would help the investors get Freedom Checks on a regular basis. If you want Freedom Checks too and want to secure your life financially, do not hesitate to follow the investment advice of the leading financial expert, Matt Badiali.

Freedom Checks are nothing but dividends that MLP companies provide to its investors. Ever since Matt Badiali talked about it in his newsletter, people are skeptical if they are profitable. He knew that people would doubt it and it is the reason he wrote the newsletter to make people aware about the legit opportunity that would help them earn high returns. For those who mainly invest for their retirement, there is nothing better than Freedom Checks as people need to invest and forget about it. With time, they will keep receiving their dividends depending on the revenue of the company you invest in.

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Gareth Henry Profession And Education Accomplishments

Gareth Henry has had a successful career in the actuary field where he has worked for the past 17 years. His success is due to his education and the vast experience he has achieved through the years. Gareth studied Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Science from the University of Edinburgh. He specialized in the actuary area and attained a first class. He is a registered actuary both in the UK and in the US.

In 2000, Watson Wyatt hired Gareth Henry where he served in the management research sector. He also worked as an investment manager for SEI Investments. After a couple of years, he left to work as a product manager in Schroder’s firm that focuses on money management and is U.K. based.

Gareth Henry moved to the United States in 2007 where he went to work for Fortress investment group. Owing to his outstanding skills, he was able to raise a significant amount of capital for the Fortress private credit, hedge funds, private equity and in their real estate business. While working there, he was able to close a deal hedge fund deal worth 4$ billion. As a result, the company won the most coveted award of the Hedge fund firm of that year. This award opened more doors for Fortress Investment leading to an increase in business.

Later, Gareth Henry joined Angelo, Gordon & Co an investment firm that operates in New York. He holds the position of a Global leader of Investor relations. Gareth is also a partner and managing director. His passion and commitment for his work benefit both the company and the clients that he serves. By conducting systematic research on the market and economic trends and other factors involved, Angelo, Gordon & Co can advise potential investors on profitable low risk ventures that they can invest in. The company gives investors viable options that they can participate in to achieve long-lasting returns. Gareth Henry is of much help to the company because of his ability to come up with inventive strategies that the company applies to increase the number of clients it serves.

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Freedom Checks Investments By Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali introduced us to the idea of Freedom Checks. He brought up the idea because he felt it was a great idea that would benefit investors if he shared it. As a generous person who is always looking for better ways of helping less unfortunate, he shared this idea with local investors so that they could also get the benefits of the idea. He is an expert in mining and therefore he understands the industry better than the average investor. He wants his knowledge of the industry to be beneficial to someone else. Since he introduced this idea, many average investors have benefited from huge returns. Matt Badiali is a geologist who is now a financial expert. His understanding of the two fields makes him a better person to show others the way.

Matt Badiali saw a good opportunity in Freedom Checks and decided that he could not enjoy the profits alone. He had to bring as many people as possible in the industry so that they could as well benefit from the industry. Badiali has been around the world studying the trends in investment industry. He is trying to make a difference in the financial sector by giving investors thoroughly researched analysis. He does not want to be like many Wall Street investment advisers who are only out to rip off their followers with fake analysis. Matt Badiali believes in giving the people the true information about the industry. Freedom Checks is a genuine system that is based on the operations of the oil industry. Those who would like to benefit from this system needs to know that there is a whole idea behind the system. It is not a system where you will get free money. You must invest in a company that will make good returns. What you get as an investor is a portion of the profits made by the company.

Matt Badiali says that there are only 563 companies that qualify for the Freedom Checks idea. Investors who will take advantage of this system will make good returns since some of these companies will be making super normal profits which they will share out among the investors.

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Peter Briger’s Force In Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger has had a remarkable career journey in the finance and investments industry. We can trace his in-depth knowledge on finance from graduating from Princeton University with a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania. He then went ahead to work with Goldman, Sachs & Co for 15 years where he built his skills into becoming one of the best financial managers in the nation and also became a partner at the company.

While working under Goldman Sachs, Peter participated in many committees such as the Global Control and Compliance Committee, Japan Executive Committee, and the Asian Management Committee. To aid with his leadership roles, Peter Briger served as co-head of groups like the Asian Distressed Debt business, the Whole Loan Sales and Trading business and the Special Opportunities Fund. All these leadership roles have assisted Briger in achieving more results and coming into more beneficial pacts with other parties.

In 2002, Briger joined the working task force at Fortress Investment Group. He currently leads the Fortress Credit sector which deals with credit and real estate business. Also, Peter currently serves as a Principal and Co-chairman of the Board of Directors.

Peter Briger has been recognized for his exemplary leadership skills that have seen him serve at the alumni advisory board by the Princeton University. The committee was founded in 2015 together with his two colleagues, Provost Lee, and Eisgruber with an aim to promote entrepreneurship in the institution.

Apart from being a business enthusiast and having a successful career, Peter Briger is a philanthropist. He is actively involved in charity events and organizations such as the Silicon Valley Council where he is part of the leadership panel. He applies his financial skills where the committee governs the funds contributed to reaching the children in need globally.

Peter Briger participated in a meeting with an executive from Wells Fargo in 2013 in which they discussed on how to create first regulated exchange of bitcoins. Briger supported the incorporation of Bitcoin technology stating that it was effective and less costly. Briger has made commendable steps in the industry with an open mind to revolutionize the industry’s processes.

