Igor Cornelsen Is Helping To Grow Brazil’s Economy

Igor Cornelsen is one of the largest proponents of Brazil’s economic future. Mr. Cornelsen is the Owner and Founder of Bainbridge Investment Inc., or the Bainbridge Group headquartered in the Bahamas. Brazil is the fifth largest economic country in Latin America. With the unfortunate down levels of the country’s economy, worldwide investors seem to overlook Brazil’s investing potential.

Mr. Igor Cornelsen is looking to change this financial picture. Igor Cornelsen and the Bainbridge Group has identified and is continuing to identify long term investment strategies to entice outside investors. He personally advices and counsels’ investors on how to champion through the Brazilian financial network.

He identifies portfolio strategies within the banking and commercial activities of Brazil that will yield a successful return while he is working with top global companies. Mr. Cornelsen was born in Brazil and attended the Federal University of Parana majoring in economics.

When he graduated, he was hired by one of the largest banks in the country which was the Multibanco Company. Before long, he was identified as a top performing investment banker and after several promotions, Igor was elected to the Multibanco Board of Directors followed within two years of being promoted as its Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Cornelsen’s financial investment forte has always involved working with high profitable stocks. Following his success at Multibanco, he then began a career with Unibanco which was Brazil’s largest investment firm. Igor managed multi-million-dollar financial portfolios by purchasing assets in countries that were experiencing inward economic struggles.

After a few years, he left Unibanco and used his skills and experience to work for London’s giant Libra Bank where he also rose to excellence. Following his successes at Libra, he joined the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank where he remained for seven years as a top financial investor and board members.

After leaving Standard, he then founded him own investment firm with corporate and individual principals who have remained loyal to him throughout his financial career. Mr. Cornelsen carried a reputation for being transparent in his dealings and guiding them through difficult strategies that turned into profitable investments. Today, Igor Cornelsen continues to counsel individuals and businesses on Brazilian and worldwide market investments.

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