Meet Shervin Pishevar: As A Well-respected Entrepreneur, Investor, and Millionaire, He Has A Lot To Say About The Future of Cryptocurrency, Bonds and More.

Shervin Pishevar is an Iranian born entrepreneur, who has started many companies and invested in companies like Uber, Warby Parker, The Dollar Shave Club, and Slack. He is also the managing director of Menlo Ventures. In the early part of 2018, Shervin Pishevar had a lot to say about the future of cryptocurrency, bond markets, American companies, monopolies, and also the intriguing subject of unicorns (Amazon, Google, Microsoft Corporation, Apple, Alphabet) along with and their voracious appetite.

In February of this year, Shervin Pishevar laid out seven different points from his Twitter account. In fact, it was a 21 hour tweetathon to put it bluntly. Here are Shervin Pishevar’s main points that were laid out in those 21 hours:

  • February is not a hot month for the market.
  • The bond market is not the same.
  • Inflation is not limited to the U.S.
  • Some big financial funds will collapse.
  • Silicon Valley is not that remake of Rome anymore.
  • The big five unicorn companies of Google, Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple are getting too big like monopolies.
  • Raising capital for entrepreneurs can be done from any state.
  • A new economy can rise from an economic disaster.

Because Shervin Pishevar is so well respected, he has a lot of follower on Twitter who take his word as spot-on. Pishevar had made approximately 50 tweets in February to express his idea as someone who has a globalist viewpoint. He made the point in these tweets that although the economies of the world, especially the U.S. can have a more egalitarian type of an economy after a colossal failure occurs.

Pishevar has been predicting a six thousand point decline he is foreseeing as well as the issue of nationalism and culture as it concerns global trends. Many have considered Pishevar’s tweets that he made in February to contain a bull’s eye dart throw. Shervin believes that the financial systems are teetering on the edge of a significant collapse and that a new economic system must be constructed from scratch, which is a profound notion indeed.