Kim Dao Attends the Sailor Moon Musical

Kim Dao met up with some friends in Shibuya to attend a Sailor Moon musical. Sailor Moon began in 1993 as several musicals based on the anime character of the same name. It follows the adventures of a school girl named Usagi Tsukino who’stransformed into a magical Character. It’s quite a successful franchise. Kim Dao and her friend Sharla looked through a large catalog of different gifts that had to do with  Sailor Moon. People can dress like the characters, get figurines, jewelry, and more. The tickets were purchased at a vending machine. The theatre supplied special glasses to see the performance better. There’s also a device that you can wear in your ears to translate the language in whatever language you want. During intermission, Kim Dao and her friends went for a snack. Like most concession stands, the snacks, such as sherbet, were pricey. There were vending machine that sold Sailor Moon charms that are bought but lie around in drawers taking up space.


After Sailor Moon, Kim Dao and Sharla went to Spins where they have clothing with cartoon character images like Pokémon and the Cookie Minster from Sesame Street. Spins also has regular clothing with no celebrity or cartoon icons on them. After leaving Spins, Kim Dao and Sharla did more shopping before going to a sushi restaurant. Kim Dao browsed the displays of makeup, false eyelashes, lipsticks, and eye shadows, Kim Dao bought a keychain wit a pink ribbon. Finally, the girls stopped off for Sushi.


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