Madison Street Capital Becomes Financial Advisor for Infiniti HR

The CEO of Madison Street Capital (MSC), Charles Botchway, announced that they would become the main financial advisor for Infiniti HR. Botchway also stated that Madison Street Capital would obtain capital for Infiniti HR, helping their business grow. Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that works internationally.


Infiniti HR is a company, headquartered in Burtonsville, MD, that provides HR services to small and medium-sized companies. By outsourcing their HR needs, these smaller companies can focus on their core competencies and this will help add to their company’s growth.


Madison Street Capital obtained the facility from Oak Street Funding and gave it to Infiniti HR for their debt operations. Oak Street Funding usually provides capital and funding in the insurance sector. This gave Oak Street Funding a complete understanding of Infiniti HR’s multifaceted business model. This transaction is believed to be financially beneficial for all three companies.


Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is a privately held company that is located in Chicago, IL. They have been doing business for over thirteen years. They are an investment banking firm that provides many services to their customers including: mergers and acquisitions, venture capital, business valuation, and corporate advisory, among many others.


Madison Street Capital’s customers tend to be middle-market companies. By learning what these middle-market companies’ value, Madison Street Capital can better assist the company by finding them the right financial advisor. With their extensive experience with these types of services, they have the knowledge to help companies who can be overwhelmed by a process like a merger and acquisition.


Madison Street Capital also has experience internationally in places like Africa, Asia, and the United States. By having this breadth of knowledge, they can easily find their customers the right match for them. Whether it is capital, funding, or any other type of financial services, Madison Street Capital has the experience needed to help companies grow and expand.


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