Dr. Rod Rohrich Is Much More Than The Top Plastic Surgeon

Doctor Rod J. Rohrich is a Professor of Plastic Surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center and is also a plastic surgeon in Dallas. He has repeatedly been recognized in America for being one of the best plastic surgeons and is also known world wide for his expertise. Dr. Rohrich has been a guest on top shows such as; Good Morning America, The Oprah Winfrey Show and The View. His artistic skills are unique in restoring youthfulness to the human body and faces’ definition.

Dr. Rohrich grew up on a ranch in North Dakota and he completed his undergraduate education at the North Dakota State University with the highest honors. He went on to the Baylor College of Medicine for his medical degree and graduated from there with high honors. In England, Dr. Rohrich trained in pediatric plastic surgery at the Oxford University. From Oxford, Dr. Rohrich to the Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School to complete a hand and microvascular fellowship. In 1986 he joined the Division of Plastic Surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.

In 1991 Dr. Rohrich succeeded Dr. Fritz E. Barton as Chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery at the UTSW College of Medicine. He has accomplished significant work in both the reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery. Dr. Rohrich and his associates have published landmark papers in; nasal anatomy, injectable fillers, medical education, facial fracture repair, the concepts of rhinoplasty and breast surgery. In addition, he is actively involved in many organizations to regulate and promote and advance plastic surgery education.

Dr. Rohrich has been a member of various committees for the American Board of Plastic Surgery such as; Oral Exam Committee, Ethics Committee, Executive Committee and has also been the director. He has chaired numerous international and national symposiums where he has delivered over 900 scientific presentations.

Dr. Rohrich is responsible for ground breaking techniques, technology and procedures that are being used by plastic surgeons all over the world. His exceptional team focuses on excellence in research, care of patients, education and research. He has significantly contributed to how effective plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery can be. Taking into account how the faces ages he has improved facial rejuvenation and improved many safety techniques regarding the plastic surgery process.

Dr. Rohrich has attained a lot of national and international recognition for his excellent contribution to plastic surgery. Even though he has gained this popularity he still maintains a philosophy of treating each patient equally. He extends his care to individuals ranging from corporate leaders to soccer moms and meets the goals of each.

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Sheldon Lavin’s OSI Group Upgrades Its Spanish Facility

In March 2018, OSI Group upgraded OSI Food Solution, the company’s processing branch in Spain. As stated by OSI Group’s top administrators, the improvements were made to enhance service delivery, reduce waste, and slash down energy consumption.

Also, the upgrades would improve their employees’ safety, create more job opportunities, as well as increase the facility’s production capacity.

OSI Food Solutions’ management team acknowledged that Spain’s demand for chicken products had doubled. On that account, they chose to improve their efficiency, as well as expand their facility to gratify the upsurge.

An overview of OSI Food Solution’s 2018 upgrades
Expansion of the facility’s floor space
OSI Food Solution’s floor space was expanded by 22,600 feet. The new facility features a spacious service area, storage area, and a production hall. Moreover, the improved facility has a reasonably sized shipping area, and more refrigerated rooms than the preceding one.

Increase in chicken products production
Before the renovations, Sheldon Lavin’s OSI Food Solutions processed 12,000 tons of chicken products per year. They opted to increase the output by 50% since the demand for the products has been continuously growing.

After the upgrades, Sheldon Lavin’s Spanish food processing plant will manufacture 24,000 tons of chicken products per year.

New test kitchen
The new OSI Food Solutions features a new test kitchen, a space that will allow the company’s experts to tailor the chicken products’ quality according to their client’s unique tastes and preferences.

More employment opportunities
Besides the upsurge in production, Sheldon Lavin’s food production company hired 20 more staff members to help the existing team. The new members of staff will be working at the production unit, shipping area, and the refrigeration zone.

Improvement of the company’s security
Sheldon Lavin’s company understands that safety is paramount for its employees. On that account, they spiced up OSI Food Solution’s security by installing access controls, indoor& outdoor surveillance cameras, and fire suppression systems.

Energy efficiency
OSI Food Solutions replaced its worn out equipment with innovative models that would enhance productivity while reducing energy consumption. The new pieces of equipment will cut down the cost of electricity by 20%.

Thanks to Sheldon Lavin for his contribution and great dedication. Lavin is the current CEO of OSI.

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Peter Briger’s Force In Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger has had a remarkable career journey in the finance and investments industry. We can trace his in-depth knowledge on finance from graduating from Princeton University with a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania. He then went ahead to work with Goldman, Sachs & Co for 15 years where he built his skills into becoming one of the best financial managers in the nation and also became a partner at the company.

