Blockchain Technology by Serge Belamant

Belamant He was a bright student who excelled in his studies and other activities. He played rugby and had many friends. He loved living in South Africa despite not wanting to move. He was the house captain for science for his school.

Serge Belamant was chosen the head prefect in 1972 and won the Victor Ludorum Award. He represented his school in chess competition and finished sixth. He attended Witwatersrand University to study engineering. He changed to computer science and mathematics when he realized that he did not want to study engineering. He transferred to the University of South Africa in the third year to study information systems. He did not graduate and joined the workforce at 22 years.

Serge was once an influential man in South Africa. He is the founder and patent holder of blockchain technology. His innovations are instrumental in the financial sector. He developed applications and software used in financial analysis. Serge Belamant invented technologies used to create several cryptocurrencies. Moreover, people refer to his inventions to understand new technologies. He used a smart card to develop blockchain technology.

The technology has a micro-controller which creates and distributes independent transaction reports. It helps government banks and people to process various activities from investment to deposits. They facilitate withdrawals in safe environments. Serge Belamant’s invention is credited for improving financial analysis. Block chain technology is now being used widely in numerous business applications

Blockchain technology is a list brought together by cryptography. It makes record-keeping easy and smooth. Individual ledgers contain transaction reports and timestamps. Serge Belamant invented the technology in 1989. It was developed to promote transparency, data security, and accuracy. Before the invention, banks and government institutions lost money and sensitive information. They were searching for ways to store data without worry.

When blockchain technology was invented, some people were skeptical about its performance. People saw its benefits when transparency and accuracy increased in a financial institution. Every institution wanted to use blockchain technology. Serge Belamant used smart cards to create the technology. They had microprocessors which were on and off.

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Shiraz Boghani: Splendid Hospitality Group

Shiraz Boghani is a prominent businessman who is the founder of the Splendid Hospitality Group. These are hotels that both budget friendly to luxurious accommodations for anyone traveling in the United Kingdom. Thanks to Shiraz Boghani, this chain is very successful.

He won several awards but one that stands out is the 2016 Asian Business Award. As a hotelier, this is a high honor and it really showcases his true gift of making a hotel a comfortable place for guest to stay. It also shows in his leadership as co-chairman at Sussex Healthcare. He and Shafik Sachedina put their heads together to create the most successful as the largest healthcare system in the United Kingdom. These two businessmen have accomplished what the healthcare industry can not fathom. It paid off with the elderly and disabled young adults benefitting from it.

Sussex Healthcare has its own academy that trains the staff on how to provide outstanding care to every patient. Perks for working at the establishment are also given. Employees can get bonuses for working and night shifts during the holidays. There is a staff bus that will take them to their work locations free of charge. Other perks include free uniforms and a discount for using healthcare network for their elderly or disabled loved one. Shiraz Boghani did all this with the help of his partner Dr. Sachedina not realizing that the one facility they were creating would turn into 20. Both men have proven that they know how to put together a business that is actually helpful to the people.

Shiraz Boghani is a charted accountant. That was only the start of his ride to the top. He became very successful with his hotel group which lead to his skills having a huge impact on healthcare. No one can say that Shiraz Boghani cannot do anything in the field of health. He has proven that he can and did it better than those with higher expertise. The United Kingdom has Boghani’s vast talent in areas where the country needs it the most. He is not going anywhere.

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Roc Nation’s OG Juan Perez Leads New Sport Management Division

OG Juan Perez is the current president and CEO of Roc Nation Sports, a sports agency and division of rapper Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter’s company, Roc Nation. OG Juan oversees the brand strategies, media relations, philanthropies and endorsement deals for all of the athletes signed under its agency. Born and raised in a lively neighborhood in New York City, OG Juan Perez’s life-changing moment shortly came after being introduced to one of the city’s most famous rappers, Jay-Z. They have been close friends and business partners for over two decades.

In the late 90s, OG Juan would help run the recording studios of his famous friend. This lasted until the early 2000s when OG Juan ventured into the entertainment industry with Jay-Z. In 2003, they opened the 40/40 Club, a well-received sports bar based in New York City. The success of the sports bar and OG Juan’s vast knowledge of baseball and other sports led to the launch of Roc Nation’s very first sports agency. Jay-Z immediately appointed OG Juan as the leader of his new sports management division and was not disappointed with the results.

Jay-Z’s love and respect for his longtime friend were recently expressed after he threw an extravagant birthday bash during the Memorial Day weekend. The rapper bought 40 bottles of fine wine at one club alone and the cost toppled over $91,000. The bar tab immediately went viral and put the NYC nightclub under the main spotlight. OG Juan Perez was mentioned in several of rapper’s songs including “Top Off” and “Boss.” He currently resides in New York City with his wife and longtime friend, Desiree “Des” Perez.

