The Achievements of Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education is a non-profit program founded by John Danner and Preston Smith, a principal. The school is a program of the Charter Management Organization and has its head office at San Jose, California. The institution has several schools in different countries and is still expanding to other areas. Rocketship Education is on the verge of becoming a global school. Rocketship is an elementary school that provides learning opportunities to all including individuals with disabilities and healthy kids. It has a vast learning program that offers different forms of the learning experience. The school appreciates diversity; it enrolls students and teachers from different ethnic backgrounds. Rocketship Education promotes cultural diversity by encouraging parents to recruit kids into the school, and not limiting their kid’s interactions. Students at the school are aware of the value of ethnic appreciation and communications.

Rocketship Education provides a platform where parents express themselves, thus informing the school on what needs to be changed, what needs to stay and what needs to be gotten rid. The school has a stable teacher-parent relationship; this relationship allows both teachers and parents to understand the students work at school and home. It also enables the general evaluation of the student which is helpful in determining what a student can do best or what his weak areas are. Read more in this article.

Rocketship Education is a public school providing quality education. Parents are currently for the switch to public education programs like the one offered by Rocketship due to the excellent work they do. The school hires teachers that can handle the learning program and are well suited to working in such an environment. To be a great achieving teacher one needs to have the required dedication and a mindset that focuses on doing the best. A focused mindset can accomplish a lot. The school believes in continuous learning; this is where students and teachers continuously learn new ideas. The school also encourages a healthy learning environment for kids with disabilities; these kids attend regular classes and interact freely with the rest of the school. The network discourages any discrimination. Rocketship is aiming at expanding the school globally.

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Orange Coast College – article recap

The prestigious California Orange Coast College has recently cut a ceremonial ribbon for its brand new recycling center. This affordable college was opened in 1947 in Costa Mesa. People come from all over to prepare for various careers. For at least 30 years, Orange Coast College has been leading the communities efforts in environmental waste reduction. They had a smaller recycling center that served the public for many years. The new structure is beautiful, as well as functional. It boasts eco-friendly photovoltaic lighting that is cost effective and reduces expensive fuel costs necessary for electricity plants. The enlarged parking lot can hold 45 vehicles easily.


This college continues to promote their recycling cause within the community. They team up with other area environmental groups to provide many terrific environmental services. People can drop off unwanted junk every week day. The center pays standard California rates to residents of 5+ cents for each glass bottle. They also pay per pound for other items like aluminum cans, HEPA bottles and various forms of paper products. This college takes used appliances and electronics including televisions, computers and printers. California’s landfill trash is being vastly reduced by recycling efforts such as this one.


The College has been awarded funds from several private and government environmental conservation organizations. They are using these monies to improve the college dorms, education programs, building upgrades, better student parking and increased campus safety. They are also finding ways to cut operational costs to keep student tuition and fees down at reasonable prices. Orange Coast County provides education in approximately 135 career/job educational fields, and many of its students continue on to other public and private top-notch state universities when their studies at Orange Coast College are complete. The school recently remodeled and modernized their popular science building.


Individuals can find out more regarding specific recycling limits by contacting the college ( They can’t take hazardous waste, chemicals, motor oils or furniture among other things. This is a fantastic way for the area residence to clean out trash and earn some coins. The environment is important to Orange Coast College.