While working under Goldman Sachs, Peter participated in many committees such as the Global Control and Compliance Committee, Japan Executive Committee, and the Asian Management Committee. To aid with his leadership roles, Peter Briger served as co-head of groups like the Asian Distressed Debt business, the Whole Loan Sales and Trading business and the Special Opportunities Fund. All these leadership roles have assisted Briger in achieving more results and coming into more beneficial pacts with other parties.

In 2002, Briger joined the working task force at Fortress Investment Group. He currently leads the Fortress Credit sector which deals with credit and real estate business. Also, Peter currently serves as a Principal and Co-chairman of the Board of Directors.

Peter Briger has been recognized for his exemplary leadership skills that have seen him serve at the alumni advisory board by the Princeton University. The committee was founded in 2015 together with his two colleagues, Provost Lee, and Eisgruber with an aim to promote entrepreneurship in the institution.

Apart from being a business enthusiast and having a successful career, Peter Briger is a philanthropist. He is actively involved in charity events and organizations such as the Silicon Valley Council where he is part of the leadership panel. He applies his financial skills where the committee governs the funds contributed to reaching the children in need globally.

Peter Briger participated in a meeting with an executive from Wells Fargo in 2013 in which they discussed on how to create first regulated exchange of bitcoins. Briger supported the incorporation of Bitcoin technology stating that it was effective and less costly. Briger has made commendable steps in the industry with an open mind to revolutionize the industry’s processes.

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Paul Mampilly Philosophy in World of Business

Paul Mampilly has done a lot of things in his life. From being an editor, serving in trading services as a manager to being an investor. Mr. Paul Mampilly is currently for Banyan Hill Publishing as the Senior Editor. Paul also started the newsletter profit which is always focused on assisting those who subscribes on the stocks that are likely to shoot. In 2016, Paul also joined Extreme Fortunes and True Moment where he is the manager of these trading services. He also helps the firm to write a column which is produced every week in a newsletter for the company known as Winning Investor Daily. At the time Paul Mampilly has dedicated most of his time to assist Americans in Main Street to accumulate riches through growth investment, technology and also through special opportunities.

Paul Mampilly’s Early Life

Paul came from a humble background. According to Paul, his father had to work extra harder in order to keep him and his sister through college. However, his poor background never got into the way of making great achievements in his life. Paul Mampilly argues that he got his character of taking risks especially in the world of business from his father who had to take several risks in his life in order to support his family. According to Paul Mampilly’s philosophy, if you fail to take risks in business then you stand little chances of making money.

Paul’s career has been built majorly through taking risks. When he landed to his first job at Deutsche Bank where he served as a research assistant, he immediately started taking risks and that is where he started climbing the ladder to big positions at Bankers Trust and ING, where he was able to manage millions of dollars. In the year 2006, Paul was employed by the owners of some hedge fund worth 6 billion dollars to be the general manager. After assuming his position in the hedge firm as the key manager he was able to grow the firm’s worth from $6 billion to 25 billion dollars. All these Paul; was able to achieve through taking big risks.

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Felipe Montoro Jens Draws Important Information on the Interruption of Construction from the CNI Report

Following the construction shutdown of 2,776 in Brazil, the CNI (National Confederation of Industry) generated a report on the analysis of the entire issues. Consequently, Felipe Montoro Jens, the Brazil’s Infrastructure Expert, is on the forefront in giving details of this report.

With 517 of the interrupted buildings being in the infrastructure sector, Felipe notes that it is a great blow to the public. The basic sanitation area is the most affected by the interruption whereby the projects stopped at the implementation stage. Besides investing only about 2% of the total GDP on infrastructure, the sector generates a wide range of benefits to the society. However, this is not the case today due to the paralysis of the projects. More about Felipe Montoro Jens at ideamensch.com

According to Felipe Montoro Jens, Brazil’s public sector is significantly failing in carrying out projects. He also notes that the CNI report brought out the issue on paralyzed projects in educational units. It is discouraging considering that the facilities such as day-care centers, sports areas, and pre-schools are minor and also cheaper to manage.

The interruption is mainly as a result of inadequate funding and poor budgeting. Also, technical issues and unreliable construction companies greatly cripple the completion of the projects. Additionally, unresolved land disputes and expropriation are a major cause of the shutdown of some projects. Montoro also associates the interruption with the current economic crisis Brazil is facing. As such, the federal government is holding spending; hence putting a disadvantage at the successful completion of construction works.