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Great Work of Robert Ivy at American Institute of Architects

American Institute of Architects (AIA) is among the leading firms of architects in the United States, and its headquarters is based in Washington. The mission of the organization is to put in place all the necessary mean with the purpose of providing services that are of the right standards to their clients. Additionally, the team addresses factors of advocacy services and matters of education to the government. The members of the organization have set up the objectives that drive the operations that are taking place within it. There is a team of experts that occupies the front line in steering and coordinating the service of the firm. All the achievements of the organization are linked to its body which entails boosting the level of professionalism of the new architectures and creating a right image to them in the public eye. AIA has further extended its hand to work with other construction experts across the globe with the primary objective of creating an excellent teamwork and improving the services that are provided by the construction and building industries. The efforts that the firm has put has elevated its level to be among the leading organization in the world. Visit this website at  about AIA

Robert Ivy is the present head of the American Institute of Architects while Thomas V. Vonier acts as the president. The two are professionals that are driving all the factors required with the intention of placing the firm within the vital niche. Furthermore, there are different specialist which forms part of the team that is related to the field work of the organization. Robert Ivy, through his pragmatic skills, has also set up different departments that are dealing with different matters that are related to the construction and building. The move has helped the firm handle various challenges that are arising from the field with ease. Learn more about on Robert Ivy

The history of the American Institute of Architects is traced way back in the year 1857. It was founded by 13 qualified individuals in the field of architecture with on objectives of making scientific and practical matters of their field achievable within the set time frame. Within the same year, the organization also integrated 16 more experts as part of the board who are pushing for the firms’ targets. The resilience of Robert Ivy and the members made the American Institute of Architects recognized in the United States. The firm the put in place different schools that with an agenda of crafting the new architectures who meets the required level in the field. Aside that, through the efforts of the leaders, the firm came up with a constitution and registered it in New York Society of Architects

American Institute of Architects through the efforts of Robert Ivy and team members have achieved many of the organizations.

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Robert Ivy – The Master Architect Leads AIA To Greater Heights

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is based in the United States and has its headquarters in Washington DC. It provides public outreach, education, community development and advocates for the architecture profession. It is made up of over 90,000 licensed architects, more than 200 employees and has 300 local chapters. Most of its members are licensed architects, allied partners of the profession and emerging architects.

The organization has achieved much since its inception in 1857. Then it was known as the ‘New York Society of Architects’ and had 13-member architects who wished to elevate the architect profession and promote the practical and scientific performance of its member architects. Today, it sponsors hundreds of architect students and helps professional architects maintain their license.

It has also continually set the trends and standards in the construction and design industry by providing different rules and contracts. The organization also hosts the yearly AIA conference on Architecture which brings together professionals from the industry and provides an avenue for architects to meet, share and learn from each other.

The organization also publishes numerous articles and publications, including ‘The Magazine of the American Institute of Architects’ and web-sourced resources that provide direction and showcases work of professional architects. The organization has also advocated for the architectural profession and has award programs that award designers and professionals that have outstanding achievements. Through the institution, the public has seen the value in design and the architecture profession.

About Robert Ivy

The organization is headed by Robert Ivy as the chief executive officer since Feb. 1, 2011. Ivy holds a master of architecture from Tulane University, and he is a graduate of Bachelors of Arts degree from the University of the South. He is a well-known figure in the architecture profession as he served as the editor in chief of the Architectural Record for 14 years. He was well known as a spokesman of the architect profession on matters such as the effect architecture on political, social and environmental issues.

Under his leadership, the Architectural Record was able to win many awards including the national magazine award for general excellence, 26 Jesse H. Neal award for magazine journalism among others. Since he started managing AIA, he has built a relevant and responsive AIA that advances the architect professional and also helps the public understand the critical role played by architects in their everyday life.

In the year 2009, Ivy was granted the G.D Crain Jr. award due to his editorial contributions in the media. He has authored the book ‘Fay Jones Architect’ which is said to have the highest standard of design, scholarship, and production.

Vijay Eswaran and His QI Group – Helping Thousands Realize Success

Anyone who can reach a network of $550 million after having driven a cab knows a little about what it takes to realize success. Vijay Eswaran accomplished this through the powerful leverage of network marketing.

The result is having changed his life and thousands of other people whose lives he has touched. He offers a number of insights into how a person can persevere when times get tough.

He teaches that common sense and wisdom that can shorten a person’s path to success.

First, he had to overcome conditioning. His family drilled into his head that he could only make a living in a nine-to-five job. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

He soon realized that his part-time network marketing business was earning more than his full-time job. Even then it was still difficult for a time to change his mindset about traditional employment.

Education served him well as he earned a master’s degree and eventually his Ph.D. His second belief is that success is a result of finding ways to help others. Read more: Vijay Eswaran | Professional Profile – LinkedIn

Vijay Eswaran third revelation is that we get back what we give away.

Giving to others can bring about a wonderful feeling and create positive effects in a person’s life. Giving creates a mentality that draws even more prosperity into a person’s life.

Eswaran also takes time each day to reflect on his life and look within. He is currently the executive chairman of the QI Group. The QI Group of companies is a multinational conglomerate of businesses.

Regional offices are located in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines