Richard Quiangdong Liu

Since its origination in 2004 previously known as Jingdong and 360buy Ltd has been run by the Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Richard Quiangdong Liu.

Unlink most other ruling Chinese e-commerce brands, there is a definite practice has of sourcing goods straight from the supplier and than reselling directly to shoppers. By doing this it allows verification of the legitimacy of the products that are being sold, this in turn highers the trust level of their customers in China’s cautious e-commerce industry.

Thanks to the focus on both reliability as well as honesty the retail model and method of Richard Liu are given the credit for the countries growth in the e-commerce industry. The growth of has also made it the countries biggest online direct sales company when it comes to the volume of transactions the company has had.

Shervin Pishevar’s remarkable 21 hours of tweet explained

In the world of business and investments, Shervin Pishevar is a renowned and respected man. He has vast knowledge and extensive experience in the investments sector. Shervin is the executive chairman and co-founder of Virgin Hyperloop One as well as the Sherpa Capital’s managing director. He is popularly known as a distinguished investor and particularly an early investor at Uber Technologies. Shervin an Iranian immigrant into the US has dramatically succeeded as a venture capitalist beyond what many would expect of an immigrant. He has a deep entrepreneurial spirit and an outstanding investor character.


On 5th February 2018, Shervin Pishevar started a tweetstorm predicting the economic trends in America. The tweetstorm that lasted for 21 hours, composed of 50 tweets was filled with Shervin’s warnings and concerns over America’s economic future. In all his 50 tweets, he made some outlandish predictions on a financial storm. Whether the predictions are right or not, it’s just a matter of time. Having worked in over 20 investment companies, he might be knowing something that the ordinary people might not.


In his first tweet, Shervin Pishevar predicted that the economy would experience an unexpected drop by 6,000 points. In such a shaky economy, nothing is for certain, and the market is not safe for anyone. There are times that the market has dropped significantly and thus this prediction cannot be ruled out. In his next tweets, he expressed his belief in the continued crash of bitcoin stating that the crash is not over yet. He also stated that in the current technology age, the Silicon Valley idea is outdated and cannot be banked upon. He noted that the project is losing influence over time.

In another tweet, Shervin Pishevar claimed on future volatility of the markets. He elaborated on current economic shifts and the world experiencing an economic transformation while America is failing to maintain the lead. However bad the fact is, entrepreneurs can make a lot out of it. As much as these predictions cannot be justified, it is food for thought for all investors as well as the American government. In a world of rapid economic changes, only time will tell what the great business minds will come up with to cope with the changes.

Alex Hern Takes A Different Approach To Technology

An Entrepreneur With A Vision

Alex Hern understands what the tech industry needs today. His new company Tsunami VR is trying to change how we think about communication. We use mobile devices and WiFi to talk to other people on a daily basis. Virtual reality has the potential to become the default medium for communicating purposes, but this can only happen when entrepreneurs develop a strategy. Alex Hern wants to prove he can make this new approach reality. His efforts are paving the way for a VR media.

Where Tsunami Might Take Us

Tsunami VR has the potential to change the way we think about virtual reality, and the company is trying to approach its marketing from a practical standpoint. Alex Hern wants to market his products towards a professional demographic. Most people think of virtual reality as a form of entertainment, but the technology has the potential to offer practical applications. When we communicate in person, we’re able to convey our message with more substance. We can express our message with clarity and accuracy. Tsunami VR is an attempt to bring this technology into the eyes of the mainstream.

The Future Of The Tech Industry

If Alex Hern succeeds, Tsunami VR will shape the future of the communication. The tech industry is shifting towards interactive and immersive media. This move is a step in the right direction for the industry, and investors think Alex Hern can realize his vision. Tsunami VR is attracting attention from other entrepreneurs who want to see their own companies succeed. His model for entrepreneurship is going to influence the next wave of tech startups. Virtual reality has the potential to change our lives. Tsunami VR is creating the foundation for VR technology in the professional world, and Alex Hern is going to bring more innovation to the table.

A Little About Serge Belamant And Net1 Technologies

Serge Belamant is an entrepreneur who founded the company Net1 Technologies. This is a company that hands out smart cards to the indigent people of South Africa. The smart cards are loaded with the recipient’s welfare payments. The recipient spends the money on the card as needed.

Serge Belamant founded Net1 after the company he was working for could no longer service South Africa. When he founded the company, he had a difficult time getting it off the ground. There were a number of banks that would not accept his business because they thought it would undermine  own business.

Serge Belamant moved to South Africa from France when he was just 14. He moved there with his family. His father took a position with a company in South Africa. He attended an all-boys high school. When he graduated from high school, he immediately enrolled at Witwatersrand University. He initially began studying computer engineering. During his second year, he decided to change his course of studies to computer science and applied mathematics. He did not complete his studies at Witwatersrand University, instead, he transferred and enrolled at the University of South Africa. However, he did not complete his studies here either.

