Securus Is Changing The Face Of A Typical Inmate Visitation

I had a family member that was in jail for many years, and we used to have to drive several hours to visit him.  After watching the short video about how Securus works, I’m more than impressed with the technology that they’ve come up with that allows inmates to talk with family members via video.

I like knowing that a lady who has a child with an inmate can allow the father to watch his child be put to bed, so he doesn’t completely miss out on all those precious moments. It’s also amazing to me that inmates are allowed to see a personalized concert through video or even talk to other family members during holidays through this technology. I love how the world is changing for the better where technology is concerned, and I would hope that all inmates are allowed to take advantage of this technology for the greater good.

Securus is different than any other company that is out there because they are bringing inmates closer to their family members like never before. Those who have a long stint in jail, whether it’s a few years or decades, can still reach out to friends and family members through Securus technologies because the visitation is not in person but through video. The live video chats that Securus offers gives the inmate a seemingly real life conversation with their friends or family members, and it doesn’t have to stop at simply talking with loved ones.

When the family gathers around for a holiday dinner, the inmate can have video visitation to speak with the different family members in the home before they have dinner. Children that feel they can’t go to sleep without seeing their loved one that’s in jail can do so through the video visitation, which is amazing for the child as well as for the inmate who feels lonely without their loved one. Securus has truly brought some amazing technology that has changed the face of inmate visitations forever.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

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