However, to avoid future interruptions, the federal government needs to embrace complex and sustainable planning strategies. Also, there is a need to assess the most effective modality of performance as well as implementing reliable micro-planning techniques. It is also necessary to strengthen bodies and systems dealing with the internal control of projects. Moreover, the projects should be assigned to well-equipped and committed teams who will stop at nothing until the work is a success.

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The impacts of Fortress Investment Group in the investment world

Fortress Investment Group is a firm that was founded when three principles came together with a great vision. Their goal was to start a firm that would offer unique financial services to their customers. The three experts met in 1998 and decided to start a private equity company that later turned out to be successful. They are Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, and Rob Kauffman. They had a vision, and today the vision has become successful. For the years it has been in the market, the Group has been experiencing steady growth. It became renowned in 2007 when it went public on the New York Stock Exchange became one of the largest private equity companies to become public.

The company has now expanded to offer its services in the world, and it currently manages assets worth billions of dollars.The assets belong to thousands of investors like hedge funds firm, permanent vehicles, and private equity. They are happy with the kind of services they are getting from the company.Fortress Investment Group has its major offices located in the New York City, and it has provided jobs to hundreds of employees. It is currently run by three principals who are Peter Briger, Wes Edens and Randal Nardone. Fortress Investment Group is specialized in several areas, and that is why it has been growing. It has years of experience when it comes to dealing with real estates firm, capital, liquid cash, and financial vehicles.

For all the years it has been in the market, it has been helping customers to achieve their investment goals.Its management operations have been successful, and those who are serious when it comes to investment management have found success with the company.The expert leaders and employees are always looking for tools to help the employees in their work. It has also been working well when it comes to mergers and acquisition.Fortress Investment Group values its employees. It has employees who are experienced, and they use their leadership skills to help the investors in making the right investment decisions. The board members are people who have learned the market over the years and have accumulated a lot of knowledge and skills to run a large organization like Fortress Investment Group.

A Biography Of Peter Briger, The Brain Behind The Success Of Giant Investment Companies

Peter Briger is a role model for many millennial business executives. He is famous for steering giant investment corporations like Goldman Sachs, and Fortress Investment Group to the industry’s top tier. In addition to his administrative aptitude, Forbes 400 distinguishes him as one of the wealthiest business executives.

An overview of Peter Briger’s career

Peter Briger is a certified administrator with diverse skills in asset management, operations management, asset-based investing, and business management. Mr. Briger has worked in finance investment industry for close to 30 years.

He has an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania.

Mr. Briger commenced his administrative profession in 1996 when he was engaged by Goldman Sachs, a multinational conglomerate focusing on investment management, and investment banking.

As Goldman Sachs’ partner, Mr. Briger played an active role in making decisions that navigated the company to its desired commercial success.

Moreover, Mr. Briger served as Goldman Sach’s Asian Management Committee member, and a principal at Asian Real Estate Private Equity. He worked at the chief investment company for 15 years.

In 2006, Mr. Briger joined Fortress Investment Group, another investment giant. Just like Goldman Sachs, Fortress Investment Group LLC specializes in asset management, sector-specific investment consultancy, and other investment services.

Mr. Briger collaborates with other experienced principals like Wesley Edens, and Randal Nardone to manage the organization’s staff, and investment vehicles. Moreover, the three principals formulate guidelines that steer the investment management firm in the right direction.

Peter Briger, the philanthropist

Mr. Briger is an executive at Silicon Valley’s Global Fund for Children. The charity helps disadvantaged kids to get a proper education, and it advocates for gender equity. Moreover, the Global Fund for Children supports charities that empower youths, as well as those that fight violence & exploitation. Reports from the fund reveal that they support over 10 million children from around the world.

Besides his active role at the Global Fund for Children, Mr. Briger supports Tipping Point, a poverty alleviation charity. Tipping Point helps youths from humble families to secure meaningful employment, proper housing, as well as education. Also, the organization funds early childhood development organizations operating in San Francisco.

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OSI Group Growth Inspired By The McDonald’s

The history of the OSI Group, the largest food producer in the world, goes back to 1909. Over 100 years have passed since this company started its operations. It the beginning, it was just a butcher shop which offered meat products to people in Chicago. Just like in any other business person, the founder had dreams of making his business larger.

A few decades later, the business had recorded significant growth to a point where the business had changed its location to meet the high demand for its products. In 1928, it became a family owned business after the founder brought his two children into the business.

Otto & Sons was born as a family-owned business. The two sons of the founder, Harry and Arthur made it possible for the company to stand even without the presence of their father. They are the ones who made a deal that saw the company become a regional supplier of meat products.

