Why Everybody Is Quenching the Hawaiian Way

It is now five years since Ryan Emmons partnered with Meyer to create bottled water company, Waiakea Water, which would then grow by over 4000% in the first three years of market life, surpassing the founders’ earlier projections. The company has set up a new manufacturing facility to meet the ever-rising demand from the thirsty market.

But make no mistake, this is no pure accident. Ryan Emmons must have surprised himself when the thought of venturing into bottled water business hit him. I can picture him holding a bottle of clean and nourishing Hawaiian water and thinking of sharing it with the whole world. Success is for the bold, they say.

Today, Emmons’ company is operating internationally, in more than four countries across the breadth of two continents. If this isn’t remarkable achievement, then I don’t know what is. A year ago, the company was valued at more than $10 million.

Baby Boomster revealed that there are several reasons that make Waiakea Water supreme. The water is mined from the cleanest source ever known, Mauna Loa volcano. The water is harvested through snowmelt and rain. The water collects important minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium from the volcanic rocks on the Mauna Loa Volcano.

These minerals help to keep the body strong and healthy. Waiakea Water is also rich in electrolyte and alkaline. Alkaline is a recommended remedy for osteoporosis and acid reflux. Waiakea Water also boasts of a smooth taste that is strictly speaking unparalleled.

The bottled water company also uses environment-friendly methods. Utilization of recycled bottles that uses less energy to manufacture and the transportation of water from the Mauna Loa Volcano source to the co-packing plant in Long Beach, California employs the safety of stainless steel tanks. Learn more about more Waiakea Water: https://globenewswire.com/news-release/2015/10/27/780527/10154219/en/Waiakea-Hawaiian-Volcanic-Water-Sees-a-5-000-Percent-Growth-in-Just-Three-Years.html

Another selling point is the fact that Waiakea Water costs less than other bottled water brands and their model is built on the core principles of health, sustainability, and ethics. It is as nourishing and refreshing as it is affordable. Many shop outlets are now stocking the brand, including Whole Foods. This is so because of an upsurge in brand loyalty figures.

Ryan Emmons is also very philanthropic. According to PR News Wire, through the charity PumpAid, Waiakea Waterworks in close collaboration with disadvantaged communities in Africa to provide clean drinking water. By mid-2016, the company had established over 3,500 elephant pants, serving a population of over 1.35 million.

The company has placed itself strategically in the market, and ‘rapid success’ seems to be the only befitting descriptive words for them. Waiakea water is certified CarbonNeutral®.


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  1. This Waiakea Water company that specialise in water has made people happy. For some year now that they have been in service, many people are rushing them. I perceived the reason for her supremacy, the water is mild from the cleanest source ever known, Mauna Loa volcano. The water is harvested through snowmelt and rain. In terms of recycling, the thesis writing assistance will be and is very good. The bottled water company also uses environment-friendly methods by using utilization of recycled bottles that uses less energy to manufacture.

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