The Advantages of Brown Modeling Agency

The modeling industry is very exciting, is very profitable and is very demanding. If you’re thinking about getting into this industry as a model, then you’ll need some really thick skin. Some of the more popular agencies in the world included are L.A. Models, Ford, The Erickson Agency and Elite Models. Unfortunately, all of these agencies has a full roster, which makes finding work really tough. These agencies are also located in some of the bigger cities, which brings in other dynamic challenges. Did you know that many of the top models in the business actually come from small towns? Yes, this is very true and some of the smaller cities host top-tier talent.


Brown Modeling Agency personifies this notion brilliantly because it represents smaller-market modeling. Austin, Texas, is home to Brown Modeling Agency, and it is on fire right about now. Though Austin isn’t necessarily the biggest of city, it is surely not a small town. Austin represents that mid-level mark to the highest degree. Brown Modeling Agency is known to be a full-service agency. It has an abundance of talent at around 400 people, and it works from two distinct locations in Austin and in Dallas. This extraordinary agency provides work for many genres such as fashion, industrial video, conference, film, voiceover, runway, catalogue, print, trade shows, advertising, commercial and more. The talent here is also well-groomed because it takes more than just a pretty face to work in this field.


Who are some of the company’s actual clients? Well, this question is rather easy to answer because Brown Agency has worked with Louis Vuitton, has worked with L’OrĂ©al, has worked with Dodge Ram, has worked with HBO, has worked with Dell and has worked with countless others. Of course, this only scratches the surface of what this company can do. Creating greater opportunities for the Central Texas region is one of the main goals. Justin Brown, CEO of the company, has an eye for talent and has plenty of modeling experience. By combining Heyman Talent South with Wilhelmina Austin, he has created the quintessential modeling agency of the 21st century and that’s a fact. In the end, Brown Modeling Agency is headed toward bigger and better things. You can visit their instagram account to see more.