Richard Quiangdong Liu

Since its origination in 2004 previously known as Jingdong and 360buy Ltd has been run by the Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Richard Quiangdong Liu.

Unlink most other ruling Chinese e-commerce brands, there is a definite practice has of sourcing goods straight from the supplier and than reselling directly to shoppers. By doing this it allows verification of the legitimacy of the products that are being sold, this in turn highers the trust level of their customers in China’s cautious e-commerce industry.

Thanks to the focus on both reliability as well as honesty the retail model and method of Richard Liu are given the credit for the countries growth in the e-commerce industry. The growth of has also made it the countries biggest online direct sales company when it comes to the volume of transactions the company has had.

Blockchain Technology by Serge Belamant

Belamant He was a bright student who excelled in his studies and other activities. He played rugby and had many friends. He loved living in South Africa despite not wanting to move. He was the house captain for science for his school.

Serge Belamant was chosen the head prefect in 1972 and won the Victor Ludorum Award. He represented his school in chess competition and finished sixth. He attended Witwatersrand University to study engineering. He changed to computer science and mathematics when he realized that he did not want to study engineering. He transferred to the University of South Africa in the third year to study information systems. He did not graduate and joined the workforce at 22 years.

Serge was once an influential man in South Africa. He is the founder and patent holder of blockchain technology. His innovations are instrumental in the financial sector. He developed applications and software used in financial analysis. Serge Belamant invented technologies used to create several cryptocurrencies. Moreover, people refer to his inventions to understand new technologies. He used a smart card to develop blockchain technology.

The technology has a micro-controller which creates and distributes independent transaction reports. It helps government banks and people to process various activities from investment to deposits. They facilitate withdrawals in safe environments. Serge Belamant’s invention is credited for improving financial analysis. Block chain technology is now being used widely in numerous business applications

Blockchain technology is a list brought together by cryptography. It makes record-keeping easy and smooth. Individual ledgers contain transaction reports and timestamps. Serge Belamant invented the technology in 1989. It was developed to promote transparency, data security, and accuracy. Before the invention, banks and government institutions lost money and sensitive information. They were searching for ways to store data without worry.

When blockchain technology was invented, some people were skeptical about its performance. People saw its benefits when transparency and accuracy increased in a financial institution. Every institution wanted to use blockchain technology. Serge Belamant used smart cards to create the technology. They had microprocessors which were on and off.

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The Philanthropist Business Mindset of Hussain Sajwani

Conceived in 1953, Hussain Sajwani is the originator and CEO of DAMAC Group. He is likewise author of the Hussain Sajwani Family. He learned at the University of Washington, receiving a bachelors of art and science degree. In spite of the fact that he is an occupant of Dubai, he has business everywhere throughout the globe. Hussain Sajwani is notable for his sumptuous promoting and capacity to co market with different organizations. After graduating, he started working in the fund business with Abu Dhabi Gas. Only a couple of years after the fact he would begin business and start providing food advance services inside the catering business. His providing food client base comprised of the United States military persons and Bechtel. His business would keep on expanding as he would set himself in position for his next undertaking. Amid summer of 1976, Hussain Sajwani established DAMAC Properties. This is currently known as one of the greatest property advancement organizations all through the Middle East. In 2015, the organization would open up to the world and have it’s offers exchanged on the Dubai Financial Market. DAMAC has some prominent improvements on their resume. One property is a fairway that was composed by Tiger Woods, and overseen by The Trump Organization. The organization has additionally banded together with Paramount pictures, Versace and in addition Bugatti. DAMAC Properties has some expertise in extravagance land. Donald Trump is a business accomplice of Hussain Sajwani. Together they have created greens in Dubai. These greens were created in 2013 and have seen an abundance of guests and income. Sajwani states that he is anticipating accomplishing more business with high status individuals like Donald Trump later on. Hussain and his organizations have bolstered numerous altruism endeavors. One case of the philanthropy work DAMAC has done is giving $2 million to help 1 million destitute youngsters. Expressing that the adolescent are the fate of society and it is vital to give the correct condition to them. He has been a reliable supporter of the philanthropies Red Crescent and Dubai Cares too. He and his organizations keep on touching everybody they communicate with.

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Shervin Pishevar’s remarkable 21 hours of tweet explained

In the world of business and investments, Shervin Pishevar is a renowned and respected man. He has vast knowledge and extensive experience in the investments sector. Shervin is the executive chairman and co-founder of Virgin Hyperloop One as well as the Sherpa Capital’s managing director. He is popularly known as a distinguished investor and particularly an early investor at Uber Technologies. Shervin an Iranian immigrant into the US has dramatically succeeded as a venture capitalist beyond what many would expect of an immigrant. He has a deep entrepreneurial spirit and an outstanding investor character.


On 5th February 2018, Shervin Pishevar started a tweetstorm predicting the economic trends in America. The tweetstorm that lasted for 21 hours, composed of 50 tweets was filled with Shervin’s warnings and concerns over America’s economic future. In all his 50 tweets, he made some outlandish predictions on a financial storm. Whether the predictions are right or not, it’s just a matter of time. Having worked in over 20 investment companies, he might be knowing something that the ordinary people might not.


In his first tweet, Shervin Pishevar predicted that the economy would experience an unexpected drop by 6,000 points. In such a shaky economy, nothing is for certain, and the market is not safe for anyone. There are times that the market has dropped significantly and thus this prediction cannot be ruled out. In his next tweets, he expressed his belief in the continued crash of bitcoin stating that the crash is not over yet. He also stated that in the current technology age, the Silicon Valley idea is outdated and cannot be banked upon. He noted that the project is losing influence over time.

In another tweet, Shervin Pishevar claimed on future volatility of the markets. He elaborated on current economic shifts and the world experiencing an economic transformation while America is failing to maintain the lead. However bad the fact is, entrepreneurs can make a lot out of it. As much as these predictions cannot be justified, it is food for thought for all investors as well as the American government. In a world of rapid economic changes, only time will tell what the great business minds will come up with to cope with the changes.

Michael Nierenberg: How To Succeed As An Executive

While many people want to become top-level business executives, few possess the talent to do so. But for individuals such as Michael Nierenberg, succeeding as an executive was seemingly in his future from an early age. Always having an interest in the business world, he used his talents to gain a college education in business and related areas, then went to work at many of the most prestigious financial firms in the world. Once in these positions, he regularly gained acclaim for his bold thinking, innovative ideas, and willingness to take calculated risks that more often than not paid off in big ways for each company.

Currently leading New Residential Investment Corporation as its CEO, President, and Chairman of the Board, Michael Nierenberg has established himself as perhaps the top executive in the financial services industry. Having been in his current role only a short time, he has nevertheless taken New Residential Investment Corporation to the top of the industry. With revenue growing year after year, the company has received a variety of industry awards and accolades, helping it surge past competitors.

Due to his excellent leadership skills, many within the industry are often seeking the advice of Michael Nierenberg. Wanting to know his secrets to success, many other executives wonder what it takes to continually make the best decisions that pay off in big profits. Based on the career of Michael Nierenberg, it seems as if these decisions come through a combination of skills, experience, intuition, and creative thinking. Never one to be afraid of taking risks, he has regularly made decisions that few other executives would choose to do under similar circumstances, out of fear of failure. However, knowing he has used a variety of business strategies and theories to arrive at his decisions, Michael Nierenberg almost always comes out on top.

Whether analyzing data on foreign exchange trading operations, developing new and innovative strategic plans for an upcoming global marketing campaign, or preparing to address the Board of Directors about the latest quarterly figures, Michael Nierenberg uses his skills and experience to lead companies to the top.

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Wes Edens Opens New Ski Resort In Jackson Hole

Wes Edens is not just the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, he is also a titan in the financial industry and the co-founder of alternative investment business Fortress Investment Group. Recently, he added another position to his already impressive resume when he decided to get into the hotel industry. Recently, the intrepid entrepreneur opened the doors of the Caldera House which is located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

The hotel opened by Wes Edens isn’t just your typical resort, it’s a luxury ski destination that is the result of a passion project between himself and three of his friends who are huge fans of skiing. In total, the deal to open the Caldera House took $100 million and 6 years to complete. While the resort may be luxurious in every detail, Wes Edens is positive that it will quickly become an important part of the community that will provide many benefits overall. Read this article of Wes Edens at

When Wes Eden was considering opening a hotel, he insists that Jackson Hole was the only place that he had ever considered. He loves the Western spirit of the town and the variety of things that are available to do in the area at any time of the year. It’s been rated one of the best spots for skiing in the United States and he wants to contribute to this tradition and improve the experience even more. The ski slopes in the area range from slopes that are perfect for experts as well as bunny slopes for children who are just getting into the sport.

One of the other benefits that Wes Eden saw in the area was the fact that it is so accessible to everyone who may be interested in going. If you are coming in from the airport by Grand Teton National Park, you will only have to drive less than 15 minutes to get to the resort. By combining adventure with accessibility, he has created a vacation experience that all fans of skiing can enjoy. The people that come to Jackson Hole for the skiing are tourists and locals so you will be able to find something for everyone to do.

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CEO Sheldon Lavin Oversees Expansion Of OSI Group

In 1970, Sheldon Lavin had a career as an investment manager and bank executive when he was approached by the owners of Otto & Sons, a business that had begun decades earlier as a Chicago butcher shop. The owners asked him to arrange financing for the company’s first meat processing facility. Due to Lavin’s impressive work to put together the deal, he was asked to join the company. At that time, he declined the invitation. Instead, Lavin became a consultant to the business.

Eventually, Sheldon Lavin joined Otto & Sons as a partner in 1975. The company changed its name to OSI Group later the same year. During a time rapid growth in the early 1980s, Sheldon Lavin became Chairman and CEO of OSI Group. Much of the OSI Group’s rapid growth in that time was due to the tremendous expansion of its main customer, McDonald’s.

When Lavin joined the company, it was a regional meat supplier that relied on its business with McDonald’s. Sheldon Lavin has guided OSI Group’s transformation to become one of the world’s biggest food providers. Today the company has over 20,000 employees and more than 70 facilities in 17 countries. While protein products are still the company’s primary business, OSI Group has diversified its product line to include sauces, baked goods, and vegetable items.

In recent years, Sheldon Lavin has focused OSI Group on making its operations sustainable and reducing the company’s environmental footprint. Under his leadership, OSI Group has dedicated substantial resources toward research and development to guide the firm’s sustainability efforts.

Lavin and OSI Group’s commitment to sustainability has not gone unnoticed. The company has received numerous awards to acknowledge these efforts. In 2018, OSI Group facilities in Geneva, Illinois and Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin were honored with environmental awards from the North American Meat Institute.

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The Impact Of Talos Energy On The Mexican Oil Industry

When it comes to changes in development, they happen quite fast, and at times those changes can be extremely changeling primarily because you do not have the time to stand around. The same goes for the massive changes Mexico is experiencing in the energy sector. In 2014, the country underwent numerous changes in energy sector. This not only enabled energy companies to grow; it also made it possible for the energy sector to experience notable changes. Some of the significant changes that came about from these massive reforms include increased production, privatization of the national assets, and market lending to established and efficient companies.

One of the leading energy company able to benefit from these reforms was Talos Energy. Talos Energy was among the first foreign companies to get awarded with a Mexican contract during the first bidding rounds. The company acquired two blocks out of the fourteen blocks that Mexico was offering during the bidding round. Acquiring the two oil blocks enabled Talos to join other companies like Riverstone and Premier Oil to start developing popular Zama-1-block. Tala and other companies also made history in 2017 by becoming the first private group of oil companies to drill a Mexican offshore well.

The impact Talos has had on the Mexico energy reform affirms its place as a leading private energy company. However, to understand what makes Talos Energy different from other energy companies in the industry; it is essential for us to look at the company’s leadership. Tim Duncan who had a deep passion for oil industry because he was raised in the industry founded the company. Duncan saw people in his hometown areas become successful oil-mae, and this motivated him to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering at the Mississippi State University.

Before he founded Talos, Duncan worked in various oil companies in different capacities, and this made him excellent at the Job he did when it came to running his company. The various jobs he had also given him the capacity to lead and steer his company in the right direction in the oil industry.

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Talkspace Is Changing the Therapy Game

Talk-space is an online platform where people can go and receive therapy for different reasons from licensed therapist. Online therapy is interesting to several people seeking therapy for different factors including it is less expensive then going to see a therapist in the office would be common there is no driving back and forth to the therapist sitting in traffic or burning gas. Clients do not have to worry about the someone seeing them enter a therapy session. Speaking to a therapist text gives clients the ability to take some time to really focus and think out what it is that they are trying to say and what they are thinking. Considering most people are at their most comfortable at home talking to a talkspace therapist through text while it home could give the client and more ability to be open as they are in their familiar environment.  Check out to read more about Talkspace

A lot of clients think that Talkspace provides a convenient way to reach therapist as some clients may not drive or have transportation. It also helps due to the fact that the clients can stay home and give less ability for triggers to be set off.

Without having the face-to-face interaction this may allow the client to be more relaxed due to the fact that they do not have to be eye to eye with another human being. They can just be in their own environment in their own zone and their own frame of mine in order to communicate with the therapist. Texting talk-space therapist makes it easier for the therapist to collect their thoughts and have more time to think about what the client is saying and how they should respond. It also allows the therapist to travel more to see more clients in a shorter period of time.



Alex Hern Takes A Different Approach To Technology

An Entrepreneur With A Vision

Alex Hern understands what the tech industry needs today. His new company Tsunami VR is trying to change how we think about communication. We use mobile devices and WiFi to talk to other people on a daily basis. Virtual reality has the potential to become the default medium for communicating purposes, but this can only happen when entrepreneurs develop a strategy. Alex Hern wants to prove he can make this new approach reality. His efforts are paving the way for a VR media.

Where Tsunami Might Take Us

Tsunami VR has the potential to change the way we think about virtual reality, and the company is trying to approach its marketing from a practical standpoint. Alex Hern wants to market his products towards a professional demographic. Most people think of virtual reality as a form of entertainment, but the technology has the potential to offer practical applications. When we communicate in person, we’re able to convey our message with more substance. We can express our message with clarity and accuracy. Tsunami VR is an attempt to bring this technology into the eyes of the mainstream.

The Future Of The Tech Industry

If Alex Hern succeeds, Tsunami VR will shape the future of the communication. The tech industry is shifting towards interactive and immersive media. This move is a step in the right direction for the industry, and investors think Alex Hern can realize his vision. Tsunami VR is attracting attention from other entrepreneurs who want to see their own companies succeed. His model for entrepreneurship is going to influence the next wave of tech startups. Virtual reality has the potential to change our lives. Tsunami VR is creating the foundation for VR technology in the professional world, and Alex Hern is going to bring more innovation to the table.