A gift of the season by Securus Technologies

Securus is the leading company in providing communication services for the inmates. Multiple correction agencies have relied on them for these communication facilities. Recently the company has launched the first system which allows video messaging. Securus understands the inconvenience of families in making calls and the costs incurred. So as to deliver quality services and enable families to keep in touch, it launched one of a kind system. The company constructed 600 terminal points for the Video Visitation project. Worldwide calls were now achievable for the inmates from this project. This is a unique service. I love the facility the company provided to ease communication between family members.


Video visitation is a web system where family members create an account. They are in a position to check out available time slots and schedule their visits. This is a very efficient system regarding cost, more time with inmates and convenience of the visits. I believe prisons are not one of the places one would like to visit during Christmas. It is a time when families come together, talk, eat and get to open gifts. Such activities strengthen the family bonds and keep them united. However, the inmates are disadvantaged as they fail to enjoy the joy and happiness of family time.


I am thankful for Securus Technologies for launching this product. It is the best Christmas gift the company has given to people. Through YouTube, we see a video that illustrates the use of the system. A video call is scheduled for a son to his father. He witnesses his dear son opening a Christmas gift and happily communicate. This software reunites spouses and parents with their children. Securus has contributed in keeping families together this Christmas period. It helps them overcome the difficulties of long queues, long drives and limited time visits in the prisons. It gets better for the inmates as they contact more family members during one video visit.