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The emergence of McDonald’s

If there is one deal that the company associates with its success, it is this one that involved the newly created McDonald’s. Otto & Sons was operating in Illinois when McDonald opened its first restaurant in the area. As one of the established meat business in the region, Otto & Sons was contracted by McDonald’s as a supplier of hamburgers. However, the deal did not just come out of the blues. Arthur and Harry were good friends with the managing director of McDonald’s at the time, who later became the owner of the chain restaurants. The deal between the two was born out of this friendship.

To the surprise of many, McDonald’s idea of chain restaurants became very popular in a short time. The demand for meat products from its suppliers became too much. OSI Group is one of the supplies had to increase the production capacity to meet the demands of its client. The increased demand led to realignment operations in the company. Otto & Sons was left as the entity handling McDonald’s supplies while another branch was created to handle supplies to other customers.

Since the deal between OSI Group (the Otto & Sons) and McDonald, business has never been the same for this company. It has been one achievement after another. The company moved from a regional to a global supplier. McDonald’s paved the way for international growth after it ventured into the international market with OSI Group as one of its suppliers.

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Infinity Group Australia’s Graeme Holm Wins AFR Award

Premier Gazette reviewed the recent win of Infinity Group Australia’s placement on the Australian Financial Review’s Top 100 Most Innovative Companies list in the article by Stephen Ray titled, “Graeme Holm, Founder of Infinity Group Australia, Accepts AFR 2018 Award.” The article details the meaning of winning this esteemed award and why Infinity Group Australia won the coveted 58th placement on the list.


The co-founders Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker received the award at the end of July. The award is only given to the most innovative out of thousands of companies across Australia and New Zealand. Australian Financial Review publishes the list every year and uses the consulting company Inventium to judge the companies. The consulting company looks at the companies who are looking to revolutionize their market with innovation. To make it to the top 100, companies need to demonstrate that they are innovating at every level, not just on their products but also innovating in their culture and use of resources.


AFR found that Infinity Group Australia was innovating in the financial space. The company uses a customer-centered approach to finances which stemmed from Graeme Holm’s personal experience in the financial industry. Holm worked with the largest financial companies in Australia when he discovered that he could do much better. He decided to take the same approach to his clients that personal trainers take with their clients. Infinity Group Australia reviews the information and progress of each client monthly, providing detailed financial reports on how much progress each customer is making. They also provide detailed analysis on how they can improve while also providing continued support throughout the whole repayment process.


The attention the company gives to their client works. Not only do most customers pay down more of their debt in the first 90 days of working with Infinity Group Australia than they had the entire previous year, but they will also pay down an average of $40,000 of their debt in the first year.


Graeme Holm wanted to create the company when he saw that most of the clients were living paycheck to paycheck. He recognized that this was no way to live, let alone to reach the financial goals they wanted. He created Infinity Group Australia to focus on providing inf16ormation and support throughout the entire process of the loan. He and Rebecca Walker spent six months on research and development to discover that this was the best way to help Australian families get out of debt faster. Learn more: https://twitter.com/infinitygroupau

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani: Real Estate Investments are Easy

While many investors continue to complain about the real estate investments, there are few individuals who are making money from this department and living their life just the way they have always wanted. Investors consider this investment opportunity to be too costly, especially in the recent times. Acquiring land or any building requires so much capital, and many fear to invest huge amount of cash in the changing market. Hussain Sajwani is a completely different personality. At the moment, the UAE professional is the founder and owner of one of the most recognized real estate companies in the entire world. DAMAC Properties has given Hussain Sajwani a respectable position in the world of real estate.

Hussain Sajwani discovered that Dubai was a great in real estate many years ago. Although the businessman had a food company that was doing exceptionally well, the businessman felt that he would earn more and impact more lives when working in real estate. His government had just allowed people from other continents to come into the country and make money through business. Sajwani had done a simple research and realized that there were few hotels in Dubai, and most of these customers would not get the accommodation they deserved. With this simple discovery, the businessman set out to invest in real estate, and he has marked only success episodes since then.

Working in this competitive market has come with its share of benefits and challenges. First of all, the investor has been able to meet and also befriend important and influential personalities in different industries. Meeting new people has helped the expert to expand his business and also invest in diverse regions of the world. One of the people who has impacted the life of the entrepreneur is Donald Trump. The two have been very close for many years, but their relationship came into the limelight when the DAMAC owner was invited to the United States so that he could celebrate the elected of the president into office. The president appreciated Hussain Sajwani and his family because of the role they had played in his campaigns. The two have conducted businesses together for a long time.