Fighting For the Rights Of Global Citizens Is Important For George Soros

George Soros has been a follower of the philosophical theory of the open society for many years as he feels this is one of the most important theories in society after he himself was exposed to it as a student studying at the London School of Economics. In terms of the philanthropic work completed by George Soros the Hungarian born U.S. citizen has always felt a kinship with those who are displaced or excluded from the majority within society as he was forced to hide from Nazi German forces who occupied his native Hungary from 1944 to 1945 and murdered more than 500,000 Hungarian Jews who were not as lucky as Soros to survive. Over the course of his successful career that began in 1957 with a planned short term move to Wall Street, George Soros has provided more than $12 billion in funding for philanthropic causes through his own Open Society Foundations and in private funding for good causes across the globe.

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Many people question why a successful hedge fund manager like George Soros, who is reported by Forbes to have more than $25 billion in personal wealth and owns the Soros Fund Management company with over $30 billion in managed assets, would find so many good causes. The deep sense of closeness George Soros feels to refugees and other marginalized groups in society has led to him seeking to create ways of bringing each and every person into their local community in a bid to change the way the world is seen by all people regardless of age, sex, gender, or religious faith. The Open Society Foundations reports George Soros often finds himself working for the aid of those who are discriminated against within society and are often stripped of their basic human rights, such as Roma groups in Europe who have benefited from the largest integration program in the history of the continent. Read more on

George Soros developed his initial philanthropic work as a response to the problems being seen in South Africa in the 1970s when the Apartheid program was in operation and the hedge fund manager hoped to provide funding for educational opportunities for those trapped under the regime. The Open Society Foundations was originally created in 1979 by Soros as he sought to develop a new way of educating and integrating as many different groups into society as possible; the group has expanded with the aid of the funding of George Soros to now operated programs in over 100 countries across the globe in a bid to create a new policy for integrating as many people as possible into society to live a healthy, free life with the aid of funding provided by George Soros.

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Squaw Valley Statement

As recent news confirmed that E. coli and coliform bacteria were found in the drinking water at Squaw Valley, representatives at the resort have issued a public statement. On Nov. 8, the initial health reports were released. Squaw Valley has been addressing the issue since its discovery and levels of bacteria have seen a steady decrease and the water quality is on schedule to quickly be back to normal. Despite Squaw Valley’s progression toward normality, the restaurants on upper mountain remained closed and skiers are still not allowed to drink the water. Top to bottom skiing is still allowed on the resort as there have been no reported instances of health problems.

In their statement, Squaw Valley exclaimed that the initial findings of E. coli and coliform bacteria were traced back to a rainstorm that impacted several systems In Placer County. The uncommon weather event led to the flooding of one of the water systems that had recently been installed. Squaw Valley insisted in their statement that the contaminated water was never accessible to the public as the issue was addressed prior to a spread. Current methods imposed by the water ban are intended to err on the side of caution. Routine testing resulted in the discovery of the contamination and soon after Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District were contacted. Squaw Valley has also contacted other leaders in water safety and has since been working with them in order bring about a swift resolution to the problem. Regular water usage will not return to its normal schedule until authorities have confirmed that all contamination has been eliminated. As safety continues to be the primary concern at Squaw Valley, bottled water is now being offered free-of-charge at the resort and they have given special thanks to Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District for their assistance in finding a solution.

Ongoing Troubles Plague The Quincy

The area surrounding The Quincy, and within the apartment complex itself, as seen a fair amount of crime in the last three years. While much of the crime has been related to property theft and simple assaults, there has also been far more violent crimes that have occurred.

In May 7, 2013, the South Brunswick Patch reported on a man being charged in a November 30,2012 armed robbery of a pizza delivery driver. The perpetrator of this robbery is alleged to be Parysh Wood, who also goes by the nicknames “Pistol” and “P gun”. The investigating officer was able to identify him through the use of obtaining cell phone site information for the time and location of the crime. He given $100,000 bail and placed in the Middlesex County Correction Center.

The delivery man had gone to an apartment at The Quincy in order to make a delivery. Told that no pizza had been ordered he went back to his vehicle. On the way three men approached him and said it was their pizza.

Another crime that occurred in New Brunswick was a shooting that occurred on October 7, 2015. One man was injured after being shot, and was transported to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in what was reported to a dark-colored Honda. The armed suspect was described by a witness as wearing a hoodie and fled the scene. The complex where the shooting occurred has been described as a crime hotspot.