Ongoing Troubles Plague The Quincy

The area surrounding The Quincy, and within the apartment complex itself, as seen a fair amount of crime in the last three years. While much of the crime has been related to property theft and simple assaults, there has also been far more violent crimes that have occurred.

In May 7, 2013, the South Brunswick Patch reported on a man being charged in a November 30,2012 armed robbery of a pizza delivery driver. The perpetrator of this robbery is alleged to be Parysh Wood, who also goes by the nicknames “Pistol” and “P gun”. The investigating officer was able to identify him through the use of obtaining cell phone site information for the time and location of the crime. He given $100,000 bail and placed in the Middlesex County Correction Center.

The delivery man had gone to an apartment at The Quincy in order to make a delivery. Told that no pizza had been ordered he went back to his vehicle. On the way three men approached him and said it was their pizza.

Another crime that occurred in New Brunswick was a shooting that occurred on October 7, 2015. One man was injured after being shot, and was transported to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in what was reported to a dark-colored Honda. The armed suspect was described by a witness as wearing a hoodie and fled the scene. The complex where the shooting occurred has been described as a crime hotspot.

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  1. Once he got back to his vehicle one of them put a gun to his head, stole his wallet, money, and pizza, and escaped in an older minivan. The Quincy is an apartment complex in New Brunswick,New Jersey. This might not be what term paper services has had in mind but I think it plays well for the others than what they used to know even if it means doing something else.

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