End Citizens United Continues With Their Mission Of Seeing Pro-Reform Candidates Elected

According to the recent article in the Alabama Political Reporter, on Sep. 27, End Citizens United (ECU) announced they had endorsed Doug Jones, a Democratic nominee, for United States Senate. Jones, a former attorney of the United States, is running in the state of Alabama special election against the politician Roy Moore in the December 12 special election.

ECU said that Moore is a zealot with a bigoted, racist agenda, who is going to defend a rigged system that’s corrupt in Washington that is favoring the special interests’ priorities over every day Alabamians. The president of the ECU, Tiffany Muller, said that the radical agenda of Roy Moore doesn’t have a place in the United States Senate. His radical ideology is against the American values and Alabama values. And in Washington, he is going to give special interests to people with big money and more influence over their politics.

While Moore has regularly embarrassed Alabamian; he paid himself and his spouse over 1 million dollars from a charity he was controlling, Jones is a man of integrity and character. He has been a sturdy prosecutor who is not afraid of doing what is right and he is going to take same dedication to Congress; he’ll unrig the system so that it works for every single American.

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Jones said that the families in Alabama are tired of watching the State of Washington leave them behind. Reform empowering voters is going to invert the broken system that is prioritizing deep-pocketed interests over ordinary Alabamians. Jones continued saying that he was looking forward to working with ECU to curb the Big Money corrosive, corrupting influence in politics.

ECU added that Moore is firmly aligned a dubious special interest mega-donor like the Mercer family as well as Steve Bannon, their right-hand man. The Senate Leadership Fund, PAC (political action committee) which supported his main opponent, United Senate Luther Strange, R-Ala.; had announced that it would honor the Alabama Republicans wishes and would support Moore.

The special general election, which is to fill the seat that Jeff Sessions vacated after the Senate approved him as a United States attorney general, is going to be on December 12, 2017.

About End Citizen United

ECU is a grassroots donor-funded PAC focusing on ending Citizen’s United, keeping the problem of using money, particularly in politics in the vanguard, seeing pro-reform candidates elected, and more. On the wall of the End Citizen’s Facebook page, you will find updates on their latest news on the progress of their political mission. One post states that End Citizen has endorsed a total of four challengers for Congress: Jason Crow, Dean Philips, Andy Kim, and Anthony Brindisi. All four candidates pledged they are not going to accept any corporate PAC money.

Search more about End Citizens United: http://www.factcheck.org/tag/end-citizens-united/

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