Serge Belamant joined the workforce when he was just 22-years old. He did so without completing his studies. When he joined the workforce he worked for someone else. However, he founded Net1 Technologies in response to his company leaving South Africa.

Serge Belamant served as the president and Chief Executive Officer of Net1 Technologies. He no longer works with them. After he left the company in 2017, he began another business. This business is also a technology business. He is the founder of 2 businesses and currently operates 1 of them on his own.

In conclusion, this article discussed Serge Belamant and Net1 Technologies. We discussed where Serge Belamant went to high school and which universities he studied at. He did not complete his studies, he withdrew to avoid having to repeat classes he had already passed. When he was just 22 years, he joined the workforce because he dropped out of college.

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Serge Belamant’s Inventions and Patents

Born in Tulle, France way back in 1953, Serge Belamant moved to South Africa aged 14. While in South Africa, he attended Highlands North High School and learned to speak English in addition to his excellence in chess and rugby.Belamant has always been an inventive fellow. First, he came up with Blockchain technology, a type of technology that has helped users to better protect their data and information. Those that have used this new product that was developed by Serge Belamant have realized some benefits, the biggest one being the avoidance of data theft. Based on the potential that Blockchain technology presents, Belamant took the necessary steps to ensure that he patents his new concept and idea. For this, the United States Patent Office gave him a full patent that allowed him to license and use his idea in any manner that he sees fit. For instance, those working in the banking industry would have to pay some fee to use this technology to provide better services to their clients.

Other Patents by Serge Belamant

The Blockchain technology isn’t the only invention that can be accredited to Serge Belamant. Other inventions and subsequent patents filed by Belamant include:

  • Verification of a Transactor’s Identity

This is a best transaction system that facilitates financial transactions between a transactor and a transactee for seamless financial transactions.

  • Funds Transfer System

This is a method that enables one to transfer funds including a number of steps that link an initial “smart card” to the first financial institution, and recording the corresponding value in the initial smart card.

  • Financial Transactions with a Varying Pin

This is another invention of  Belemant providing a financial transaction facilitating device that facilitates a given transaction at a point of sale station or ATM via the internet or login into a financial account by generating a personal identification number (PIN) in response to the correct biometric identifier that’s supplied.

  • Secure Financial Transactions

Here, the primary account number of a conventional debit or credit account with a financial institution or a bank is simulated or emulated, which incorporates, in an encrypted manner, the actual account number.

Alex Hern An Accomplished Entrepreneur

Alex Hern is an experienced entrepreneur. In 2011, he founded Tsunami XR which is based in San Diego, California and it specializes in large software and content solutions for corporations, he is currently the CEO. He co-founded multiple businesses like Inktomi which was a company that provided software to internet service providers. Some of its costumers included, EBay, Microsoft, HotBot, and Walmart. He founded Arcsight which is a company that provides data security analytics information, intelligent software, and management for businesses, it was sold to Hewlet Packard for 1.4 billion. He was also the co-founder and director of Yesmail which provides email marketing solutions for corporations, it was sold to CMGI for 6.5 million.

Alex Hern gave his thoughts on a survey that was conducted by AICC on Meeting Room of the Future. The purpose of the survey was to obtain information on what is effective in meeting rooms like advance technology, space and design, internet, and food and beverage and to share the association’s vision on how meeting room will change to adopt to future business encounters. Alex Hern said, “It’s now about engaging delegates and encouraging collaboration.” Future meetings are not about one person talking and presenting an idea, it is about cooperation. Video conferences are common therefore, meeting rooms need to have the right equipment to accommodate all attendees. Alex Hern’s company Tsunami XR, provides virtual reality and 3D hologram experience for meetings. The virtual reality allows depth camera capture and high resolution high streaming which allows conferences that are video conferences. Alex Hern stated that the video conferences no longer have to miss the facial gestures and non-verbal communication that speak volumes. The virtual tools that Tsunami XR offer facilitate productivity and creativity during meetings.

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Talos Energy Is A Reliable Oil And Gas Company

Talos energy is a company in Mexico that specializes in oil and gas, and it engages assessment, development, and manufacture of the same in the Gulf Coast as well. The company is based in Houston, Texas and was founded by Timothy Duncan in 2012 who is currently the Chief Executive Officer. The company was established with an equity raise of $600 million from Apollo Global Management and Riverstone Holdings. Recently, Timothy Duncan completed a merger with Stone Energy a deal he had looked forward to for long. With the merger that would cost his company $2.5 billion, he took a significant risk considering that Stone Energy Company had filed for bankruptcy. Either way, the merger would mark Talos Energy as a public entity without the cost of a public offering. Considering the trouble Timothy Duncan went through during this period, the deal was worth all the trouble as he did not do it at the comfort of his home but his mother’s house after floods displaced him and his family.

