The Secret Behind Fabletic’s Success

In just four years, Hollywood actress Kate Hudson has managed to turn her athletic apparel brand into a $250 million company. Today, Fabletics outshines its competitors by delivering affordable and uniquely stylish athletic gear while using innovative marketing strategies.


Hudson herself is behind the company’s unique approach to fashion retail. A health and fitness enthusiast, Hudson had earned millions of followers on Instagram before launching the company thanks to her exciting and fresh take on wellness and exercise. It only made sense that Hudson would eventually develop her own athletic apparel brand.


Hudson continues to hold her brand to strict standards. Her focus on making an inclusive workout gear company has not wavered since the company’s launch in 2013. The brand is dedicated to selling affordable athletic apparel that boasts high-quality materials.


Fabletics also offers a variety of sizes. While many athletic apparel brands stick to smaller sizes, Hudson has been committed to creating workout clothes for a diverse group of women.


Understanding Hudson’s fierce work ethic, it’s no surprise that the company is worth $250 million today. Each day, Hudson goes over sales numbers, researches marketing strategies and studies consumer data to ensure that she remains in control of her brand. Hudson is also a fearless risk-taker who constantly develops unique marketing strategies. For example, the company’s VIP membership program option made the brand stand out from day one. This membership program allows customers to pay $49.95 each month in exchange for a complete athletic outfit that is shipped to their door.


Customers receive a workout outfit that is tailored to their unique preferences and tastes. Fabletics selects this outfit by having members fill out a lifestyle quiz upon signing up for the program. This quiz is intended to gather data regarding each member’s unique style.


Another wildly successful strategy has been the reverse showroom technique. Hudson launched physical Fabletics stores less than two years ago that are intended to gear customers toward the online VIP membership program. While customers try on clothing items in Fabletics stores, they are encouraged by employees to join the membership program. As of now, about one fourth of customers have joined.


This reverse showroom technique has been so successful that Hudson is in the process of launching several more stores over the next five years. These stores are expected to bring even more traffic to the brand’s website.


To find out what Fabletics has in store for you, visit the company’s website and take the lifestyle quiz.