Serge Belamant’s Inventions and Patents

Born in Tulle, France way back in 1953, Serge Belamant moved to South Africa aged 14. While in South Africa, he attended Highlands North High School and learned to speak English in addition to his excellence in chess and rugby.Belamant has always been an inventive fellow. First, he came up with Blockchain technology, a type of technology that has helped users to better protect their data and information. Those that have used this new product that was developed by Serge Belamant have realized some benefits, the biggest one being the avoidance of data theft. Based on the potential that Blockchain technology presents, Belamant took the necessary steps to ensure that he patents his new concept and idea. For this, the United States Patent Office gave him a full patent that allowed him to license and use his idea in any manner that he sees fit. For instance, those working in the banking industry would have to pay some fee to use this technology to provide better services to their clients.

Other Patents by Serge Belamant

The Blockchain technology isn’t the only invention that can be accredited to Serge Belamant. Other inventions and subsequent patents filed by Belamant include:

  • Verification of a Transactor’s Identity

This is a best transaction system that facilitates financial transactions between a transactor and a transactee for seamless financial transactions.

  • Funds Transfer System

This is a method that enables one to transfer funds including a number of steps that link an initial “smart card” to the first financial institution, and recording the corresponding value in the initial smart card.

  • Financial Transactions with a Varying Pin

This is another invention of  Belemant providing a financial transaction facilitating device that facilitates a given transaction at a point of sale station or ATM via the internet or login into a financial account by generating a personal identification number (PIN) in response to the correct biometric identifier that’s supplied.

  • Secure Financial Transactions

Here, the primary account number of a conventional debit or credit account with a financial institution or a bank is simulated or emulated, which incorporates, in an encrypted manner, the actual account number.

Rick Smith Is Providing Creative Solutions

Rick Smith is the CEO of Securus Technologies. This company is a leading provider of those technologies that are being used currently for protecting society. These services are required by individuals, public safety organizations as well as corrections organizations. These services are used to protect as well as investigate situations.

Securus Technology is specializing in civil as well as criminal justice technology. They are providing solutions that focus on solving crimes as well as on preventing them from occurring in future. These crimes will also include crimes that have been committed by inmates while they were incarcerated.

This would make incarceration a much safer and better alternative as compared to leaving people outside where they may end up committing more crimes and creating highly terrifying situations. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Rick.

Rick Smith is the Chairman as well as Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies. He claims that Securus Technologies is sending out service as well as product development proposals every week in order to assist law enforcement as well as corrections agencies. This way the company is helping to solve crimes.  This is why Securus Technologies is receiving thousands of letters as well as emails on a regular basis. This is customer appreciation as the company has managed to continue providing adequate services. This has helped to keep the society safe. Even the inmates, as well as their families, are feeling much safer than before. Moreover, Rick Smith feels that building safety has become a part of his company. They also feel that it is their responsibility to the society to protect as well as serve the community.

Securus Technologies had been established to assist public service agencies. Today it is also helping business owners as well as individuals by providing monitoring services. Currently, Securus Technologies has its headquarters in Dallas, TX. It is serving over 2,450 public safety agencies, law enforcement as well as corrections agencies. Additionally, it is serving over 1,200,000 inmates who are spread across North America.

The company is already a market leader in its field. This is because it is making use of the latest technology. Besides, they are constantly looking for innovative solutions in order to upgrade themselves. Hence the company is able to keep its customers happy by providing them with customized solutions.

Rick Smith is the perfect choice for leading this company. He has ample experience in varied fields. This will help him to provide proper direction and motivation to the company and lead it to further success.

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Jason Hope: Changing Technology In Arizona

Jason Hope is a huge advocate of the Internet of Things. He is a writer on all things technology and he is a successful entrepreneur.

At, he wrote about the topic of the Internet of Things and called the theory the new wave of advancement that has hit the technology industry. His articles on new technology are highly celebrated. When speaking about Jason Hope’s articles, you have to understand the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things is a theory that technology that is connected can allow numerous device to be sync with one another. The devices can vary from devices we all use in our daily lives to kitchen appliances, cars, and street lights. The idea is to have all of our devices sync to each other, so we can eliminate waste.

Jason Hope believes that the Internet of Thing has the opportunity to change the way companies and individuals operate. He believes that it also has the potential to be the greatest advancement in the modern technology industry. According to Jason Hope, the Internet of Things is becoming increasingly influential, that it can be the greatest investment for companies all over the world.

Once corporations embrace the Internet of Things, other companies will have to follow the trend. Jason Hope thinks that this will lead to more devices to be connected to each other quicker than expected. Hope has a strong belief that smart technology will shift from being a convenience for many to a way of life for all. He believes that connected devices are the way of the future.

Jason Hope was born and raised in Tempe, Arizona. He currently lives in Scottsdale. He considers himself a futurist. In addition to technology, he has a strong interest in politics in the state of Arizona, as well as the political scene all over the country.