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The impacts of Fortress Investment Group in the investment world

Fortress Investment Group is a firm that was founded when three principles came together with a great vision. Their goal was to start a firm that would offer unique financial services to their customers. The three experts met in 1998 and decided to start a private equity company that later turned out to be successful. They are Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, and Rob Kauffman. They had a vision, and today the vision has become successful. For the years it has been in the market, the Group has been experiencing steady growth. It became renowned in 2007 when it went public on the New York Stock Exchange became one of the largest private equity companies to become public.

The company has now expanded to offer its services in the world, and it currently manages assets worth billions of dollars.The assets belong to thousands of investors like hedge funds firm, permanent vehicles, and private equity. They are happy with the kind of services they are getting from the company.Fortress Investment Group has its major offices located in the New York City, and it has provided jobs to hundreds of employees. It is currently run by three principals who are Peter Briger, Wes Edens and Randal Nardone. Fortress Investment Group is specialized in several areas, and that is why it has been growing. It has years of experience when it comes to dealing with real estates firm, capital, liquid cash, and financial vehicles.

For all the years it has been in the market, it has been helping customers to achieve their investment goals.Its management operations have been successful, and those who are serious when it comes to investment management have found success with the company.The expert leaders and employees are always looking for tools to help the employees in their work. It has also been working well when it comes to mergers and acquisition.Fortress Investment Group values its employees. It has employees who are experienced, and they use their leadership skills to help the investors in making the right investment decisions. The board members are people who have learned the market over the years and have accumulated a lot of knowledge and skills to run a large organization like Fortress Investment Group.

A Biography Of Peter Briger, The Brain Behind The Success Of Giant Investment Companies

Peter Briger is a role model for many millennial business executives. He is famous for steering giant investment corporations like Goldman Sachs, and Fortress Investment Group to the industry’s top tier. In addition to his administrative aptitude, Forbes 400 distinguishes him as one of the wealthiest business executives.

An overview of Peter Briger’s career

Peter Briger is a certified administrator with diverse skills in asset management, operations management, asset-based investing, and business management. Mr. Briger has worked in finance investment industry for close to 30 years.

He has an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania.

Mr. Briger commenced his administrative profession in 1996 when he was engaged by Goldman Sachs, a multinational conglomerate focusing on investment management, and investment banking.

As Goldman Sachs’ partner, Mr. Briger played an active role in making decisions that navigated the company to its desired commercial success.

Moreover, Mr. Briger served as Goldman Sach’s Asian Management Committee member, and a principal at Asian Real Estate Private Equity. He worked at the chief investment company for 15 years.

In 2006, Mr. Briger joined Fortress Investment Group, another investment giant. Just like Goldman Sachs, Fortress Investment Group LLC specializes in asset management, sector-specific investment consultancy, and other investment services.

Mr. Briger collaborates with other experienced principals like Wesley Edens, and Randal Nardone to manage the organization’s staff, and investment vehicles. Moreover, the three principals formulate guidelines that steer the investment management firm in the right direction.

Peter Briger, the philanthropist

Mr. Briger is an executive at Silicon Valley’s Global Fund for Children. The charity helps disadvantaged kids to get a proper education, and it advocates for gender equity. Moreover, the Global Fund for Children supports charities that empower youths, as well as those that fight violence & exploitation. Reports from the fund reveal that they support over 10 million children from around the world.

Besides his active role at the Global Fund for Children, Mr. Briger supports Tipping Point, a poverty alleviation charity. Tipping Point helps youths from humble families to secure meaningful employment, proper housing, as well as education. Also, the organization funds early childhood development organizations operating in San Francisco.

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Fortress Investment Group Is A Leader In Investment Management

Fortress Investment Group was established in the year 1998. When the international firm was starting, it was serving consumers as a private equity firm and its first offices were based in the United States. Several years later, the firm is leading in the investment finance department, with customers all over the world. The company was initiated as a public offering more than ten years ago, and it is now doing so well in the New York Stock Exchange. The success of this company did not just come overnight. Fortress Investment Group had paid the price to emerge a winner in competitive market over the years. Fortress Investment Group founders have played their roles so well, and they have delegated the duties to people who are capable of handling the finance world well.

Today, Fortress Investment Group is one of the giants in investment management services. According to a recent survey in the market, the global market currently directs more than forty three billion assets. The firm has managed to attract over two thousand investors in permanent capital vehicles, private equity, and hedge funds. The company has realized that it can be a leader only when it is performing to the expectations of the consumers. This explains why the firm has been receiving so many customers over the years. The institution has also increased the number of employees under its care over the years. A recent report shows that the firm has nine hundred employees who are only committed to ensuring quality services all the time.

There are three principals who have been present in this company from the first day it entered the market. These professionals are key players in the company success. Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, and Peter Bridge are experts in finance, and they have taken the company to its present glory. These individuals were the founders of the company, and they have been the primary source of capital in the company before public investors were invited to invest. All of these company founders are based in the United States, and they have been working in close collaboration to make sure that their common goal is achieved. The company was recently acquired by a different firm. The old management will however maintain their crucial roles in ensuring that the company impresses its clients. The co-principals consult each other before they make any decisions, and this keeps them together despite the changes that take place in the market.

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