Dr. Jennifer Walden The Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon

Dr.Jennifer Walden is a Aesthetic plastic surgeon. She also own and operates a Medspa facility in Austin, Texas and in New York City. Jennifer is very kind and a true professional that brings a beautiful smile and great ambition to give her clients the best results their looking for. She takes her profession serious and want to fulfill her clients needs weather it’s surgically or nonsurgically. She does everything from cosmetic surgery to neck lifts and much more.

Recently a client of her’s spoke very highly of Dr.Walden’s staff and treatment she received while getting a operation done. The client said she felt “complete” after the surgery, and that it was a great journey once again. Her practice specializes in doing facelifts, muscle toning and even tattoo removal. Anything on the body you’re not happy with you can go see Dr.Walden and her staff can guide you in the right direction.

The Medspa business has been growing more year after year, and doctors and surgeons all around the world are investing into these businesses. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dr.Walden opened another one sooner than later. She does an amazing job mastering the craft and art of surgery which in my opinion makes her the Picasso of nip and tuck. Helping people feel better is one of the greatest gifts someone can have. Everyone of her clients are always pleased and satisfied with the results.

Dr.Walden is a devoted mom of twin 7 year old boys who are the love of her life. If she’s not on a fun adventure with the boys at Millenium Park in Chicago, then you might see her jammin at a country music concert. She has a natural love for horses which solidifies she’s a true Texan. She’s one person that works extremely hard but makes it look easy, and with a good team behind you “well lets just say” teamwork makes the dreamwork.

Dr. Rod Rohrich Improves Your Self-Image And Self-Esteem

Everyone is careful with how they look and their general appearance. Most people today appreciate the modern beautification techniques the health industry has introduced. If you are not happy with your appearance, you can improve it using some cosmetic surgical techniques such as liposuction. Liposuction can be performed in different techniques. Unlike in the past when people used a cannula to remove the unwanted fat in the body, people can melt the excess fat in the body using ultrasonic waves. Dr. Rod Rohrich says this technique can be of great help to everyone no matter their age or gender. The fat is first melted down before it’s suctioned from the body.

Dr. Rod believes you can use liposuction to improve your self-image and self-esteem at the same time. With the right liposuction technique, you can achieve exceptional results. Dr. Rod Rohrich assesses the needs of his patients before he decides on the surgical process to carry out. If your optimal weight is less than twenty pounds, he finds you the right candidate for this procedure. He also examines the mental and physical state of the patient to make the process successful and efficient. He believes in meeting or surpassing the goals the client has set.

When doing surgical procedure, Rod ensures he understands its positive and negative side to know whether it’s the best option for the patient. If you have a medical history, Dr. Rod Rohrich says it’s important to share it before liposuction is done. The surgical process may not be fit for you if you have a severe medical condition. Before you go for liposuction, it’s important to let your doctor know if you have some history related to diabetes, blood pressure, and allergies. Besides performing numerous plastic surgeries, Rod also knows how to perform any liposuction technique. With the right plastic surgery, your life would get a new beginning and the right freshness.

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Ara Chackerian Ventures in Medical Technology

Famed as a serial angel investor, Ara Chackerian also doubles as a philanthropist and entrepreneur. He is currently the managing director of ASC capital holdings and has been always in the forefront of investing in companies in their early stages. He is more interested in health care associated technology. Ara is also a board member and a cofounder of the TMS health solutions a company that offers transcranial magnetic stimulation for patients suffering from mental illnesses.


Before he got involved with the TMS heath care, Ara Chackerian has been involved in leadership of big companies in the US for quite a long time. He has an experience spreading to over two years in building heathcare companies. Ara has been educated in the US. He attended the Florida State University and obtained a degree in business management and marketing. ‘


Some of the companies that Ara Chackerian has been part and parcel of building include: – PipelineRx that was rebranded to TMS Health Solutions, BMC diagnostics, Embion / Provider amongst others. Ara serves as a board member for several other companies in their early stages mainly in California. When he is not sitting in board meeting, Ara, spends time in his farm in Limonapa, SA. This multi-million dollar investment is an indication of his passion for a better environment. He practices lots reforestation at his teak plantation in Nicaragua as well. He extended his philanthropy by sitting in boards of non-profit making organizations such as JUMA Ventures and CREA Nicaragua. For more details you can checkout thenewsversion.com


Recently, in an interview, Ara, explained that his idea to start TMS medical care came about as he and a long time business partner were in the course of their business activities in North California. Through the business idea, Ara has been able to extend improved Medicare to many Americans through the transcranial magnetic stimulation device. The new technology has taken medical circles by storm. Mental patients have been the greatest beneficiaries of this technology.


Ara Chackerian continues to soar the heights of entrepreneurship and business in the United State and leaving footprints through his innovations and brilliant business ideas. To see more checkout patch.com


Visit; https://about.me/ara-chackerian