Fabletics: Focused on Making a Difference by Giving Prominence to Customer Voice

Fabletics has set an example in the online fashion industry with a phenomenal success that captured from nowhere in just four years. Considering the dominant players like Amazon, no new brand is expected to make a significant impact in the industry due to the competition, changing customer needs, and more. The firm has produced revenue of more than $250 million by 2016 which is never expected from a new player to the industry. People who analyze the success of the activewear brand can understand that the firm gave importance to customer voice in the form of online reviews.

It is already notified that irrespective of the industry or product type, customers are more inclined to read other customers’ reviews before making their purchase decision. The consumers found to be dedicating their hours to reading reviews for their favorite brands or products on a regular basis, and more positive reviews for a product or brand can significantly reflect in its online sales. More than four-fifths of the customers think that online reviews are something valuable as personal recommendations, per a BrightLocal study. It is also found that positive reviews are playing a significant role in the search engine ranking of the pages in the recent years.

The reviews are also found to produce valuable repeat customers – the biggest asset of any business. This is very clear when it comes to Fabletics as its 85 percent of the business is coming from existing/repeated customers, and nearly 17 percent of the new business is from the referrals of existing customers. Both are becoming important KPI for Fabletics as a brand based on online reviews. Due to that reason, Fabletics has ramped up its efforts to add more reviews online on different independent platforms. With its strategy built on customer reviews, the firm also ensures value, quality, and affordability in an attempt woo more reviews thereby more customers.

The brand was started by Kate Hudson and the TechStyle Fashion Group founders in the year 2013. They identified that there were no economically priced activewear brands available in the market that are producing style as well as quality. This is where Fabletics was born, and the dependence of the founders in technology and personalized shopping experience has made the brand close to the hearts of millions of its customers. Though it faced few initial glitches, the active interference of Hudson and other founders helped the firm to make tremendous success in the market.

While coming to the personalized shopping choice, the firm executed an innovation in the industry by adopting a policy of going for customer’s voice. It means that understanding customer preferences from them individually and produces unique products according to their needs. For that purpose, it introduced a Lifestyle Quiz for the first-time buyers. It means that each new customer has to fill a list of questions that are more or less about their fashion preferences, peculiarities of their body, and more. Based on that data, Fabletics designs unique products for each of its customers. Apart from that, the brand also invites everyone to fill out the Quiz and experience personalized products from the firm.

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