Lori Senecal to Step Down From Position as CEO of CP+B

Lori Senecal, the Global CEO of CP+B, will be making an end to her position with the company at the end of the year. She took on the role for MDC Partners Agency back in March 2015, prior to which she’d served as president and CEO of the MDC Partners Network. The latter role she had continued to hold even as Global CEO of CP+B. Chuck Porter, the founder and chairman of CB+B, was quoted as stating on Senecal: “Lori has been the perfect person to help CP+B become something new–a global agency with the flexibility and nimbleness of an entrepreneurial start up.” He went on to say in a more recent statement that now that there was a set structure in place, he and Lori were planning on working together to develop a team for the next generation.

One of the structures Porter may have been referring to was the account that CP+B gained through American Airlines back in October of 2015, which had been gained under Senecal’s leadership. This deal had effectively prevented their competitor, TM Avertising, from maintaining the account. It’s a gain that has boosted productivity within CP+B significantly. Given this new shift in management, it will be Danielle Aldrich who takes up Senecal’s position as president of CP+B. Aldrich was also involved in gaining the American Airlines account under Senecal’s leadership, as well as achieving the Hershey’s account. Check out Forbes to know more.

Lori Senecal works as CEO with a high concentration on good communication and in seeing all good ideas as equal, no matter what the source may have been. She has worked as Global CEO and created much innovation and change in CP+B within an impressively short amount of time. Senecal oversees the company’s ten international offices and maintains all to do with expansion and growth within the company. She joined the agency in 2015 and has since made great impact, gaining large accounts for CP+B including American Airlines, Hershey’s, and Pay Pal. Also, she recently spoke at the 3% conference.

Before her current position, Lori Senecal was the Global Chairman and CEO at KBS. Through her guidance, she turned the company from 250 to over 900 employees and under her leadership at the time, KBS became deemed by Crain’s as “one of the best places to work in New York City.”

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