After Talos Energy took over Stone Energy upon the acquisition, the founder Timothy Duncan was expected to preside over an oil empire with a revenue of $900 million annually. In that case, the company is expected to produce 48,000 barrels of oil every day after its expansion. Additionally, with the advancement of technology, there will be more advanced methods of drilling oil, especially in the waters. The fact that the company focuses on offshore exploration and production of oil means that it has to have the right people for the job as a wrong move can jeopardize the whole process. In that case, it has professionals in geophysical technology and advanced drilling techniques who facilitate exploitation of targeted areas thoroughly and skillfully. Talos Energy, in that case, has brought a revolution in the gas and oil industry under the leadership of Timothy Duncan who leaves nothing to chance and has worked hard towards the achievements of the company. Being a vital industry that other industries rely on for production, it has remained relevant in competitive market and continues to thrive as new deals come up.

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How to Own a Transaction: GreenSky Credit

GreenSky, Inc., was founded back in 2006 and its headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia. The company is in the financial technology market and partners with banks and other merchants to provide consumers with loans for healthcare, home improvement and other vital purposes through GreenSky credit. The company’s primary customer base is home remodeling contractors and homeowners.

GreenSky credit provides its services through a mobile app which it markets to contractors who in turn introduce it to homeowners as a tool to enable them to apply for loans. The main selling point for the contractors is that it helps them attract more customers to their business. GreenSky credit doesn’t, however, use its capital to finance the loans. Instead, it partners with banks that provide the loans. The contractors and the banks pay a certain percentage of the loan amount to GreenSky. This is a genius business plan since the company transfers most of the risk and work to the other parties and still benefits from both sides.

The company’s CEO and co-founder David Zalik is an Israeli immigrant who was raised in Alabama since he was four years old. He never graduated high school or college. His father was a mathematics professor at Auburn University where Zalik attended part-time classes after turning thirteen and later enrolled full time instead of going to high school. At some point, he started buying computer parts and assembling them to PC’s and then selling them. He later dropped out to focus on his company MicroTech which he later sold when he was twenty-two for a couple of million dollars.

After starting the company in 2006, it wasn’t until around 2013 that the GreenSky credit model that involved contractors began showing some promise. Over the years the company has sold some of its stock to other investors, but Zalik still owns the majority of the company which puts him on the mark of billionaires with a net worth of about 2.5 billion.

The GreenSky Credit provides the loans in a matter of hours in a few simple steps; a contractor is chosen, approved and trained and later chooses the type of loans he wants to offer his customers, he then pitches it to a potential customer and helps them apply and when approved receives an account number. If the customer accepts the terms of the loan, the payment is approved to the contractor by providing the account number and paying a percentage of the amount to the contractor according to their agreement. The contactor then receives the loan within 24 hours.

Why Robert Deignan is a household name in the technological scene

In the emerging technological world, business growth has been on the rise in many countries. Robert Deignan is a technological personality that has invested in techniques to help businesses grow and make a profit. Robert Deignan has over 20 years in the technological space where he has been instrumental in the establishment of leading business entities. He was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and later graduated with a degree in Organizational Leadership from Purdue University. He was optimistic about developing technological solutions that would bring change in the way business is done. In additions to technological experience, Robert Deignan is a talented football personality who has benefited from the fruits of his hard work. For instance, he got a full scholarship to further his education because of football.

Robert Deignan wanted to make a mark in his early years of graduation. As such, he co-founded Fanlink, Inc, which was the first technology company that would lead to his success. His love for technological advancement made him shift base after three years of working with Fanlink to iS3 Inc. This is a leading software development company dealing in many areas ranging from computer optimization, personalized technical support, and digital security. With a wealth of experience, Robert Deignan moved to form his current company ATS Digital Services.

ATS Digital Services Is a technological company that revolves around the contemporary world by solving many technological challenges. The company has received a boost from Robert Deignan who has injected resourceful skills to ensure it becomes a giant in the provision of technological solutions. The company focuses on different aspects of solutions ranging from installation needs, home network, digital data storage and mobile devices. The company has invested in skilled professionals that have always maintained the credibility of the company. They provide software repair services on items ranging from laptops, computer, mobile, and tablet. ATS Digital Services offers indoor and outdoor services where experts can be reached at any time of the day to help in fixing technological problems either at workplaces or offices. Robert Deignan has invested in more research geared towards finding solutions for future technological issues since the world keeps changing and improving in digital development.